Friday 6 December 2013

Country Baskets Advent Calender House #Review #Christmas

Country Baskets, have a lovely selection of beautiful women’s and children’s gifts as well as Christmas decorations to choose from on there website at
We was sent one of Country Baskets lovely Advent Calendar houses to review for them which we have been doing now for the last week.
This beautifully designed house has 22 draws which you can fill will a little treat for your little's ones to open each day, each draw has a picture and number for each day just like and other advent calendar so your little ones can countdown the days till Christmas in a different way to ordinary chocolate calendars and can be used every year just buy refilling it will little surprises. Doors 23 and 24 are under the roof of the house which can be lifted to reveal your surprise.
We filled our Calendar house with lots of different chocolates but you can use anything you like that is small enough to fit in the draws. 


Christmas with Thorntons

This Christmas it’s the Thorntons that counts

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without delicious chocolates from Britain’s best loved chocolate maker, Thorntons. This year, to make Christmas even more special, Thorntons has created some magical new treats featuring The Snowman™ and the Snowdog to accompany all your family favourites.

Joining Ronnie Reindeer and his little helpers to celebrate Christmas this year, the iconic characters of The Snowman™ and The Snowdog can be found on advent calendars, as models and in the speciality range. The cute new The Snowman™ and The Snowdog White Chocolate Model 250g (RSP £10.00) is the ideal gift for anyone who has been good this year. The Snowmanand The Snowdog are also available as a 154g Model (RSP £6.99), which can be iced with a name, or as a mini model 80g (RSP £3.49) - they taste as sweet as they look.

Count down to the festive season in style from December 1st with Thornton's new Classics Advent Calendar (RSP £9.99). Hiding behind each window is a chocolate from the new Classics range, with an extra special taste from the new Moments collection to enjoy on Christmas Day - after all Christmas is as much about anticipation as the big day itself!

Christmas is a time for entertaining friends and showing loved ones how much we care, and what better way to do that than by sharing a box of your favourite chocolate treats. Thorntons new Winter Continental (RSP £14.99) is a beautifully presented collection of 40 milk, white and dark mousses, pralines and truffles from Thorntons famous Continental collection – heaven in a box. Alternatively, let the chocolate do the talking this year with the All I Want For Christmas is You Limited Edition box (RSP: £6.99), which contains 16 caramel, nutty and melty batons, guaranteed to spread Christmas cheer and show your loved one just how much you care.
We was sent two products from the Christmas range from Thornton's, We was sent Thornton's New  Classic Calendar and The cute new The Snowman and The Snow dog White Chocolate Model. First we tried the Snowman, he was made with delicious white chocolate and came in a clear packaging with snow printed on the sides. I wasn't to keen on the green colouring on the Snowmans hat and scarf it left a funny after taste in my mouth but apart from that I think it would make a lovely Christmas gift. 
I am now on day six of the Thornton's classic calendar and have enjoyed every chocolate I have tried so far. Even though I am now an adult I really do find it exciting that every time I open a new door Christmas is a day closer. Thornton's Classic Calendar has a different chocolate behind each door every day which makes it even more fun, you never know what chocolate will be next.   
I love Thornton's they really do have a chocolate to suit every ones taste. 
Why not head down to your local Thornton's and see their wide variety of Christmas treats    


Wednesday 4 December 2013

If you want the hottest Christmas look no further... Create your own Unique Makie Doll

