Thursday 28 April 2011

Our family day out to Cannon Hill Nature Centre

Today me and the children went for a family day out to our local Nature Centre. The sun was shining it was such a lovely day i just couldn't spend it stuck in doors so of we went. When we got there we saw alsorts of animals and reptiles like spiders, snakes and lizards. My son Callum loved the Merkats.
We walked round looking at the animals then had a rest to have some lunch all that walking was thirsty work.
My children had such a lovely day learning about all the different animals and reptiles they didn't want to go home. My daughter Michaela was amazed shes never saw so many animals she loved the otters, she watched them swim around and dive under water they made her giggle.
After seeing all the animals i took the kids to the park in the Nature Centre there was a little cups and saucer fair ride my daughter Michaela had a go i took a photo while she was spinning round.

The children had so much fun so we plan to have many more fun days at Cannon Hill during the summer.
Il post a few more photos of the animals and my children.

(The Merkats)

(The Crane )

(Callum on a pretend crocodile )

(Michaela eating her chips)

(My youngest Davina )

What did you do for your Easter Break ?

Friday 15 April 2011


            My son came home so 
                             happy !

My son Callum aged 7 made his own Easter bonnet for school, the last 3 years I've helped but this time i let him make his own. Callum say at the table for an hour making his Easter bonnet taking his time. Callum did stress a little bit bless him but he got there in the end. There were five other children that made bonnets and baskets, They were all so good they all deserved to win. Callum came out of school with a big smile on his face he said "Mom i won im so happy"  i said aw im so proud off my little boy. We walked home and callum said to me " Mom i didn't think i would win but im so happy i did". I love my little man so much i love seeing him happy.

                                                            (Callum with his prize )

Tuesday 12 April 2011

My DS Carnival Game Give away

           My Carnival Ds game Give away

Hi all my lovely followers today im giving away a Ds game called Carnival, If you would like to be in with a chance of wining this fun game you need to do the following steps . . .

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Good luck everyone x

Give away Ends on the Sunday 1st May xxx    Give away now closed

Thank you everyone who enteredmy giveaway im sorry those of you who didnt win this time x
The winning number is 20 
Winner is Mummy24  Well done

Saturday 9 April 2011

My GUMIGEM teething necklace Review

         Gumigem Teething necklace
                           Teething with style

For all those moms out there who have young babies and  find you cant wear your jewellery because your children like to chew on them when teething, well problem solved a lady called Jenny McLaughlan a mum of two from Kellia's, Scotland created the Gumigem. Gumigem is the Original UK teething necklace which was aimed so that us Mommy's could wear a stylish accessory that was safe to wear, that way children could chomp as much as they like with out hurting the little gums. There are two styles to choose from a lightening pendant or a heart shaped pendant, theses a variety of colours to choose from. I chose to review the black and white (pearlescent) Humbug heart shaped pendant.
My daughter is 6months she loves the Gumigem its easy to hold light, When wearing the pendant Davina would happily chomp away on it i also found she would suck it. I have found a Gumigem has helped a great deal. I would recommend a Gumigem to all you Mommy's with little ones. There so pretty and theres variety of colours for both girls and boys. They are made of a similar material that is used for most teething products.
They can be sterilised or put in the dishwasher, There silicone meets FDA standards and is BPA, PVC, lead, latex and phthalate free.
It took Jenny months of research and development before a Gumigem was finally born and thanks to Jenny us Mommy's can now help our baby's teeth in style.

Each Gumigem comes is a little bag with a card. These lovely necklaces are available to buy online why not take a look at there website at  price vary from £10.00 up.
Here's my daughter Davina having a good chomp on her Gumigem she loves it so much, we take it everywhere we go. My eldest had a Easter bonnet parade at school Davina was so quite chomping away on her Gumigem.

Thursday 7 April 2011

My Mothers Day Treat

       Thanks to my good friend i had a fab Mothers Day

I got a text one night from my friend Christine saying "Get a baby sitter were going to spend our Mothers Day watching Britain's Got Talent" i was so excited i couldn't sleep, Sunday  morning i was woke be my two eldest children with cards and gifts. I love being a mum best thing that ever happened to me three beautiful children.I spent the morning with my children before going to meet my friend Christine.
When we got there i was so excited me seeing the stars OMG it didn't seem real .
We had to queue with about 15 another people so we was happy. First to arrive was
David Hasselhoff
He was friendly he walked up and down the crowd saying hi and chatting to people, I  never thought id be this close to a celebrity before only on televisions.
Next to arrive was the stunning Amanda Holden who looked beautiful she waved and smiled at the crowd, she didn't walk to far she had really high heels on so i don't blame her.
Last to arrive was

Micheal Macintyre
Sorry didn't get a picture of him unfortunately he didn't stay long enough.
Once inside we got to sit right behind the judges about 5 rows back, It was so unreal i felt i had to pinch my self to make sure i weren't dreaming.
We got to see Ant and Dec once or twice, The act were great some bad but was so much fun clapping and booing hehe. The show took 6 hours including re-takes but i didn't mind.
What a wonderful Mothers Day i will never forget.

I like to THANK my good friend Christine. xx

(Me LEFT Christine RIGHT )

Thank you for taking the time to read my post xx

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