Tuesday 8 December 2015

Super Stocking Fillers for everyone #Secret #Santa

Struggling for secret Santa ideas this year? Stocking filler is here to help!  stocking filler have a huge selection of fun Secret Santa gifts that are guaranteed to raise a smile, whether you’re giving something that’s practical and a little bit silly or downright absurd! Secret Santa gifts are meant to be fun, so we’ve made sure our range is packed with laugh out loud silliness

Stocking filler's have put together the quirkiest set of secret Santa gift ideas that all fall within the strict budgets usually imposed on such things. So make things easy and fun at the same time by getting your secret Santa gifts from us!

Bring the cinema sensation of popcorn to your home

 Bring the cinema sensation of popcorn to your home without the eye watering price tag that usually comes with each bag of the crunchy delight. Simply pour popcorn kernels into the classically designed machine and turn it on. Wait for the hot air to magically convert the kernels into tasty puffs of corn and then take them out - simple as that! We love popcorn with movies, especially when it's this cheap to produce.
  • Make cheap popcorn at home
  • Popcorn machine with classic popcorn vendor design
  • Mains powered
  • Machine 39cm tall

 Inside the ingenious box are plant seeds, a compost pellet and a terracotta pot - everything required to get growing.
  • Pot, 5cm
  • Plant seeds
  • Compost pellet

 The chores never end in the expansive Crawley family home of Downton Abbey, something you'll soon find out in the official Downton Abbey board game! Taking on the role of a maid or footman, players pick up cards that call them to perform chores in specific rooms. Roll the dice, move your token towards the room, and collect your points when you get there. But things are never that simple! Along the way you may pick up urgent letters that call you away from the abbey, or Carson might have something to say that either helps or hinders you along the way. This is a brilliant themed adaptation of the game Destination and is perfect for both Downton Abbey and board game fans alike.
  • Official Downton Abbey board game
  • Adaptation of classic game Destination
  • Based on award winning British TV series
  • Large game board depicting Downton Abbey
  • Play as a maid or footman
  • Complete jobs to get points
  • Carson cards and letters help or hinder play
  • For two to six players
  • Game board 69.5cm wide

These gummy sweets are cooler than Olaf's carrot nose because their design is inspired by the hit Disney film Frozen. Open the box and you'll find a treasure trove of strawberry and blue raspberry gummies, each one shaped like a snowflake or crown. This treasure trove of tasty treats is fit for any snow queen or princess (and even features Elsa and Anna on the box!)
  • Gummy sweets inspired by Disney's Frozen
  • Box features Elsa and Anna on front
  • Strawberry and blue raspberry flavour
  • Sweets shaped like snowflakes and crowns
  • 70g
  • Box 15cm wide

  A wide variety of Stocking fillers and gift ideas to suit every one here

Monday 7 December 2015

Hawkin's Bazaar Pocket money stocking fillers

Ever remember as a child not having much money but wanting to join in with the Christmas spirit by buying presents for friends and family and not being able to afford expensive gifts (I know i do). 
Hawkin's Bazaar have a website where you can buy stocking fillers as little as £2 and under perfect for those who have a piggy bank full of pocket money. 

With over 270 pocket-money toys in there range  there's some thing for everyone . Hawkin's  toys start from as little as 10p and remain affordable even up to the top of our range, so we know you’ll have a budget to suit.

For those Frozen fans out there 
Gummy sweets inspired by Disney's FrozenBox features Elsa and Anna on front
Strawberry and blue raspberry flavour Sweets 
shaped like snowflakes and crowns
for as little as £3.00

If your children are like mine and love balloons here Eight party balloons 

Digiowl with Trunk- Lacey 

  • DigiOwl and tree trunk playset
  • Comes with Lacey the DigiOwl
  • Whistle and owl sings, blow and it hoots
  • Opens mouth, swivels head and flaps wings
  • Light-up LED eyes
  • Distinctive pattern on belly
  • Tree trunk set includes flower and leaf
  • Sings in unison with other DigiOwls, DigiBirds, DigiChicks and DigiPenguins
  • Over 55 songs and tweets
  • Several to collect
  • Batteries included
  • Owl 7.5cm tall
  • £11.99 was £15.00

Why not take a look at their stocking fillers on their website >>  here
or visit their store if you have one near you. 

