Tuesday 10 December 2019

Christmas Hamper Competition

Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la

With Christmas just around corner I want to give one of my followers a little Christmas gift, So u have decided to run Competition for a chance of one of my lovely readers to win this Cadburys Hamper ! 
If you would like the chance to win you can Enter below through the Rafflecopter below:
Competition is UK based only prize may change subject to availability 

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Friday 1 November 2019

Horse Club in general - Schleich


Horse Club - Rider Cafe £39.99  

This is the very first Schleich toy Davina has ever had the opportunity to play with, Davina just recently turned 9 and had horses on her birthday list but they wasn't as awesome as these stunning horses by Scheich. The attention to detail on each item we removed from the box and opened left Davina speechless. The exterior of the building is strong and robust and make from solid plastic with amazing detail. My Favourite part was the climbing roses they are almost life like and beautiful.

Inside the cafe its self there is a menu board on the back wall for all the customers to choose something delicious of the menu to enjoy. Behind the counter there is a oven that has a door that really opens and close and you can also fit pie or muffins in the to re-enact scenes from your imagination. The is also a til and coffee machine you can place a miniature cup on to and the after that add cream which pushes in to the cup really easy.

This set comes with Two movable figurines Tom who works in the cafe and Emily who sits at the table to enjoy the tasty apple pies and muffins with pink icing my favourite. The detail inside the cafe was created with so much care and compassion it really is stunning I just loved how you can put your own cream on to your hot chocolate or have with out. The cute tiny pieces of pie to add to a tiny white plate it really is life like and Tom and Emil can really hold the key, cups and glasses. 

 Davina needed a little help putting a few of the pieces together mainly the cafe its self put apart from that she said it was quite easy ands very excited to start playing. 

 As you can see for your self in the picture about just how colourful and beautiful the lay out and detail of each piece has been created. Each table has its own stunning white vase of flowers to decorate. Emily has bent legs to enable her sit perfectly on both the seats and ride the horse with out falling off.

 As well as feeding the customers The Schleich Cafe Rider Cafe also provide food and water for the horses too at the feeding station provided next to the cafe. There is plenty of apples and water for them to enjoy. The is a 

Horse Club - Mia ad Spotty £14.99 

Horse Club Mia and her horse spotty includes a Mia fully articulate figurine with a fully removable saddle and bridle, Mia can also ride, stand and grip when riding Spotty.
Both Mia and Spotty have stunning detail, Spotty almost looks like a real horse and not like any other toy horse I have ever seen. Horse Club Mia and Spotty come with a stool, camera, bread and a tiny white mouse. 

Davina's thoughts

Davina's thoughts about both sets from Schleich Horse Club in General, Davina loved both sets sent to her she thought they were fun and was very excited to play them.
She really enjoyed building the Horse Club Rider Cafe she found it really easy and liked setting up the cafe once it was finished. 
There are quite a few little pieces which will need to be kept safe as they can be lost quite easily and we wouldn't want to lose them.
Horse Club Rider Cafe is for ages 5-12 and can be found in Smyths Toys Store. 
Davina now wants more Schleich sets to add to her collection. 

Monday 29 April 2019

Banish Bluntness and Restore Sharpness with AnySharp Pro #Review #Gifted

A cooks worst nightmare is a blunt knife especially when if comes to cutting raw meats and fresh vegetables. I use to dread cutting up sued most of all I could never get the knife to go through making cutting a daunting task.
One day I had the perfect email pop in my inbox, an opportunity to try AnySharp its a Pro Knife Sharpener that helps restore your knife giving it a super sharp cutting edge. Banish your blunt knives within seconds with these simple steps.
You don't need any special skills to be able to use the Any Pro, it works quickly and easily by simply drawing a knife through the blades 3 to 4 times.
 The  AnySharp is pre-set at 20 degrees to give a perfect edge every time, It is suitable to used with hardened knives. 
It's completely safe and hands free,  its suction grip base clamps on to a surface meaning your hands are away from danger.

With its space saving design it is small enough to be tucked away in a kitchen drawer for when its needed.