LONDON – October 2013 – Makies™, the world’s first and only 3D printed toys, are set to be Christmas 2013’s big news. 
World's first and only 3D printed toys excite crowds at Selfridges London
If you want the hottest Christmas this year, look no further! Winter of the 2013 Dads choice Award for 'Best Fun Toy', and recipient of Rainbow and Independent Toy Awards commendations this year, Makies are the world's first and only 3D printed toys.
Each Makie is a jointed and poseable doll designed by you and your child. Using Makies website or Ipad app, you can create exactly the doll you want choosing styleable hair, eyes and clothes, and shaping all the facial features to make a unique toy with character and personality - creative fun that becomes a truly one-of-a-kind, real-life plaything. Unique, waste-free, and completely modern, Makies are brand new, ultra- creative and a thoughtful choice for the parent looking for an extra special toy or gift.
What makes Makie special?
Makies are made with love and lasers (really! using the 'selective laser sintering' method of 3D printing), are built to last. Each Makie is a unique individual, hand-assembled and dressed in Makielab's Shoreditch workshop and shipped worldwide. Makie dolls are locally produced, CE certified and bear the Loin mark of quality: an ideal gift from parents who care about the environment, and moving away from culture of throwaway, mass-produced goods.
How do I make a Makie doll? Its very simple!
1. Create and order your unique Makie doll online at or the free Makies Doll Factory iPad app, or
2. Visit the Makies mini-shop in the 4th floor Toy Shop at Selfridges London( Oxford street) to create and order your Makie.
You can also buy a Makie Gift Box for a special someone - the must have stocking stuffer this Christmas!
 This cute and compact new Makies Gift Box (£79-£99)
Build-a-Makie pricing starts at £59.99, with hair, clothes and accessories available as add-ons at various price points, from basic to ultra premium.
Below is a brief video on how to make your very own Makie Doll, it was really quick and easy to do. I was a little disappointed there aren't as many clothes to choose from on the website version compared to the Ipad app no sure why they are different. I am very happy with the doll I have created and can not wait till she (Lola) arrives.

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Jan Marini Christmas Exfoliator‏ #Giftidea

NEW Limited edition Marini Holiday Exfoliator in delicious Sugar Cookie 

Indulge in beautifully radiant skin this festive season

 Jan Marini Skin Research launches Marini Holiday Exfoliator which will be Available from 30th October from beauty and skin clinics and selected online outlets across the UK priced at (RRP £49.99) 
 To find your nearest Jan Marini
in delicious Sugar Cookie scent, a brand NEW and limited edition Christmas treat for beautifully soft skin.  The facial exfoliator features uniquely designed Spherical Dissolving Bead Technology, Proteolytic Enzymes from green unripened papaya, and Glycolic Acid to gently and safely exfoliate and resurface the skin, without the harsh abrasion commonly associated with exfoliating scrubs.
The wind, cold and central heating can leave our skin feeling dry, chapped and flaky - without its naturally protective moisturisers.  Combined with powerful antioxidants, the Marini Instant Refining Exfoliator is the secret to achieving a smooth and radiant complexion during the harsh winter months. 
As you age, the rate of cell turnover slows, causing flakiness and dullness - signs that you need to step-up your exfoliation routine! But be careful about the product you choose, as too much scrubbing may cause inflammation, damage, and sensitivity.  The unique, protective anti-aging formula in the Marini Holiday Exfoliator reduces excessive abrasion, and gently removes the build up of dead skin cells to reveal polished, glowing skin.  
Instruction on use
The Marini Holiday exfoliator can be used 2-3 times per week and is suitable for all skin types.  Directions: gently apply to a wet face after cleansing, using circular motions for 15-30 seconds. Gently remove the product using a cloth with tepid water, and then blot dry.  Follow by applying your usual Jan Marini product regimen.  This unique formulation creates a perfectly smooth canvas for make-up application, so you can look your best this festive season.  Beautifully packaged, this sugar cookie treat makes the perfect stocking filler this Christmas! 

Make midweek dining more exciting with Birds Eye!

Birds Eye have some interesting research to support the expansion of their adult dining portfolio. In a bid to make midweek dining low-effort but tasty and nutritious, they have launched a new range which includes products such as Melt in the Middle Fish Cakes and Veg Fusions.