Thursday 19 November 2015

Sea of Ramion ! #Book #Review

Riding on a crest of a wave !

On the 20th October 2015 we saw the publication of new Ramion book collection  'Seas of Ramion',  a fantasy adventure collection of stories for children and everyone who is young at heart. 
It is written and illisrated by a author called Frank Hinks it is published in hard back and embossed in gold, a book for you to enjoy and treasure.

Inside this book there are three exciting story's to read Firstly there was The Kingdom of the deep a story about a witch called Griselda and her pet skull Boris ,  The second story The Blizzard Wizard which  was about a Blizzard Wizard who with one touch mind, body and spirit would turn to ice. The third story The Body Collector is based on Boris the skull wanting his body back but he cannot remember where he lost it.

My 8 year old daughter Michaela loves reading she is forever taking a book with her where ever we go, she is in to all types of books even the adults books. Michaela was given the opportunity to review a copy of The Seas Of Ramion which she got into straight away and read it within a week of having it, she said she love how it was worded she said it had a lot of intelligible words in it even though it was a childrens book her favorite part was when the mermaid got her tail back she said it was a happy ending which she likes to see at the end of a story. 
Michaela particularly liked the pictures is the book she said they were bright and colorful. There were lots of times i would find Michaela giggling to her self while reading so im guessing there were a lot of funny parts in the story, i may have to attempt reading it myself and find out what im missing.

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Barbecue Party #Competition #Drumondpark #Game

NEW for Christmas 2015!

Here’s a refreshingly simple new action game for tinies, from Drumond Park Games. The vibrant and characterful Barbecue Party (rrp £19.99, age 4+) is a truly delightful game of anticipation, nerve and dexterity which will have the younger members of the family begging to play - time and time again!  No batteries are required and it’s completely portable - so easily packed for playdates, holidays and visits to the grandparents.

In the box you get a smiley red BBQ grill, a pile of playing cards, colourful pieces of bug-eyed ‘food’ and BBQ tongs. Each child takes it in turn to oh-so-carefully remove or place different foods on the grill, depending on the card they have picked. It could show a colourful, smiley chicken drum stick, fish, cob of corn, tomato, mushroom, red pepper or broccoli spear. 

If the relevant piece of food is on the grill already, they take it off (using the tongs or their fingers) and put it on the matching card.  If the piece of food isn’t on the grill, the fun really begins - and the player has to ever-so-gently position it there.
Sounds simple?  Maybe… but when the grill is inadvertently shaken or the load just gets too heavy, all the assembled food dramatically catapults into the air, causing gasps and giggles all round - and that player loses a card! 

The first player to collect three or four matching cards and pieces of food (agreed at the beginning of the game and depending on age) wins the game - and is crowned the official Barbecue Party Master Chef!

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning your little one Drumond Park's Barbecue party Game this Christmas please Enter through the raffelcopter below.

For stockists and to play games online, visit www.drumondpark.com

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Tobar stocking fillers for girls #Competition #Giveaway

Stocking Fillers for Girls

TOBAR –2015: Tobar has a super collection of Stocking Fillers that are perfect for girls.  These classic and quirky toys are great value and bound to delight on Christmas morning.
Magic Tattoos – Temp Tattoos
Pack of 24 temporary tattoos with augmented reality app integration. Apply a tattoo anywhere on the skin and then download the corresponding app onto a smartphone or tablet. Open the app on your smart device, then focus the viewfinder over the tattoo and it will come to life, animating on the screen. This pack contains eight different tattoo designs appropriate for girls including unicorns, cats and fairies.

Clockwork toys – Ballerina, Unicorn, Princess and Russian Doll

Wind-up toy with clockwork action are fantastic for stockings available in Ballerina, Princess and Unicorn and Russian Doll.

Squishy and Squashy – Puffer Owl,  Squidgy Bears and Poodles

Brightly coloured air-filled bear toy that puffs up when squeezed. The surface is largely covered by short and stretchy fur-like tendrils. Available in purple, yellow, peach, blue and pink. Soft plastic poodle toy with stretchy features. This air-filled puffer toy is squishy and squeezy, allowing it to be squashed and stretched before returning to its original shape and size in four different designs. Puffer Owl toy with a soft and squishy air-filled body available in purple, blue, orange and pink designs.

