Wednesday 4 December 2013

If you want the hottest Christmas look no further... Create your own Unique Makie Doll

LONDON – October 2013 – Makies™, the world’s first and only 3D printed toys, are set to be Christmas 2013’s big news. 
World's first and only 3D printed toys excite crowds at Selfridges London
If you want the hottest Christmas this year, look no further! Winter of the 2013 Dads choice Award for 'Best Fun Toy', and recipient of Rainbow and Independent Toy Awards commendations this year, Makies are the world's first and only 3D printed toys.
Each Makie is a jointed and poseable doll designed by you and your child. Using Makies website or Ipad app, you can create exactly the doll you want choosing styleable hair, eyes and clothes, and shaping all the facial features to make a unique toy with character and personality - creative fun that becomes a truly one-of-a-kind, real-life plaything. Unique, waste-free, and completely modern, Makies are brand new, ultra- creative and a thoughtful choice for the parent looking for an extra special toy or gift.
What makes Makie special?
Makies are made with love and lasers (really! using the 'selective laser sintering' method of 3D printing), are built to last. Each Makie is a unique individual, hand-assembled and dressed in Makielab's Shoreditch workshop and shipped worldwide. Makie dolls are locally produced, CE certified and bear the Loin mark of quality: an ideal gift from parents who care about the environment, and moving away from culture of throwaway, mass-produced goods.
How do I make a Makie doll? Its very simple!
1. Create and order your unique Makie doll online at or the free Makies Doll Factory iPad app, or
2. Visit the Makies mini-shop in the 4th floor Toy Shop at Selfridges London( Oxford street) to create and order your Makie.
You can also buy a Makie Gift Box for a special someone - the must have stocking stuffer this Christmas!
 This cute and compact new Makies Gift Box (£79-£99)
Build-a-Makie pricing starts at £59.99, with hair, clothes and accessories available as add-ons at various price points, from basic to ultra premium.
Below is a brief video on how to make your very own Makie Doll, it was really quick and easy to do. I was a little disappointed there aren't as many clothes to choose from on the website version compared to the Ipad app no sure why they are different. I am very happy with the doll I have created and can not wait till she (Lola) arrives.

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