Friday 24 February 2012

Dont Kids grow up so quickly !!

My Baby Girls Growing Fast !!

Davina is now 17months and growing so much its only seems like yesterday i was holding her in my arms. We never really notice how quickly time fliesd every special moments passes first tooth, first steps those are the special moment use parent treasure forever.
Before we know it our children are of to nursery enjoying their learning and a whole new experience of life in the outside world.
Davina makes me smile in everything she even if she does drive me mad when she decides to pull every single Dvd of the shelf or when i leave the room she runs past me with my mobile giggling because she knows mommy does not let her play with her phone.
Davina's favourite children's programme is Waybuloo she loves dancing to the music, she also loves Dancing with her older sister Michaela to nursery rhyme's the listen to in there bedroom.

Don't you just love it when your children do the most silliest things, I was out shopping with Davina and she fell asleep drinking her milk shake, I just couldn't resist and took a quick photo for our album.

Whats you special moment ?

Sunday 19 February 2012


Get Shrove Tuesday off to a cracking start with Aldi’s great range of Pancake Day goodies. Create a classic pancake with everybody’s favourite squeezy lemon or tasty pouring syrup, or add a delicious twist with vanilla flavoured sugar – perfect for those with an extra-sweet tooth.
Aldi is taking the pain out of pancake making with ready-made pancake mix and easy to use Pancake Makers. And for a real cheat’s treat, why not try their ready-made ambient pancakes; just warm in the microwave and add a topping – no one will ever know.
We was sent some yummy pancake products to try from the lovely people at Aldi
Here's a list of the products you too can enjoy this pancake day:

Classic Pancakes – 99p, 480g (pack of 8)
This product is a Special Buy on sale from 16th February for as long as stocks last.

Classic Pancake Mix – 69p, 232g (10 servings)
This product is a Special Buy on sale from 16th February for as long as stocks last.

Golden Syrup – £1.19, 680g
This product is a Special Buy on sale from 16th February for as long as stocks last.

Grandessa Pure Canadian Maple Syrup – £2.99, 250ml

Grandessa Hazelnut Chocolate Spread – 99p, 350g
This is a core product, available in stores nationwide

Fiddes Payne Vanilla Sugar - £1.09
This product is a Special Buy, on sale from 16th February for as long as stocks last.

Lemon Juice – 29p, 200ml
This product is a Special Buy on sale from 16Th February for as long as stocks last.

First we tried the ready made pancake mix which makes 10 pancakes which was just enough for us The pancake mix was really easy to use, all you had to do was add an egg and some water and mix until smooth  then you ready to go how simples that.
I began heating a little oil in a frying pan,  adding a little pancake mix to the  pan left it for about a minute then flipped it  over with a spatula i was to scared to flip them in the air as the kids were watching and my kitchen isn't very big it probably would have landed on their head.  The pancakes turned out really well and very tasty to, If i had to be honest they were the best pancakes Ive made so far and look forward to making more now, the kids took their pancakes and added their fillings themselves which they really enjoyed doing they said it was fun.
 I'm not very good at making pancakes they either burn or get stuck to the pan, but not this time they were delicious.
This was the first time we had pancakes using different filling, normally we would have just sugar and lemon which now seems really boring to me. The fillings we tired today were exciting and tasty making our pancakes really yummy.
Here's a few pictures of our pancakes.

Callum enjoyed making his pancake his favourite filling was Golden syrup, Vanilla sugar and chocolate buttons.

 Michaela's favourite filling was Hazelnut chocolate spread, Vanilla sugar and chocolate buttons.

Mommy's favourite filling was Canadian Maple Syrup i just couldn't get enough, i actually enjoyed making pancakes this year and cant wait til Tuesday to enjoy many more, I couldn't believe Callum and Michaela ate three pancakes each i was really surprised they normally only eat one each. I think these fun and exciting pancake fillings made our pancakes spacial each filling to suit every ones taste.

Here's a picture of Mommy's pancake

What filling do you like on your Pancake ?



Monday 13 February 2012

Introducing Cosy Tea & Competition

Introducing Cosy Tea - a lovely cup of organic tea

Looking for a lovely organic cuppa with a knit of a twist? Then look no further than Cosy Tea range from coffee shop industry wunderkinder, Beyond the Bean. Each pack displays a hand knitted pattern that has been lovingly crafted to help the range stand out from the usual ‘bland’ boxes that are seen on the shelves. 