I have loved my new AnySharp Pro its made cooking so much quicker and easier now my knives are no longer blunt making chopping so much easier. I love the oil slick colour its one off my favourites it matches a lot of my kitchen essentials. 
The Anysharp Pro is available in a range of colours for every kitchen. Prices start from as little as £7.99 and the popular metallic versions from £17.47 on Amazon.co.uk



Monday 22 April 2019

My Fairy Garden #Review #Gifted

Grow delicious microgreens in your very own Magical Fairy Kitchen Garden !

Heres a little story about fairy Fenn before we tell you what we thought of My Fairy Garden ! 

Fairy Fenn is from marshlands, so she loves looking after plants that grow in damp conditions, such as microgreens.

She will feel completely at home looking after your kitchen garden ! 

 Over the past week Katelyn has been trying out this cute little edible Magical fairy garden set that you can grown from your windowsill. Katelyn just couldn't wait to get started she loves planting all kinds of seeds. Inside the box we found 

  • Windowsill planter 
  • Fairy Figure ( called Fenn)
  • Garden Fence with Gate
  • Fairy House and roof
  • Pea Shoot seeds
Before Katelyn could plant her seeds we had to put Fenn the fairies house together along with the fence, this didn't take long at all we just followed the simple instructions provided. Once the that was done we could fill the planter with compost ready for the pea seeds which we had left in water for 6 hours as requested to do so by the instructions. We have now placed the Fairy Garden in a warm, dark place and watering in daily. We will post a follow up post soon as the pea shoots begin to grow. This really is the exciting part for Katelyn as she finds it fascinating how things grow. 

Katelyn and I have found My Fairy Garden quick and easy to use with very helpful instructions to point us in the right direction as I have to hold my hands up and say I never have planted seeds since my school time which was quite some time ago now. 

TO Be continued !!!

Monday 15 April 2019

Strictly Briks Classic Trap & Gap

This unique baseplate by Strictly Briks takes the classic Strictly Briks stackable baseplate design that you know and love and adds to it with the addition of trap doors and ramps that open up tons of creative possibilities! From castle towers to parking garages to homes, you can go from level to level with action figures, cars, and all sorts of toy.

 Strictly Briks classic building bricks play nice with other toys and are 100% guaranteed to be compatible with all major brands. Our classic size products are a guaranteed tight fit with any standard size building bricks, no matter what existing brand of building bricks or construction brick sets your child already owns. 

  • INCLUDED IN THE SET: This 10" x 10" baseplate set includes 2 10" x 10" stackable baseplates in gray and green, 2 10" x 10" baseplates with traps and gaps in blue and gray, as well as 15 Stackers.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Building and imagining never gets old - a single purchase will bring years of fun! All pieces are backed by our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy with confidence and enjoy the hundreds of unique Strictly Briks building sets you won't find anywhere else.

Katelyn now three has loved playing with the Strictly Bricks Classic Tap & Gap, she loves to build it all by herself and gets creative. Katelyn has built it upwards and side by side then gets the cars and rolls them down the ramps this makes her giggle as she watches them whizz away out of sight.

Strictly Bricks Classic Trap and Gap is perfect for children not only in playing but in their social and emotional development skills too. Bricks help a child learn to take turns in sharing, increase their attention span and develop self esteem. It also helps them learn balance and many more.

We have had fun testing out our Strictly Bricks and will add on to it to in time to make even more endless fun.

Disclousre : We was sent Strictly Brick Classic Trap & Gap to review we was not paid and give our honest option 

Sunday 31 March 2019

#MeatMatters Challenge with Brit Mums

Those who know me well will know the one thing I love most is to cook, I love being in the kitchen making my family a healthy meal making sure they get all the goodness they need to grow strong. 
I'm a busy mum of 5 so quick and easy meals are something I use quite often with 5 hungry mouths to feed the moment we walk in the door after picking up the children from school.
One of the favourite meals in our house we have at least once a week is beef spaghetti Bolognese, I always use British lean beef mince which just 5% fat. 
Beef is one of the meats we eat more than once a week here at mums diary as it gives my family all the vitamins and minerals they need including B vitamins, zinc and potassium which are naturally rich in protein they also help combat fatigues which is some I suffer my self due to low iron.
We was kindly sent £10 Tesco voucher from Brit mums to take part in their #MeatMatters challenge - sponsored by Simply beef and lamb to cook a quick and easy meal in just 30 minutes. There were so many recipes I could have chosen from so I went for the quick and easy Spaghetti Bolognese as its quick and easy to prepare and takes little time to cook and can be healthy if using the right ingredients.

