Saturday 26 March 2011

Teething Bling Review

            Beautiful for moms & Safe for babies
                            Teething Bling
                             Designed By
                           SmartMum UK

As most of us moms know wearing our jewellery when having young children can become a bit of a down side as our children tend to want to have a chew on it, especially when they are at the teething stage. My daughter is 6months but hasn't got any teeth through yet but has started chewing anything she can get her hands on. I was so happy when i was asked to review a teething bling as i have never used one before how exciting . Those of you who are now thinking what is a teething bling i have put information..

Well for those of you who have never heard of a Teething Bling they were designed for babies who love to chew or play with there moms jewellery. They are made from the same silicone used for most teething toys so they are safe. They do not contain any harmful chemicals such as BAPs, PVCs,or lead. Each teething pendant comes with a break away clasp but children but always be supervised and never left unattended.

There are a wide range of cool colours to choose from for example i had the pretty pink teething bling for my little girl she loves it, there are more colours such as Jade, Onyx and Mother Pearl to Coral. All Teething Blings are dishwasher safe.

 My little girl loves her teething bling as it small and light enough for her to hold, with her being so young alot of toys are too heavy to hold or chew the Teething bling is the right size and shape for her Little hands. She also loves chewing Nanny's necklaces so teething blings are brilliant as they can be worn by nans, aunts and moms.The pendant also came beautifully packaged in a little bag with an information card, so would make a great gift for any new mum.

Why not visit there store online at as to celebrate Mothers Day there is 10% off online.


Best of friends since babys xx

In this post is my daughter left and her best friend lily they have been friends since Michaela was 13months and lily 8months Wow what a long time, They started attending a playgroup which too place at a Church for the salvation army, They got to play with lots of other children and toys. They had drinks and snacks there while all us mummy's got to sit drink tea and coffee and chatter away. We then found a new local playgroup which took place at a Church over the road from my flat which was useful for me and Michaela as we live in a flat so Michaela would be stuck indoors alot. At this new playgroup the girls were abit older and continue to love each other like sisters  there like to peas in a pod, they love each other but also have there moments of madness of i want what shes got. When michaela turned 2 1/2 years she had to leave playgroup to go to preschool, lily too they have spent there life togeather how could they leave each other side they attendeing preschool til they started nursery at 3 years old. Guess what they go to the same nursery how exciteing the girls are so happy in there new school and hopfully be at the same reception class too. The girls have had so much fun with each other through the years of there life shareing caring moaning crying loving they have the best friendship ever and it would be nice to see it continue through there lives. What amazing friends they are its so adoreble to see them holding hands to walk sometimes there faces light up when they see each other every morning.
Bless them there first day at nursery how cute x

Thursday 17 March 2011


My first give away so here goes I'm giving away this lovely Morgan bath and body set  to one of my lucky followers


A Morgan cosmetic bag with handles 100% polyester
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30ml vanilla body scrub
A Plastic nail brush

To win this stylish pink Morgan set you need to do the following

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Good luck every one  Give away ends Sunday 27th March xx  NOW CLOSED
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The Winner is   @Medsdemom     Well done hun its you  x
Thank you to everyone who took part x

Wednesday 16 March 2011

My little davina when born x

My little angel came in to the world at 3.40am weighing 6lb 14oz. I spent agood hour holding her skin to my skin it was the best feeling ever that bond between a mother and her baby. Davina is my last baby so im enjoying it, babys grow up very fast :(.

Monday 14 March 2011

My new addition to the family

This is a 4D scan of my 5month old Davina this is the first time I've ever had one of these kind of scans, its amazing isn't it. Can you see her hand waving  :) its incredible to see your baby's face like this before there born.

My daughter michaela few hours after being born.

I don't look very happy after Michaela's birth wasn't a great one but was worth it i got a beautiful little angel at the end, I was sent in at midnight after a bit of spotting, my dad whizzed me through the red lights to my moms TUT TUT   lol then of to the hospital we went.  I  had to stay hooked up to some heat machines over night :( very numb bum. I was finally woke in the morning to be told by the doctor because of the spotting with became more i would be induced that very day, i was 38weeks at the time so they said she would be ok to be born.  I was very scared I've never been started off before. Well the drip was put in and Michaela was born 6lb 6oz at 3pm. What a great birth til i started to hemorrhage :( my womb had collapsed i was very drained and very sleepy my iron level dropped so low I'm lucky to have made it i was told to do my pelvic floor exercise to re inflate my womb or it would have to be surgery :(. WHOO  i did it i was so glad i didn't want surgery i stayed in hospital to recover bring my iron up within 5 days oi got to take my little girl home.

My sons Callum on his 1st day of enter the world.


My son Callum an hour after being born weighing 7lb 2 oz. born 3.40pm on 5th June wasn't an easy labour but I managed with only gas and air. My pregnancy with his was so easy no complications at all. I craved dairy foods like cheese and crackers and fry ups, I disliked fry ups till I was pregnant. I also couldn't stand the smell of coffee but I love it now can’t get enough . How was your pregnancy and cravings I’d love to hear please comment?

Saturday 12 March 2011

Hi i've decided to make a Diary of me and my 3 children x

Well where shall I start this is my first blog and it’s looking rather blank as you can see im just getting started so hopefully there will be more interesting posts to come and some lovely pictures of my three wonderful children. My eldest is Callum aged 7 he’s such a loving and caring little boy but also a little monster, Callum loves being a big brother but he to wasn’t  happy when he was told he would have to share his room though, Callum likes football, wrestling, and playing on his PlayStation.
My eldest daughter Michaela is 4 she’s a little angel but can also be a little madam when she doesn’t get her own way. She started nursery September she really like her teachers her best friend. She also loves being a big sister always like to help. Last of all my 3rd is my beautiful Davina we chose this name as my dad passed away just before she was born he’s name was David so Davina was a female version of David and I don't know anyone with that name unless you watch big brother :). Davina is now 5 month old now. Well there’s my first post don't worry there’s more to come

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