To support the addition of these products, Birds Eye has released their findings into the bad midweek dining habits of Brits!
Despite 36% of the nation describing themselves as a 'foodie', new research has found that a quarter eat cereal for their dinner at least once a week, whilst over one in five resort to the biscuit tin.
We may be a nation of foodies but new research out today has found that a quarter of Brits (24 percent) eat cereal for their dinner at least once a week while 21 percent resort to the biscuit tin. 
The study by Birds Eye, which has launched a new range of tasty products to target midweek dinner monotony, found that a third of Brits (33 percent) admit to eating the same dinner at least twice a week. Furthermore, almost half of Brits (49 percent) reveal that they only have a handful of ‘go-to’ meals that they reuse week after week.
Despite this, the findings revealed that over a third of Brits (36 percent) now consider themselves a foodie, with over half (54 percent) stating that they actively seek out foods with big flavours and interesting twists when they do their grocery shop. The average Brit owns more than nine recipe books and watches a whopping 121 hours of food programmes on TV every year.  However, the research reveals that 40 percent of Brits are too tired to think about cooking a proper meal at the end of the day, with 45 percent wishing they had more time to recreate meals they have seen on television.
According to the findings, the average Brit has a repertoire of six midweek meals – dishes they prepare and serve in less than 30 minutes – with one in five (20 percent) relying on just three different meals to get them through the week.  Pasta was the most popular go-to dinner (33 percent) followed by a jacket potato (11 percent) and a stir-fry (10 percent).  39 percent said they were fed up with eating the same dishes again and again while over half (54 percent) said they wished they could serve up more exciting meals for their family.
Top five midweek meals:
1)       Pasta (33 percent)
2)       Jacket potato (11 percent)
3)       Stir-fry (10 percent)
4)       Beans on toast (8 percent)
5)       Omelette (8 percent)
Over a third of Brits (37 percent) cited long working hours while half (51 percent) said they couldn’t face clearing up the mess made by cooking from scratch.  Other reasons included never having the right ingredients to hand (36 percent) and food going off by the time they wanted to eat it (20 percent).
Last month Birds Eye expanded its adult dining portfolio with new products specifically created to make it easy to prepare delicious dinners during the week.  Additions to the meal range include Melt in the Middle Fish Cakes and Veg Fusions – a fusion of fresh vegetables complimented with herbs and seasonings which are gently steamed using Birds Eye’s unique Pyramid Steamer – which have been created to offer inspiring tasty mealtime occasions without the fuss, that can be enjoyed at every meal, every day and by everybody.
Helen Martin, General Marketing Manager at Birds Eye, said: “Foodie programmes and celebrity cook books are a national obsession, but many of us simply don’t have the time to try our hand at recreating delicious meals for ourselves at the end of a long working day. As our lives are becoming increasingly busy and time is such a precious commodity, it is clear to see from the research that we're reaching for products we can trust to create great tasting enjoyable nutritious meals quickly and easily. Birds Eye products offer a solution to this problem by offering tasty midweek meals that can be prepared in a matter of minutes. 
“It’s all too easy to get stuck in a recipe rut and find yourself eating the same meal several times in a fortnight simply out of a sense of routine. However, our aim is to encourage Brits to find ways to make their weekday nights more varied and exciting in just a matter of minutes.”

Monday 2 December 2013

Unwrap Christmas with Cadbury

Unwrap the joy of Christmas this year with Cadbury

 ‘Tis the season to be JOYFUL and, this Christmas, every Great British chocolate lover can unwrap their very own bit of Christmas magic with Cadbury’s bounteous selection of Christmas  treats that includes family favourites as well as future classics. 
This year, inspired by the recent trend for retro Christmas jumpers, the Cadbury festive collection comes playfully wrapped in a beautiful Christmas Knit pattern; a nostalgic and heart-warming design that will put a smile on the face of every family member. 

We was sent a few of Cadburys delicious Christmas treat to review, we are all Cadbury lover here at Mums Diary and have visited Cadburys many time especially for my children's birthdays its always one of their top choices of places to visit.

 We was sent 4 Cadbury freedos with popping candy inside, 2 of Cadburys Dairy Milk Winter Wonderland bars which had white chocolate and milk chocolate shape trees, Cadbury Selection box and a Cadbury Christmas Advent Calendar .Having tried Cadburys new Diary milk Winter Wonderland Bar for the first time I have to say its delicious both myself and the children shared them whilst having a movie night over the weekend it has just the right balance of white and Milk chocolate so its not to sickly.

