Friday 30 March 2012

Celebrate your Big Day with Clintons

 Get Hitched in style with Clintons

Clintons introduces its beautiful new wedding range

"The wedding season is once again upon us, for couples looking forward to their big day, the need look no further than Clintons for their wedding essentials. Clintons also has some gorgous gifts for wedding-goers to purchase, as well as a large range of cards and gift wrap making it the go-to wedding store."

" Clintons has launched a perfect selection of elegant wedding items, gifts to treat the bride and groom and wedding essentials to make the day extra special. After all it’s the little things that count in making it the perfect celebration for the lucky couple "

Gift Ideas for the lucky couple

Why not treat the bride and groom to their very own Boofle Mug set (£14.99) or a Me To You 'On your wedding day'  Frame (£9.99)

From the new Mr & Mrs range, why not treat the happy pair to these gifts, perfect for the honeymoon. The range includes: Eye masks (£7.99), Flip flops (£12.99) and Keyrings (£7.99) plus Mr and Mrs socks (£3.99).

For the organised Bride and Groom-to-be the Boofle Wedding Planner (£11.99) is the perfect way to keep on track with all the finer details and the elegant A La Mode wedding Invitations, Evening Invatations and Thank you cards each come in boxes of 10 and are priced at £5.00 each.

The Clintons Collection can be relied on for the quality yet affordable stationary and these Wedding invites and Thank you card box sets of 10 for £7.50 each are no exception. For evening quests look no further than these Evening Invatations which are excellent value for money at only £3.75 for a box of 10.

When buying a card for the happy occassion Clintons has cards to suit every budget ranging from £1 upwards.

No wedding is complete without the throwing of the confetti, so pick up this box for only £0.99 on your way to the church. Gift bags for Me To You are the ultimate finishing touch to your wedding gift and priced at £2.50 and £3.00 the wont break the bank either.

A cute pair of Boofle Bride and Groom champagne flutes for the lucky newlyweds to enjoy- £24.99

You can check out Clintons Wedding Gifts on their website or in your local Clintons store

Bazooka Sweets Introduces MegaMouth


Bazooka candy have built a new fun website for kids that offers Flash games, exciting prizes and download able activities to play online or offline.

The Site is an on line games portal for kids with a built in reward mechanism. Playing games generates both a score and earns the user credits which they can use to unlock premium games and downloads (wallpapers, activity packs etc) from the virtual store. Each item in the virtual store has a value attached to it (e.g. 200 credits for a wallpaper, 500 credits for a game).
Kids can come to the Site and play games without registering, but registered users are able to save their score and credits earned and build on this when they next return to the Site.
Each game on the Site has an individual leader board of high scores, which only registered users will appear on. In addition, there is a “global leaderboard” which is used to identify the best overall players registered on the Site, and at the end of each month one of the top 10 players is randomly selected to win the monthly prize. The monthly prize is on rotation, but kids are able to see in advance what prizes are coming up each month.

When you first get to the site, you will see a menu where you can either Register or Log in to start.
Registering took lest than 5minutes.
Once you have registered you come to a screen that has three options Games, Store  or Prizes. By clicking either of thses options you will have instructions to help you.
By playing Mega mouth games you can earn points to improve your rank and get more credits to buy premium games or other great contents.
When we first registered we was given 110 credits to start us off.
 There are 5 games unlocked for you to start playing these include Hoop shoot, BMX blast, copper dash and many more fun and exciting games too.
Mega mouth have a great competition on there games website you can also take part in and its really simple to enter too prizes include a RipStik skateboard, Rawk helmet, Vans backpack, DC trainers and loads more amazing goodies!               
Why dont you take a look for your self at  their site is fun and keeps the kids entertained too

Thursday 29 March 2012

Keep the kids entertained this Easter with Clintons


"It can be a challenge keeping the little ones entertained during the Easter break - so why not encourage their creative side with a great selection of affordable craft kits and games plus sweet treats too. That’ll keep them from under your feet! "

You can enjoy a sweet treat with one of these yummy Easter themed Chick or Bunnie  chocolate cakes for just £2.49 each.