The nine Cosy organic teas feature:

  • Cosy Fairtrade Organic Breakfast Tea
  • A blend of Assam & Nilgiri teas from India – a classic tea for all day drinking.
  • Cosy Fairtrade Organic Earl Grey Tea
  • Our Breakfast Tea with natural Bergamot.
  • Cosy Fairtrade Organic Decaf Tea
  • Our Breakfast blend, but without the caffeine
  • Cosy Organic Rooibos Tea with Vanilla
  • 'Redbush' tea from South Africa with a hint of Vanilla – naturally caffeine-free.
  • Cosy Organic Chamomile Infusion
  • Chamomile flowers with a hint of Liquorice for sweetness.
  • Cosy Organic Sencha Green Tea with Lemon
  • The clean taste of Sencha Green Tea with a hint of Lemon.
  • Cosy Organic Chunmee Green Tea with Jasmine
  • Steamed Jasmine flowers with delicate Chunmee Green Tea.
  • Cosy Organic Peppermint Infusion
  • Egyptian Peppermint – crisp, fresh and clean.
  • Cosy Organic Blueberry & Echinacea Infusion
  • Blueberry, Echinacea, Hibiscus & Rosehips – bursting with fruitiness.

All nine teas have been made using organic ingredients which have been certified by the Organic Food Federation ( The three black teas are also Fairtrade, certified by the Fairtrade Foundation ( The entire range has also been approved by the Vegetarian Society ( and for vegan diets by Viva! (

For further information about the Cosy organic tea range please visit Cosy Tea can also be found on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.
  Cosy Tea’s unique packaging has also won gold in the best packaging category, as well as picking up the ‘Chairman’s Award’ at the prestigious ‘Cream’ design awards 2010.  

Ive never really tried flavoured tea before so I'm really glad i was sent the Cosy tea range to try i found it delicous, it was also nice to try something new.
My favourite was the Cosy Organic Sencha Green Tea with Lemon, it was packed with delicous mouth watering flavours and you could tates just a hint of lemon.
The tea bags them self were excellent and it didn't take long to absorb the water filling my cup with a bright lime colour.
I love the the bright coloured packaging it really catches the eye, ive had family come round and they have noticed Cosy tea and have then wanted to have a taste too.

 Competition  Time!
Would you like to win the Cosy Tea Range !

If you would like to be one of 2 lucky winners to have their very own Cosy Tea Range please Enter throught the rafflecopter below :

Valentines made easy with Aldi

Whether you are looking for a subtle romantic gesture or the ideal gift to sweep your partner off their feet, Aldi has everything you need this Valentine's Day. 
With a selection of gifts from jewellery & watches to night wear and chocolate fondue, you need look no further than Aldi for your Valentine's Day inspiration.
Aldi have a great range of Valentines gifts i was kindly sent a few to try, I was sent there delicious gifts

Philippe Michel Crémant du Jura Sparkling Chardonnay – £6.99, 75cl

 Celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day with a multi-award-winning bottle of Philippe Michel Crémant du Jura Sparkling Chardonnay, which is produced in the same way as Champagne. Made from 100% Chardonnay grapes grown on the slopes of the Jura Mountains, the wine’s second fermentation, which creates the sparkle, is carried out in the bottle. This refreshingly dry vintage has crisp citrus notes and a pleasing length, meaning that it would be well-matched with light starters, such as seafood.
(This product is available in-store all year round. )

                       Toro Loco Rosé – £3.49, 75cl

Treat your loved one this Valentine’s Day with a chilled glass of rosé. Romance your loved one with a delicious king prawn dish. With 100% Bobal grapes grown in Utiel-Requena, a famous wine growing region, it is easy to see why this is fast becoming a classic.

(This product is available in-store all year round.)

Ballotin of Chocolates – £3.99, 195g
This specially selected, pre-wrapped ballotin of luxury, hand-crafted chocolates makes a fantastic gift for any chocoholic.
Dont they look delicous
This product is a Special Buy, on sale from 2nd February for as long as stocks last.

Moser Roth Finest Truffles – £1.69, 129g
Available in Milk and Dark Chocolate, these Moser Roth truffles are the ultimate Valentine’s Day indulgence.
This is a seasonal product on sale from September 2011 to April 2012.

I have had a taste of both chocolate products and i must say they are really delicous, The ballotin chocolates were my favourite they came in a box cover in a shiny purple gift wrap and a gorgous pink bow. There are 6 yummy flavours inside to choose from Hazelnut cup, Lemon supreme, Milk chocolate crunch, Bitter orange and Caramel sensation. My favourite was the sumptuous strawberry its white chocolate and strawberry flavour truffle, encased in white chocolate cup, topped with a sweet dusting of pink sugar.
Moser Roth finset truffles were so yummy weve finished the box they were just to tastey to save.
Ive saved the alcohol later and will let you know what i think tommorow.