Bolognese sauce  
First I fried off some onion and prepared carrots and garlic in some fry light ( fry light is healthier option than using oil) 
Then added tomato puree, tin tomatoes, Oregano, thyme and black pepper all these are very cheap to buy in any supermarket but I alway have some stored away as I use it daily.
I leave this on a simmer while I brown of the mince beef.

I then brown of the mince beef til its browned off and the juices run clear. 
I find lean mince with 5% fat is much healthier and doesn't need draining as much but you may need to drain any excess juice as I find it can make your sauce quite watery. 
Once cooked then drained I add my mince beef to the sauce and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes stirring often.

While the Bolognese is simmering I cook the spaghetti which also takes around 10 to 12 minutes depending on which spaghetti you buys I have seen some quick cook spaghetti which can take less time.

We also love a side salad and garlic bread or bread roll with our spaghetti Bolognese how do you like yours ? 

We love healthy foods packed with flavour and this defiantly did that, you can find more beef and lamb  signature dishes here for more inspiration here .

Cadbury Easter Competition

With it nearly being Easter we have decided to give one of my lucky followers the chance to win some delicious Cadbury Chocolate were giving away a Little ones Easter treasure box. If you would like to win this delicious chocolate for your little one this Easter you can do so by Entering through the Rafflecopter below: 

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Competition is for one person to win a little ones Easter Cadbury Treasure box . UK Based only Competition Ends 16th April Good luck !!! 

Disclosure : I have not been paid to hold this competition or gifted any products I pay for these prizes out of my own pocket as a Thank you to all my followers doe taking the time to visit my page. 

Wednesday 27 March 2019

True blessings

Mothers day  

Yesterday was a true blessing one of my five children aged 3 did a beautiful mothers day assembly for me which truly melted my heart. Katelyn now three years old is growing so fast in to a beautiful young lady. 
The assembly started with a song with the words there is some one who I love so and mommy is her name oh  M.O.M.M.Y is was such a beautiful song that brought tears to my eyes, looking as my beautiful girl looking at me while singing and blowing me kisses. They also read out poems and they ended with the song by spice girls mama I love you with all the pictures of the moms and their little ones played on a projector for all to see ours is above. Children really are a true blessing in life and even though we think they take us for granted times like really do make you feel appreciated.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mothers Day !! 

Friday 15 March 2019

Get your body back on to with OverHang #Review

 A refreshing and revitalising drink, created to give you a natural ‘va-va-voom’ 
   Ginger, orange, lime create a tingly zesty flavour
    Contains milk thistle, burdock, added vitamins and botanicals

Overhang could be your spring-time companion which naturally revitalise you and help you get back on top. A delicious and nutritious drink from a family recipe, which has been perfected over a century, Overhang is naturally refreshing, with a delicious flavour combination of ginger, orange and lime. 

This organic zesty drink is bursting with 50% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C, sourced from the finest Sao Paulo oranges, whilst the lime adds a sweet undertone as well as being packed with vitamins. The soothing, aromatic and warm ginger gives a subtle tingle to every sip. 
Overhang also contains milk thistle, burdock root and raspberry leaf which contains naturally occurring vitamins and tannins, as well as added vitamins B3, B5 and B6, it’s the ultimate invigorator to help you tackle winter like a pro, feeling restored, revived and full of beans. 

Boasting only 58kcals per bottle, Overhang is the perfect daily must have to give you that ‘va va voom’ for whatever the day may hold. 

Originally, Overhang was created as a naturally-sourced pick me up, both tonifying the body and promoting general wellbeing in a very traditional way. Ingredients such as ginger, milk thistle and burdock have been used in herbal tinctures for centuries, and their properties are recognised around the world. 

