Friday 1 November 2019

Horse Club in general - Schleich


Horse Club - Rider Cafe £39.99  

This is the very first Schleich toy Davina has ever had the opportunity to play with, Davina just recently turned 9 and had horses on her birthday list but they wasn't as awesome as these stunning horses by Scheich. The attention to detail on each item we removed from the box and opened left Davina speechless. The exterior of the building is strong and robust and make from solid plastic with amazing detail. My Favourite part was the climbing roses they are almost life like and beautiful.

Inside the cafe its self there is a menu board on the back wall for all the customers to choose something delicious of the menu to enjoy. Behind the counter there is a oven that has a door that really opens and close and you can also fit pie or muffins in the to re-enact scenes from your imagination. The is also a til and coffee machine you can place a miniature cup on to and the after that add cream which pushes in to the cup really easy.

This set comes with Two movable figurines Tom who works in the cafe and Emily who sits at the table to enjoy the tasty apple pies and muffins with pink icing my favourite. The detail inside the cafe was created with so much care and compassion it really is stunning I just loved how you can put your own cream on to your hot chocolate or have with out. The cute tiny pieces of pie to add to a tiny white plate it really is life like and Tom and Emil can really hold the key, cups and glasses. 

 Davina needed a little help putting a few of the pieces together mainly the cafe its self put apart from that she said it was quite easy ands very excited to start playing. 

 As you can see for your self in the picture about just how colourful and beautiful the lay out and detail of each piece has been created. Each table has its own stunning white vase of flowers to decorate. Emily has bent legs to enable her sit perfectly on both the seats and ride the horse with out falling off.

 As well as feeding the customers The Schleich Cafe Rider Cafe also provide food and water for the horses too at the feeding station provided next to the cafe. There is plenty of apples and water for them to enjoy. The is a 

Horse Club - Mia ad Spotty £14.99 

Horse Club Mia and her horse spotty includes a Mia fully articulate figurine with a fully removable saddle and bridle, Mia can also ride, stand and grip when riding Spotty.
Both Mia and Spotty have stunning detail, Spotty almost looks like a real horse and not like any other toy horse I have ever seen. Horse Club Mia and Spotty come with a stool, camera, bread and a tiny white mouse. 

Davina's thoughts

Davina's thoughts about both sets from Schleich Horse Club in General, Davina loved both sets sent to her she thought they were fun and was very excited to play them.
She really enjoyed building the Horse Club Rider Cafe she found it really easy and liked setting up the cafe once it was finished. 
There are quite a few little pieces which will need to be kept safe as they can be lost quite easily and we wouldn't want to lose them.
Horse Club Rider Cafe is for ages 5-12 and can be found in Smyths Toys Store. 
Davina now wants more Schleich sets to add to her collection. 

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