Hunt for Lindt Bunny & Friends milk chocolates - £4.99

For satisfied chocolaty faces, indulge in the Mini Lindt Bunny set - £2.59

Decorate cakes and Sunday roast tables with these cute mini chicks - £1.49

Fill this basket with sweet treats whilst out on the Easter egg hunt - £1.99

Every little explorer needs a companion, help your little one create their own with this ‘Make your own foam puppets’ kit - £1.99

These ‘Make Your Own’ Foam Chicks are perfect for decorating Easter bonnets and egg hunt baskets - £1.99

 Whether you’re sending Easter greetings to friends, relatives or acquaintances, Clintons has a message for all (cards range from £1)
 Little fashion ‘darlings’ will love decorating their own Easter bonnet - £2.49

We was sent a lovely selection of Clintons Easter treats to review as you can see in the  photo at the beginning of of my post, the children have decided to make their nan an eatster goodie bag by using  one of the gift bags, a card , the mini Lindt bunnies and the yummy chocolate chick cake isnt she lucky.

Why not head down to your nearst Clintons store and pick up yourself some fantastic Eatser Goodies or you can take a look at the online website

Need-to-know Blogging the Essential Guide book

The Guide to blogging

Are you looking to become a blogger, if so this is the book for you !
Do you need practical advice to help you go from blogging beginner to brilliant blogger? Read this book to discover what exactly a blog is, why people write them, how to pick a topic for your own blog and what makes a successful blog.
 You can learn about personal blogs, hobby blogs, business blogs and how to blog professionally.
Learn technical terms and quick tricks to get your blog off to a flying start.
 Find out about different blog providers and set-ups, and read inspiring ideas to help you keep blogging and stay motivated.
Read about how often to post and get to grips with different types of posts.
This book also tells you about blog etiquette and writing comments, blog carnivals and other ways to get involved with the blogging community. Improve your blogging with tips on writing style for blogging and practical guides to grammar; common abbreviations used online and the laws you need to know about when blogging.
You’ll also discover how your blog can lead on to an eBook or eCourse, and find out how blogging is more fun if you link your blog into social media. Also, learn how to make a profit from your blog.

Chapter headings

  • Blogging Basics
  • Starting a Blog
  • Basic Skills and Concepts
  • Content for Your Blog
  • Community and Blogging
  • Style and Structure
  • The Law
  • From Blogs to eBooks
  • Social Media
  • Writing a Blog for Profit

  • I was sent this book to review by choice as i wanted to learn so much more about blogging i feel i didn't know and i found it very helpful, theres so much information in it to help new and old bloggers to understand so much more about blogging and what it means and also how and where you can look to start you blog. One thing i learnt is your blog is your own no matter what others may think. It also gives you lots of links to varies sites which may be come helpful to you.

    I think The essential guide to blogging is a very handy and helpful book to help all new bloggers starting out and its sold at a amazing price of  £9.99, its well worth every penny.

    Im a mummy who loves to cook !!

    My own homemade chicken curry !!

    I'm a mummy who loves to cook !! Ever since i was a little girl, i would always sit and watch my mum prepare our dinner, i just loved learning new and exciting recipes that were easy an quick to prepare. I love to cook casserole's, spaghetti, bolognese, lasagne's and also curries, My winter favourite is Beef stew with dumplings. 
    I love cooking meals from scratch i find it tastes so much fresher and tastier than frozen meals, don't get me wrong if i've had a busy day and haven't found the time to prepare something i will just grab something out the freezer like fish finger, pizza or sausages i think it just doesn't taste as great as freshly prepared meals. I'm looking for lots of new idea and recipes to try for me and the child as i feel there's just so much out there i just haven't tried yet.
     I love my slow cooker no only does it cook my food it also keeps my food warm its just what a busy mum needs, you prepare your meal put it on a slow cook and go about your day just as your normally would.
    So far i have used my slow cooker for beef stew, chicken casserole and chicken curry and oh boy does it work wonders, the food not only tastes delicious its so moist and tender.
     I won my slow cooker when i was on holiday in Great Yarmouth i collected  600 tokens and came home smiling as I've always wanted one, i am so glad i chose it as its now my new best friends and i just cant live with out it.
    I am not aiming to try newer products like like doughnut makers, bread makers and many more.