 Lip Gloss – Owl, Russian Doll, Ice Cream Sundae and Foxes

Russian Doll Lip Gloss container with strawberry flavoured lip gloss. Owl Lip Gloss container with sweet flavoured gloss inside. Cute fox shaped lip gloss available in two colours. Owl shaped lip gloss container with flavoured gloss.

 Pencils – Carousel Horse, Russian Doll and Fluffy Owl

Carousel Horse Pencil and Eraser designed like the traditional fairground attraction. Russian Doll Pen with traditionally coloured bobbing figure topper

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning one of each stocking filler stated above please enter through the rafflecopter below

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Thursday 29 October 2015

Young driver driving lessons #Review

Young Driver Driving Lessons

Young Driver offers driving lessons for 11-17 year olds (i.e. before they're legally able to drive). The lessons take place on specially designed courses at 40 venues across Britain. Youngsters have lessons in real, dual-control cars, with fully qualified instructors and learn the same skills as they would on the road at 17.

The emphasis of the lessons is very much on safety - our research, and research from other countries, suggests that encouraging youngsters to learn over a longer period of time halves the likelihood of them having an accident when they do go on to pass their test. We also find younger children are far more receptive to safety messages than their older teen counterparts.

My partner and i attended one of our local young driver venues and the NEC Birmingham with our 12 year old son Callum. 
When we got there we were greated by a very kind lady who signed Callum in for his very first lesson, he was very nervous but also excited and bout driving his very first car.
I must admit i wass a little nervous my self my 12 year old son was going behind the wheel of a very powerful vehicle in my eyes.
But the good thing was he had a instructor in with him helping him and telling what he needed to do. 
There were quite a few people there also doing lessons which reassured me Callum was in safe hands and had a very pleasant driving instructor who was very patient with Callum.
Callum had a little booklet given to him which the instructor filled in at every task Callum completed this book would be filled in every lesson you had and shows you the progress you are making and what needs improving.

I think young driver lessons is a fantastic idea and hope many opt in to getting their children in to doing them early on in their life as its around a quite course no panics no worries and helps your child get use to a car before they hit the busy streets.
I wish it had been out when i was younger i would have loved to have done it before i hit the busy main roads.
Callum really enjoyed his day and he cant wait to do another lesson.

Tuesday 27 October 2015

No Lice and Stop Lice #Review

NO LICE! Preventative Spray and LICE STOP Shampoo Treatment are natural and scientifically proven applications for preventing and treating head lice for the whole family, from children age 3 to adults.

It’s well known that head lice are becoming increasingly resistant to synthetic and chemical products of late. However, research carried out by Professor Dr Mehlhorn from the Dusseldorf University, shows lice are less resistant to natural products like herbs and oils.

NO LICE! Preventative Spray and LICE STOP Shampoo Treatment have been used  treat head lice in Europe for over ten years.  Both products contain a unique blend of natural ingredients including the patented MelAza extract from the seed of the Neem tree.  Neem has been used in India for thousands of years as a treatment for head lice.

Whilst many parents are happy to use well-known brands of lice treatments containing powerful chemical ingredients to treat their children’s head lice, most aren’t comfortable using these harsh products as an ongoing, preventative treatment.

NO LICE! And LICE STOP are both priced at £8.95 for 100ml and are available from Holland & Barrett, Victoria Health and other independent health stores

NO LICE! and LICE STOP are both:


Used daily, NO LICE! Preventative Spray is scientifically proven to provide effective all-day protection from head lice for the whole family – ideal for when there has been an outbreak of head lice at school or nursery. 

LICE STOP Shampoo is clinically proven to remove 94% of lice within three hours.  Apply to towel-dried hair, by massaging into the scalp.  Simply leave the treatment for 15-20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water and combing with a nit comb.  Simply repeat the treatment ten days later.

