Saturday 24 March 2012

Nestle Carnation - Rice pudding



A modern way to serve a traditional favourite - Nestle Carnation unveils new Rice Pudding range

Nothing compares to a mouth-watering bowl of traditional rice pudding. Brits just can’t get enough of this sweet treat, which is one of the UK’s top ten desserts. But if you want the real thing, making it from scratch can take a long time.
This is why Nestlé Carnation, the experts in all things creamy tasting and delicious, are launching a new range of scrumptious rice puddings, which taste just like homemade, but can be prepared in just 10 minutes.

The Nestlé Carnation Rice Pudding range showcases four varieties - Original, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Caramel. 
Each packet contains a dessert mix, which transforms into a creamy tasting, homemade dessert by simply adding fresh milk, whisking and heating in the microwave or on the hob.
The different varieties in the Nestlé Carnation Rice Pudding range taste great on their own – but you can also try adding fruit, a spoonful of homemade jam or even a few chocolate sprinkles as a treat. Or try using Nestlé Carnation Evaporated Milk to create an even creamier tasting pudding.
The range is free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and sweeteners. The Original, Cinnamon and Caramel varieties are also low in fat.1 Each pack contains enough rice pudding to make two servings, and has an RRP of 79p per sachet.

We was sent two yummy flavours to try Original and Chocolate, We have never tried Chocolate rice pudding before so this was a first for us, my son Callum doesn’t like rice pudding but decided he would have a try too and compared to the Original rice pudding he really did enjoy it.  I thought the rice pudding was really easy to make and very tasty too just add you rice pudding mix into your sauce pan, then add your milk whisk away leave to stand off the heat then whisk some more and serve Yes !! it’s that simple and delicious too. I think it was creamy with just the right balance of chocolaty flavour so it wasn’t to over powering, which I think can leave you feeling sick and bloated.  We also added a few chocolate shavings to the top of our rice pudding to add a little detail.
We now prefer Nestle Carnation rice pudding, its much tastier than those we have tasted from tins.

Nestlé Carnation Rice Pudding perfectly complements the existing Nestlé Carnation dessert range.
  This includes ingredients to make homemade desserts, Nestlé Carnation Condensed Milk and Nestlé Carnation Caramel.
Plus, Nestlé Evaporated Milk and Nestlé Cream, which are ideal as toppings for desserts. Each product acts differently and can sweeten, thicken or add creaminess to many desserts.
Further information on the Nestlé Carnation range can be found at


  1. Mmmm me and the kids love rice pudding but we mostly have the plain one. I often make it myself but it takes ages in the oven! I think I might give these packet puds a try as they sound quick and easy to make! Did you just use a hand whisk in the pan?

  2. Hi the grest thing abolut Carnation rice pudding is you can make it as thick as you like, i used sauce pan and a hand whisk and kept stiring, then simmered an stired then took of the hob left for 5 mins whilst stiring occasionally this allows rice to soften, was really easy as i normally end up buring or haveing things stick top my pan but not this time :) we will be trying the plain one soon :)

  3. These can also be done in this microwave instructions are all on the pack to help x

  4. Thanks Kirsty - I'll get some tomorrow and let you know how I get on! Thanks for the review and advice - I wouldn't have known about it otherwise!

  5. I always keep a couple of packets of this in the cupboard, I love the cinnamon one but our girls prefer the original, we usually put it in a big bowl and then the 3 of us just tuck in when we're curled up on the sofa. I'll always love rice pudding done in the oven but the packets are really hard to resist!

  6. Just wanted to update you - D E L I C I O U S !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much! Me and the kids loved this rice pudding - I bought 2 original,2 chocolate and 2 cinnamon. I love cinnamon so I had that one and my four children had the chocolate - and they all loved it. Two of my children also tried the cinnamon and liked that too so smiles all round at tea time! You are right - it is so easy to make so will stock up and keep some in the cupboard!

    Your recipe for Carnation Rice Pudding with Marsala Poached Plums sounds good too - bet caramalised strawberries would also taste nice with a dollop of cream! Yummy! Thanks so much - you are a star!


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