We was sent 2 bottles of OverHang to try and give our honest opion of what we thought. I can honestly say it wasn't a huge hit in our house but that's not to say others may have the same option. For me I found the ginger was a little over powering and bitter leaving an unpleasant after taste. If the was more of an orange or lime taste I probably would have liked it a little bit more. I also got all the children to have a little taste and only one out of 5 said it was ok but wouldn't drink it often, but don't let our opion put you off buying it to try as we all have different tastes and opions especially if you love ginger.

Disclousre : We was sent two free bottles of OverHang to review we was not paid and give our honest opion 

Saturday 23 February 2019

Mothers Day Competition Cadbury Chocolate

Mums Treasure Box  

With Mothers Day just around the corner I have decided to give one of my lucky followers the chance to win a delicious Cadbury Chocolate Mothers day treasure box. If you would like to win this delicious chocolate happy for your self, your mum or even some one special who you thinks been a brilliant mum you can do so by Entering through the Rafflecopter below: 


Competition is for one person to win a Mums Treasure box Cadbury Hamper. UK Based only Competition Ends Thursday 28TH March.

Spend well with ZeroWater #Review

I’d like to share with you our thoughts on this amazing water filter by the best water filter company on the market ZeroWater. Zerowater gets rid of more toxins, dissolved solids than any other filter including Brita. This means you can up your water intake with pure tap water, saving a fortune on bottled waters. It was featured on ‘How To Spend It Well’ at Christmas and Philip Schofield loved it. 
A lack of water intake can cause headache’s, stress, lack of sleep or even muscle strain due to bad posture. There simplest fix is drinking more water, although bottled water can be more expensive than a litre of petrol and tap water can be full of chlorine and taste poor.

ZeroWater’s filtration jug has been created to make drinking perfectly filtered water easier. ZeroWater is the only gravity-fed filtration system to match the TDS levels found in purified bottle water, the result is great-tasting water, straight from the tap. The average glass of tap water contains large amounts of lead, heavy metals, or chromium. ZeroWater removes 99.6% of all toxins. 
Enjoy great-tasting water with next generation filter technology. The ZeroWater filtration system combines FIVE sophisticated technologies that work together to remove virtually all dissolved solids from your tap water, delivering you great tasting water. ZeroWater filters are also the only pour-through filters on the market certified by the NSF to reduce lead.

We was kindly sent one of ZeroWater's 10 CUP /2.3 L jugs to try an boy do we love it, I was spending at least 7 pounds a week on bottled water due to the fact our water tastes badly of chlorine and comes out of our taps very cloudy this put us of drinking any tap water at all. We have now cut the cost on our shopping budget by no longer buying bottled water. Once our ZeroWater Jug arrived we took it all straight out the box, screwed the filter in place and filled it up with tap water. The ZeroWater jug also comes with a TDS Meter stick which measures how much dissolved solids are in your tap water on average tap water has a total of 220ppm ZeroWater's removes virtually everything. We tested our tap water and then we tested our tap water after it had gone through the ZeroWater's filtration system and into the jug ready to be drank.

Left is the readings from our tap water which showing 058 ppm where as after the tap water was filtered through the ZeroWater,s filter into the jug measured 004ppm which is a huge difference compared to tap water. Not only did we see a difference once tested we also tasted a difference the water from the ZeroWater jug tasted so pure id say even better than some bottled waters I've tasted. We will never drink tap water ever again after today not only did we test our water but when we poured our water from the tap into our jug we noticed the were lots of tiny bits sitting in the top of the jug which had either come from our taps or piped or from the water its self and can be seen in the picture below. ZeroWater filter had stopped any of those bits coming in to our water which I think is fantastic its does the job its surpassed to and we are really pleased with our new ZeroWater jug and will continue to use it all summer.

The ZeroWater Jug We was sent not only can be lifted and poured in to a cup is has a button on the back you press in an water pours out into your cup placed underneath it which is is much more easier for the little ones to do as the jug can become quite heavy to lift when full.
You can check out all the products from ZeroWater here 

ZeroWater 10cup jug 2.3L £34.99

Disclosure: We received a Sample in return for an honest Review 

Christmas Hamper Competition

Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la With Christmas just around corner I want to give one of my followers a little Christ...