We all know when our children attend school they are bound to come in to contact with head lice its very common in schools.
So what better way to prevent them by using a preventative spray daily just to be on the safe side there are a few brands to try like No lice and Stop lice .
My daughters Michaela and Davina have very long hair and come into contact with head lice quite a lot at their school and it costs me a fortune to keep buying the lotions to get rid of them and it does not prevent them from coming back. I was asked if i would like to try No Lice and Stop lice shampoo and preventative spray which i had not heard of before but thought id give it a shot.
I used both the shampoo and spray as directed on both my daughters hairs the Shampoo worked to kill the head lice as stated it would do but I think Michaelas hair maybe too thick the preventative spray did not stop the head lice from returning once back at school even when applied the spray. On the other hand Davinas hair is a lot thinner than Michaelas and after also using the Preventative spray every morning before school she has not yet had any more head lice which i am very pleased about. 

Most schools send out letters about head lice and how to deal with them stating we should condition our children's hair and comb it through but i found that to only helped get rid of some of the eggs, it does not kill the eggs or the head lice you must go get a lotion from your local pharmacy there are many brands to choose from to suit everyone.

Monday 26 October 2015

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

-The One4all Pudsey Gift Card in aid of BBC Children in Need-

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year, filled with family, food and lots of fun. But, not all Christmas’ are filled with such joy, as many disadvantaged children in the UK are left without life’s necessities, let alone gifts and Christmas dinner.
This Christmas, One4all, the Post Office gift card is offering an exclusive Pudsey Gift Card to support Children in Need. For every Pudsey Gift Card credited this year, One4all will donate 2% of the value to BBC Children in Need.
Accepted in over 22,000 outlets nationwide, the Pudsey One4all Gift Card makes a perfect gift for Christmas, and comes designed with the famous Children in Need mascot, Pudsey the bear, on the front. 
The Pudsey One4all Gift Card allows you to give the gift of choice to your loved ones while at the same time giving something back to those children all around the UK that aren’t quite so lucky.
Flexible to suit any budget, the Pudsey One4all Gift Card can be loaded with any amount from £10 - £400 and can also be spent online at selected retailers’ websites, or used to purchase experience days and spa treatments.

Where To Spend The Pudsey Gift Card

One4all Gift Cards are accepted in 22,000 stores nationwide, from department stores such as Debenhams and John Lewis, which have a range of stylish fashion and contemporary homewares, to popular retailers like Amazon and Argos, where you can find all the latest must-have gadgets. If it’s time for a wardrobe update then there are heaps of and popular fashion retail outlets such as Topshop, River Island and H&M.

For those who can’t get enough of gadgets
The One4all Gift Card is also the perfect way to catch up on all the latest technology. Currys PC World has everything from mini gadgets such as, iPads, eReaders and portable music players to the hottest laptops, TVs and home appliances! Alternatively shoppers can head to Amazon.co.uk and get their hands on popular TV box sets such as Poldark or Game of Thrones, and bestselling novels and autobiographies. Music lovers can get all their favourite downloads with their One4all Gift Card from HMV, including all the newest releases.

For the foodie
Forget the box of chocolates, with a One4all Gift Card, shoppers can enjoy a mouth-watering meal out through one of our newest retailers, Restaurant Choice. From Jamie’s Italian to Yo! Sushi, there is something to appeal to every palate. If it’s heart-warming pizzas and delicious pasta dishes that tickle their fancy then they can pop into any branch of Zizzi’s or Pizza Express with their gift card and take their pick from any of their fantastic specialities.
Whatever they are into and however hard they may be to please, with such a huge range of options you can rest assured your loved one won’t be left feeling disappointed with their One4all Christmas gift this year.

For those who love to travel
Another fantastic option is to use the One4all Gift Card to purchase a relaxing break away through one of our many travel experts. Find the holiday to suit you from the likes of Thompson and Cities Direct. Or otherwise why not select a unique experience day, perfect for the person who has everything. Red Letter Days offer experience days to suit all tastes and budgets. The adrenaline junkie will love choosing from activities like supercar driving, zorbing and aerobatic stunt flying whilst those looking to relax can find fun days out, like afternoon tea for two with Virgin Experience Days or a spa day with Spa Finder. What better way to unwind after Christmas is over!