    Wednesday 28 March 2012

    Top tips for cleaning your home

    Tips to spritz your home clean

    With spring now here and the sun beginning to shine its time to dust away all those winter cob webs with these great Spring cleaning tips that wont burden your finances or your time.

    As a single mum of three i sometimes find cleaning up after my children can become long and very tiring, i feel i am constantly on the go cleaning, cooking and shopping, a mothers job is never done !! Then i came across these easy top tips that not only save you time but they also save you money too.

        1.Take it one room at a time

    Make sure you plan ahead and choose where to begin, make a list of the areas you want to target and tackle them one step at a time. Be sure to budget time for distractions too-unexpected visitors and phone calls are inevitable!
    1. Declutter before your clean
    Always declutter before a polish, make sure your area is good to go before you don your gloves and spray.
    1. Deep clean those carpets
    Nothing refreshes a room more than a clean carpet, and hiring a Rug Doctor can have your carpets looking, feeling and smelling as good as new in no time.

    1. Make your vases blooming lovely
    What better way to freshen up your home than with a bunch of sweet-smelling blooms. Handpick some flowers from your garden for a sweet smelling aroma.
    1. Add a splash of vinegar to make those windows shin
     A top tip for making those windows squeaky clean is to add some vinegar   to water and spray onto the glass, then simply wipe clean with a dust free cloth.
    1. Care for your curtains
    Are your curtains looking drab? Well take them down, remove the hooks and give them a quick cycle in the dryer with a wet towel to rid the dust.
    1. Revamp your wardrobe
    Empty your wardrobe of all your clothes and give it a good scrub, you never know you might find a couple of items you’d forgotten about too.

    1. Open the windows for fresh air

    Winter is over so open up those windows and let the good fresh air billow through your home.
    1. Start from the top and work your way down
    With each room start at the ceiling and get rid of the cobwebs before working your way down walls and finishing with the floor.
            10.  Get the kids to lend a hand
         Share the workload with your loved ones, even the most unwilling helper can make a big difference in the work load.

      Sunday 25 March 2012

      Aldi Easter treats

      Spoil yourself this Easter with Aldi's sweet treats !!

      Aldi has a wide selection of tasty Easter treats for both you and your children to enjoy from Yummy chocolate eggs to mouth watering chocolate bunnies of all sizes.
      We was sent a lovely selection of yummy Aldi Easter treats to try shown below:

      My favourite was the Choceur Flame Egg, it was beautifully wrapped in gold foil and tied with a gold bow such a posh egg for just as little as £2.99 i couldn't complain the chocolate was delicious no different to any other name brand chocolate I've even tasted, great quality for a great price.
      We had a little taste of everything and they were all yummy except the Marzipan treats as we are not fans of it but some people may like it, we all have different tastes.

      Choceur Flame Egg- £2.99, 350g- For a touch of luxury, Aldi's Choceur Flame Egg is a real treat this Easter. Perfect for sharing, the high quality chocolate egg is enclosed in decadent gold foil and has a selection of delicious milk and white chocolates at the centre - a chocoholics heaven.

      Choceur Marzipan Egg - 69P, 100g - This luxurious marzipan and milk chocolate egg is a real Easter treat that is ideal for the adults. Three different flavours: classic marzipan, rum and raisin and hazelnut praline.

      Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Eggs - £1.29, 180g - Aldi's individually-wrapped milk chocolate mini eggs contain a popping candy surprise that will be a hit with kids. Available in strawberry and milk cream flavours.

      Dairyfine Mini Bunnies/Eggs - 59p, 70/90g - Treat your little ones to net of individually-wrapped milk chocolate mini eggs or milk chocolate bunnies.

      Choceur Marzipan Mini Eggs - £1.49, 200g - Try Aldi's milk and dark chocolate covered marzipan mini eggs - great for chocolate lovers looking for something a bit different.

      Choceur filled Mini Eggs - £1.49, 200g - Aldi's luxurious filled chocolate mini eggs are individually wrapped and, with five delicious flavours to choose from,

      Dairyfine Hollow Easter Treasure- 99p, 100g - Keep your little chicks entertained over the holiday with these fun chicks, bunnies and eggs, which are perfect for creating the ultimate Easter egg hunt.

      Dairyfine solid Easter Treasure - 99p ,100g - For a fun alternative to an Easter egg hunt, hide these chocolate treasure instead - they are available in chicks, lambs and bunnies.

      Choceur Decorated Easter Bunny - £1.99 each- Aldi's delicious decorated chocolate bunny is a premium product without price tag- an Easter gift that will have kids hopping with excitement, but wont break the bank.

      Choceur Chocolate Bunny - 99p, 120g - Enjoy the finest Choceur Chocolate Bunny from Aldi, available in both milk and dark chocolate.
      Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Bunny - 79p, 125g - This yummy chocolate bunny is a perfect Easter gift, and at less than half price of big brands, is a little luxury for less.

      Dairyfine Beanie Bunny - 99p, 100g - Aldi's cute chocolate beanie bunny contains fun coloured chocolate beans, Young children will love shaking the bunny to try and guess what treats are inside.

      Dairyfine Hollow Chocolate Bunnies - £1.79, 250g - These hollow milk chocolate bunnies are individually-wrapped - perfect for Easter egg hunts and great for sharing.

      Dairyfine Bunny Lollies - 99p, 8-pack - These fun lollies are just the thing for little ones this Easter. You can choose from the classic variety, or have the best of both worlds with a milk and white chocolate option.

      Dominion Easter Marshmallows - 99p, 225g- If you want a non-chocolaty sweet treat, try these fun and fluffy marshmallows - the kids will love them.

      Indulge this Easter with Aldi's range of great value sweet treats, which are perfect for all the family.
      Whether it,s Easter egg hunts with the kids, luxury chocolate eggs for Dad or cream mini eggs for Mum - Aldi has it all at a fraction of the price of the big name brands.

      Saturday 24 March 2012

      Dentinox Teething Toothpaste


      Dentinox Teething Toothpaste- Gentley cleans baby's first tooth- and soothes sore gums too

      New teeth are a big event for baby and for you, but they can bring problems too. They can be tricky to clean (especially if baby’s reluctant), and their arrival can make baby’s gums sore.
      Dentinox has the answer: new improved Dentinox Teething Toothpaste.
      It’s a really gentle toothpaste made especially to clean and care for brand new teeth. It comes complete with a unique Fingertip Toothbrush which you wear on your finger to make brushing much easier and more pleasant for baby.
      And as it cleans, it soothes too. Dentinox Teething Toothpaste contains clove oil, a natural essential oil to help ease the pain of teething.

      About Dentinox Toothpaste
      • Clove oil to help ease pain
      • Comes with an easy-to-use fingertip brush
      • Sugar-free with fluoride
      • Pleasant tasting
      • Suitable for babies from 0-2 years

