Thursday 29 March 2012

Im a mummy who loves to cook !!

My own homemade chicken curry !!

I'm a mummy who loves to cook !! Ever since i was a little girl, i would always sit and watch my mum prepare our dinner, i just loved learning new and exciting recipes that were easy an quick to prepare. I love to cook casserole's, spaghetti, bolognese, lasagne's and also curries, My winter favourite is Beef stew with dumplings. 
I love cooking meals from scratch i find it tastes so much fresher and tastier than frozen meals, don't get me wrong if i've had a busy day and haven't found the time to prepare something i will just grab something out the freezer like fish finger, pizza or sausages i think it just doesn't taste as great as freshly prepared meals. I'm looking for lots of new idea and recipes to try for me and the child as i feel there's just so much out there i just haven't tried yet.
 I love my slow cooker no only does it cook my food it also keeps my food warm its just what a busy mum needs, you prepare your meal put it on a slow cook and go about your day just as your normally would.
So far i have used my slow cooker for beef stew, chicken casserole and chicken curry and oh boy does it work wonders, the food not only tastes delicious its so moist and tender.
 I won my slow cooker when i was on holiday in Great Yarmouth i collected  600 tokens and came home smiling as I've always wanted one, i am so glad i chose it as its now my new best friends and i just cant live with out it.
I am not aiming to try newer products like like doughnut makers, bread makers and many more.

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