For the sports lovers
Whether it’s the golfer who wants to update his club collection or the keen cyclist who’s looking for a new set of wheels, there is something to be found for every sports lover. Find clubs, clothing and accessories to suit all your golfing needs all at American Golf. At Halfords you’ll find a selection of bikes from brands such as Carrera alongside a range of clothing, accessories and all your essential nutrition. Whatever their preference, there is enough on offer to please every shopper.

One4all Gift Cards are available to buy from any UK Post Office or online at www.one4allgiftcard.co.uk.

What are the advantages of One4all Gift Card?
With the One4all Gift Card you can spend any amount up to the full value of the card in a range of thousands of selected retailers. Your gift card is deducted by the exact amount of purchase and the outstanding balance remains on your card, allowing you to use it in a number of different stores. The One4all Gift Card can be redeemed against anything from Fashion outlets, department stores, Home and Garden, Electrical goods to Travel and Hotels, so you can be sure that your recipient will always get what they want!

How long is a gift card valid for?
One4all Gift Cards do not have an expiry date and will remain valid for as long as there is a balance on the One4all Gift Card.

Do I have to spend the whole amount at once?
If the full balance of the Gift Card is not spent, the outstanding balance remains on your gift card to allow you to spend at any of the Gift Card Retailers.

    Thursday 6 August 2015

    Our new arrival

    Katelyn Elizabeth Mcpadden 

    Having taken a few months off from blogging with life being so busy leading up to the birth of my new baby daughter Katelyn Elizabeth I'm now back and ready to tell you all about her journey. Katelyn is now 7 weeks old today and is growing so well.  

               My 12 weeks scan 

    I was really excited when the date of my first scan arrived I was also nervous as most mums are no matter if it was your first second or third baby we all like to know our babies are growing and developing well. I was so happy when I got to see my little bundle of joy of the screen she was just perfect. I didn't know at the time she was a girl at the time but I just new what ever gender my baby was they would be just beautiful.

    21 weeks scan

     Its a GIRL !

    Leading up to my 21weeks scan id finally be able to know if my baby was a girl or boy but I just could not wait so at 17 weeks we had a private early gender scan. It was an amazing day seeing our little girl wriggling on screen we couldn't wait to meet her. Daddy was over the moon he was having a little girls his little princess.

    Private 3D Scan 

    38 weeks and the day arrived we got to meet our little girl Katelyn two weeks early after I was induced for reduced movements. It was a long painful labour but worth every minute our little princess was just beautiful. Daddy was a very proud man to have his little girl in his arms for the very first time.  

    Our baby girl is growing beautifully, she is such a happy little girl never a dull moment when she's around brighten up any ones day with her beautiful smile.   

    Exciting Minecraft #Competition

    Well hello my lovely followers its been a while since i held a competition for you and i have just been given an exciting opportunity to hold a competition to give one of you lucky followers a chance to win a stylish Gameband + Minecraft (TM)  worth £64.99 which will be launched later this month in Dixons.

     If you have a child or maybe your self who has a Minecraft craze like my children this would be perfect you will be able to play Gameband + MinecraftTM  anywhere, anytime—on any computer—with Gameband + MinecraftTM, the world’s first MinecraftTM wearable. With this stylish, high-tech band, you can take the full MinecraftTM experience everywhere you go.

    Simply plug Gameband into the USB port of any Windows, Mac or Linux computer, launch the Gameband App, and then enjoy endless fun creating and playing your favorite game. The freedom of MinecraftTM on the go, this wearable is perfect for those who don’t want to be tied down to playing on a single computer.

    Featuring ultra-fast, long-lasting hardware, Gameband saves your Worlds and also backs them up onto our secure, cloud-based servers. Lose it? Contact us and order a replacement with all your data intact.

    Gameband ships with the PixelFurnace App which lets you customize it with messages, images and animations and share them via www.pixelfurnace.com

    Take a look at there website here www.gameband.com

    To be in with a chance of winning Redstone Gameband + MinecraftTM  please Enter through the Raffecopter below:

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    Christmas Hamper Competition

    Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la With Christmas just around corner I want to give one of my followers a little Christ...