Saturday 24 March 2012

Petite Harumika Dress Design kits

Here at Mums Diary we was sent a Petite Harumika dress making fashion set for my daughter Michaela to try she had hours of fun creating different outfit designs, Michaela found it really easy to make the dresses, she also takes it everywhere with her even on the bus when were travelling, I think its a great accessory for girls and gives me something new to buy Michaela for birthdays and Christmas so she can collect more fabrics as you can then mix and match your materials, creating many more great designs.
The great thing about Petite Harumika is theres no needles or stitching involved making dress making safe and easy for young children.

 You can style your manikins on the go with the petite Harumika Glamour, Party and Star set from Bandai.
You can pretend to be a top fashion designer with these mini mannequins.
To create your designs you simply wrap and fix the materials onto the model.
 Each set comes with lots of fabrics to choose from and you can even turn the ring holder around and decorate it to make a necklace.

 Each set is interchangeable so you can mix and match your designs.
They can be clipped onto your bag to create a stylish bag accessory or they can be used as a pencil top


Harumika is aimed at young girls and is immensely popular with budding fashionistas. Its simple design technique is easy to pick up and provides hours of creative fun.Young designers can now make miniature dress forms using Petite Harumika and take their fashion designs with them everywhere. There isno sewing, no scissors and no glue! All the materials and accessories are reusable so the possibilities are endless.
Each Petite Harumika set includes a 7cm miniature dress form on a key chain with a stylus tool, one piece of pretty material, four accents and a sheet of gem stickers for decoration. There are three Petite Harumika sets to collect – Party, Romantic & Celebrity. Once created, the Harumika dress forms can be attached to bags, clothes or used as pencil toppers. Girls can even share them with their friends as a token of friendship.
The Petite Harumika sets are £7.99 each and are suitable for children aged 6+.

One of the cleverest kits around, it provides hours of fun, we all loved it! Highly Recommended.

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