Thursday 29 November 2018

What''s that smell ? #Review

What's That Smell? is the hilarious new game from WowWee where following your nose is the path to success. Tipped to be one of the the hottest games of the year (and already a YouTube favourite), What's That Smell? is the new scratch & sniff party game that totally stinks!


What's That Smell? is the first ever hilarious fragrant-guessing party game that opens up a world of interesting whiffs. Guess the scent on the card correctly to win or you could be suffering the reeking ramifications of one of the deadly Stank Cards!

Included in each box are over 50 smell cards from nice to downright nasty and I really do mean nasty, there can be anything from dirty socks to vomit you can only pray to get the nice scents.

 The new "scent-sational" party game is designed to put your sense of smell to the test against friends and family, roommates and work besties - challenging those brave enough to correctly guess scents ranging from roses to rotting garbage...and worse.

The best part of the game is the winner gets to pick a player of their choice to suffer the Whiff of Shame: three big whiffs of one of the four outrageously pungent Stank Cards: Extra Old Toe Cheese, Diaper Blowout, Hot Chunky Vomit and Smothered in B.O.! These cards really are the most smelliest the may have some of you heaving and your friends laughing.

For added fun, players can download the free iOS/Android What's That Smell? companion app to track the number of players and sniffing time, earn extra bonus points by comparing guesses with other people who have played the game and record their priceless ‘Whiff Of Shame’ reactions. The app also provides Stank Card filters and a "don't-miss-a-revolting-second" slow-mo effect to help capture every second of these memorable moments. 

Available in the UK now, What's That Smell? includes 48 Mystery Whiff Cards, four Stank Cards and scent-barrier bags, six cardholders, a sheet of Whiff Strips, scorepad and instructions for 2-6 players ages
14+, £24.99rrp.

Family time is a big deal in our hour, being a busy mum of 5 leaves me very little time to spend with the children which is something I feel very guilty about most of the time and its not very often we get together and sit down all as a family unless its a special occasion. Callums now 15 and Michaela almost 12 they are the eldest two children and growing very fast, they spend most of their time in their rooms or out with friends. When I got asked if we would like the opportunity to review What's that smell from WowWee I jumped at the chance as it was a chance for us to get together as a family again and play something new together. We all had such a good laugh on the weekend playing What's that smell ? I honestly thought I would win this game having smelt some many nice and nasty smells through out my life after all us parents smell allsorts don't we. Anyway I have to say I didn't win I think my nose tricked me on a good few of the cards, you can sniff as long as you like until the timer runs out but you wont always get the right answer haha you mind plays tricks on you just as your sense of smell can. All of the children at Mums diary loved this game I have to say its in our top 10 this year and will be playing it over the Christmas holidays and New Year. I highly recommend What's that smell ? for a great gift this Christmas, your definitely have your party guest gagging. 

Disclosure: We was sent What's$ that smell ? for free for the purpose of this review, all opinions are 100 % honest and our own.

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