Why not head down to your local and buy your loved one a great delicous treat this Valentines day, belive me they wont be disappointed.

Thursday 9 February 2012

Melissa and Doug Sticker Collection-fashion

The fashion runway awaits the stylish design sense of your young designers with this Melissa & Doug collection of over 600 stickers featuring 80 young models and lots of clothing and accessory stickers for every occasion! From swimwear, to party dresses to sleepwear - your fashionist will be ready to set the next fashion trends!

My Daughter Michaela aged 5 absolutely loved this she spent hours choosing and dressing each model to her very own taste.
She would sit down create a few models then put it away a few seconds later id turn around and Michaela would sitting at the table again designing more she said it was so much fun, it must have been as she seemed to get addicted to it.
The only down side was Michaela loved it that much she had designed all 80 models in one day and then had no more to do, it would be great if the out fits were reusable stickers of some sort so your children can enjoy designing for longer, apart from that i must say its a great product for  your young designer's and well worth £4.99.
I would recommend this to all parents who would like their children to use their imagination and enjoying the fun of designing.

I will leave you with a few pictures of Michaela designs

By using this code DIARY15 - this will give 15% off the total value of your order (full-price items only


Sunday 5 February 2012

Romance made easy with Clintons


Why not head down to your nearest Clintons cards store or check out their website click here  they have lots of amazing gifts for your loved ones this Valentines.

The romantics out there need look no further than Clintons this year to ensure their darling feels loved this Valentine’s Day.

With a range of gifts, wrap and cards available at affordable prices – even the most hopeless romantics will be sure to find what they need at Clintons – the one stop shop for love!

To help your money go further, Clintons is offering wannabe love-ees these fantastic offers too:

·         MTY Bear was £50 now £25 *
·         Boofle hot water bottle and plush gift set was £30 now £15 *
·         Amazing Value Mugs – only £2.99 *
·         Spend over £5 in store and receive Valentines Bear for £4.99
·         50% off Paintball for Four, normal RSP £34 **
·         50% off Photographic Memories, normal RSP £39 **
·         50% off Model Makeover, normal RSP £37 **
·         50% off Pamper Indulgence Day, normal RSP £119 **

Heres are few pictures of their amazing gifts:


Does your love one take you to the moon & back

Let your love one know how much you love them with this 'Me to you'  
(Love you this much teddy) - 9.99

Send a card to the one you care about with a range to suit every relationship with Me To You (£4.99), Boyfriend (£2.99), Husband (£2.99), Fiancee (£7.99) and Wife (£2.99).

And wrap all your gifts in these stylish and affordable romantic gift wrap: Animal Print (£2.50) Medium Bag and Hearts Box (£3.50).
Heres a few pictures of the lovely products i was sent, they are lovely and a great value for money.

 Me to you gift bag

 Gorgeous Me to You card
This ones my favourite a Boofle bear with a heart saying You're Gorgeous & a mug. 

So head do to you nearest Clinton's cards store or check out their on line website

Thursday 2 February 2012

Plums Oaty Chomps

Plum Baby are about to launch some exciting new products for you little ones, we was sent 2 boxes of their delicious oaty chomp bars which are plum baby stage 4 which is suitable for 12 months +.
Plum baby's oaty chomp bars come in two flavours pumpkin pie and strawberry cheesecake
Each bar contains natural goodness these include quino which has twice the protein of rice) and oats (complex-energy carbohydrate).  There are no salts or sugars making them the perfect healthy snack for your little ones.
Each box contains 5 individually wrapped delicious bars your little ones will enjoy, Davina 1 loved the pumpkin pie one best of all  it had just the right texture and not to sweet , the strawberry bar was a little sweet and was a little sticky but very tasty my two elder children also wanted to try a bit of both flavours, their favourite was the strawberry cheesecakes.
Both bars were really yummy just enough fruits to keep them delicious and moist.

 Strawberry cheesecake 
The yummy Organic oat and quinoa strawberry cheesecake chomp bar is crammed with lots of delicious raisins and strawberries. No hidden nasties and nothing but goodness.

Pumpkin pie 
These tasty Pumpkin pie chomp bars are packed full of Organic oats and quinoa and also crammed with raisins, pumpkin, cinnamon and also nutmeg they are very delicious. They are made with all natural goodness and no hidden nasties. 

Christmas Hamper Competition

Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la With Christmas just around corner I want to give one of my followers a little Christ...