Monday 14 March 2011

My daughter michaela few hours after being born.

I don't look very happy after Michaela's birth wasn't a great one but was worth it i got a beautiful little angel at the end, I was sent in at midnight after a bit of spotting, my dad whizzed me through the red lights to my moms TUT TUT   lol then of to the hospital we went.  I  had to stay hooked up to some heat machines over night :( very numb bum. I was finally woke in the morning to be told by the doctor because of the spotting with became more i would be induced that very day, i was 38weeks at the time so they said she would be ok to be born.  I was very scared I've never been started off before. Well the drip was put in and Michaela was born 6lb 6oz at 3pm. What a great birth til i started to hemorrhage :( my womb had collapsed i was very drained and very sleepy my iron level dropped so low I'm lucky to have made it i was told to do my pelvic floor exercise to re inflate my womb or it would have to be surgery :(. WHOO  i did it i was so glad i didn't want surgery i stayed in hospital to recover bring my iron up within 5 days oi got to take my little girl home.

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