      About New Teeth

      • Occasionally, children are born with one or more teeth. Other children may not develop any until they are more than a year old.
      • Six months is a common age for the first tooth to appear. It often pops through in the middle of the bottom gum.
      • Some babies go through teething with little fuss, while others find it painful.
      • Most children will have all of their milk teeth by the time they are two and a half years old.
      Here at Mums Diary we was sent Dentinox Toothpaste to try for Davina now aged 18 months, Davina currently has four front top teeth and 4 bottom front teeth, she has two back teeth growing either side of her mouth so we have been trying Dentinox Toothpaste just before she goes to bed as this seems to be the time her teeth give her trouble. The first time I used Dentinox on Davinas teeth she decided to bite me right by my nail as I was removing my finger, so I don’t think she like me using the fingertip brush very much, she did think she was funny and decided to have a little giggle when i yelped, The fingertip brush is only made out of a rubber type material so when she bit me it did hurt a little.
      I have now decided its much easier to use her toothbrush which also does the job and i dont have to be bitten. I personally think the fingertip brush will be much better for little ones with no teeth or maybe just one or two, Other than that ive noticed Davina is sleeping so much better no we use Dentinox so it seems to being a great job.

      Petite Harumika Dress Design kits

      Here at Mums Diary we was sent a Petite Harumika dress making fashion set for my daughter Michaela to try she had hours of fun creating different outfit designs, Michaela found it really easy to make the dresses, she also takes it everywhere with her even on the bus when were travelling, I think its a great accessory for girls and gives me something new to buy Michaela for birthdays and Christmas so she can collect more fabrics as you can then mix and match your materials, creating many more great designs.
      The great thing about Petite Harumika is theres no needles or stitching involved making dress making safe and easy for young children.

       You can style your manikins on the go with the petite Harumika Glamour, Party and Star set from Bandai.
      You can pretend to be a top fashion designer with these mini mannequins.
      To create your designs you simply wrap and fix the materials onto the model.
       Each set comes with lots of fabrics to choose from and you can even turn the ring holder around and decorate it to make a necklace.

       Each set is interchangeable so you can mix and match your designs.
      They can be clipped onto your bag to create a stylish bag accessory or they can be used as a pencil top


      Harumika is aimed at young girls and is immensely popular with budding fashionistas. Its simple design technique is easy to pick up and provides hours of creative fun.Young designers can now make miniature dress forms using Petite Harumika and take their fashion designs with them everywhere. There isno sewing, no scissors and no glue! All the materials and accessories are reusable so the possibilities are endless.
      Each Petite Harumika set includes a 7cm miniature dress form on a key chain with a stylus tool, one piece of pretty material, four accents and a sheet of gem stickers for decoration. There are three Petite Harumika sets to collect – Party, Romantic & Celebrity. Once created, the Harumika dress forms can be attached to bags, clothes or used as pencil toppers. Girls can even share them with their friends as a token of friendship.
      The Petite Harumika sets are £7.99 each and are suitable for children aged 6+.

      One of the cleverest kits around, it provides hours of fun, we all loved it! Highly Recommended.

      Carnation rice pudding with Marsala Poached Plums

      Rice pudding with marsala poached plums
      For the rice pudding
      • 1 pack of Carnation Rice Pudding instant dessert mix
      • 275 ml semi-skimmed milk
      For the plums
      • 150ml (¼pt) Marsala wine
      • 1tsp arrowroot mixed with 1 tsp water
      • 150ml (¼pt) water
      • 25g (1oz) caster sugar
      • 9 plums, halved and stoned
      • 2 cinnamon sticks
      1. Preheat the oven to 180°C, 350°F, Gas Mark 4.
      2. Mix together the Marsala, arrowroot, water and sugar. Place the plums in a large ovenproof dish and pour over the Marsala mixture. Add the cinnamon sticks and poach, uncovered, in the oven for about 40 minutes. Turn the plums once during cooking.
      3. Heat Carnation Rice Pudding instant mix with milk in the microwave or on the hob for 5 minutes, according to package instructions. Leave to stand for 5 minutes.
      4. Serve up a generous helping of rice pudding with the warm plums.

      We will be trying this recipe very soon !!

      Christmas Hamper Competition

      Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la With Christmas just around corner I want to give one of my followers a little Christ...