 Our second favourite was the Freddo bars they had the usual frog you would on the wrapper but they had cute little Santa hat to add a little Christmas cheer to your chocolate. The kids loved the popping candy inside it definitely had their taste buds tingling.
We are now on day 2 of the Christmas Calendar which has a delicious milk chocolate in each door which has a different Christmas design each day so far we have had Santa's head and a Snowman, on the inside of the door you will also find a little Christmas quote. My children love waking up each morning just to see what chocolate they have next. Are you counting down the days till Christmas day I now we are its very exciting.
Below are many more of Cadburys new Chocolate treats in store this Christmas have you brought yours yet ?

NEW FOR 2013 

New for 2013 is Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse Snowman, the only snowman that improves when it comes in from the cold.  The newest addition to the magical Cadbury Christmas range, a delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk shell covers a light and fluffy vanilla mousse centre and is perfect for those who are looking for a little treat after playing outside in the snow...! RRP £0.65p

    Another new addition to the Cadbury Dairy Milk family is the magical Cadbury Dairy Milk Winter Wonderland bar. This limited-edition chocolate bar is made up of cute white and milk chocolate tree-shaped chunks that are perfect for sharing with family and friends. RRP £1.49
Opening your stocking on Christmas morning is undoubtedly one of the best parts of the day (along with the Christmas dinner, pulling crackers, the Queen’s Speech, Grandma snoring and everything else.) So, make sure you get off to a good start by unwrapping these perfect Cadbury stocking fillers!

Shake up the contents of your stocking and get fun with Freddo Faces. The new range sees Cadbury’s favourite cheeky chocolate frog busting out five new froggy faces –ready to be unwrapped on Christmas morning. RRP £1.42
If the new Freddo Faces aren’t jaw-droppingly exciting enough for you, your taste buds are set for a (sleigh) ride with new Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Popping Candy. This crazy new treat comes in four limited edition Christmas sleeves and will be sure to pop a bit of joy into your stocking. RRP £0.20p.


Cadbury Dairy Milk Button Tubes –This year our classic little button shapes of solid Cadbury Dairy Milk come wrapped up in a gorgeous Christmas tube. Unwrap and enjoy! RRP £1.42.

This year our family favourites come with an extra special twist…
The Cadbury Dairy Milk bar a trusty Christmas treatis ensconced in a cosy Christmas knit! With its woolly jumper design, this packaging makes the nation’s favourite chocolate bar the best dressed companion for any festive feast.  
RRP 120g £1.42, 200g £2.25, 360g £4.23
No matter how old you are, Christmas isn’t the same without the thrill of opening an advent calendar or unwrapping a selection box and sharing it with (some of your) seasonal visitors.
This year, there’s a wide range of Cadbury’s exciting advent calendars and selection boxes – Christmas staples in every household! RRP 90g Advent £2.19, Medium Selection Box £2.99 
There’s no better way to count down to Christmas.
ImageChristmas is full of last minute, unexpected parties – and it’s rather Scrooge-like to turn up empty handed. Thankfully, Cadbury has solved the “what do I bring?!” dilemma with these Cadbury Heroes cartons and tubs. RRP Tub £5.89, 350g Carton £4.59

ImageMore traditional than turkey with all the trimmings, nothing says Christmas like a tin of Cadbury Roses. These individually-wrapped treats offer something for everyone - so tuck in this Christmas, your favourite Cadbury Rose is only a rummage away!

Cadbury Little Wishes are a delicious mixture of pure Cadbury chocolate and tempting truffle stars – a sparkling treat to share with friends on a cosy Christmas night in. As Christmas is the season for spreading goodwill, Cadbury donates 10% of all profits made from Little Wishes to the Make A Wish Foundation. RRP £2.13
Unwrap the joyful spirit of Christmas with Cadbury and let the wonderfully chocolatey festive cheer last well into the New Year




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