Monday 19 March 2012

Quinny Yezz: Positive & Negative points !

Quinny Yezz !

Points on why the Yezz was great !
  1. Quick and easy to fold and unfold with one hand.
  2. Light and easy to push when your in a rush.
  3. Folds down really small and fits in small compact spaces you wouldn't even know it was there.
  4. The Yezz is a great pushchair for cars or public transport, it will fit nicely in your boot with lots of room for shopping too.
  5. Easy to clean
  6. Davina loves her Yezz she has nots of arm room and her feet fit nicley on the foot rest.
  7. Has a back pocket which i use for my purse, Davinas juice and a nappie a wipes.
Points that weren't so great about the Yezz !
  1. Once i took Davina out of the Yezz i had her screening and crying as she didn't want to got back in she would arch her back so i couldn't get her straps done up, I would never take her out of the buggy near roads or train platforms as she will run, so if there is plenty of space on train or bus you can just wheel you pram on, less tantrums and less stress of trying to get your child to go back in.
  2. The Yezz is no good on escalators, it was fine going down as the back wheels would sit on the step but going up the front wheels balanced on the step and the bars were in the way so the back wheels wouldnt touch the step, now i know buggies shouldn't even be used on the escalators but that's all our train station have that lead you up to the town centre, there was also steps but after all the tears and tantrum's i had getting Davina back into the Yezz i most certainly wasn't going to a tempt getting her out again.
As we all know the Yezz is built for the city and public transport and its easy to fold and unfold when needed, its also has a elastic carry strap so it can be carried on your back to leave you hands free or if holding a child you will have one hand free but the thing us mums struggle with the most shopping we all know once we go shopping we have loads of bags to carry we don't want to be taking our children out of the buggy those bags are heavy enough. Theres no basket on the Yezz or handles to help give us mums a helping hand and take some of the weight of those heavy bags so why is the Yezz made for the city where everyone loves to shop.

I now only use the Yezz when i know I'm not going to struggle with shopping or if i can afford to catch a taxi then i can fit the Yezz nicely in the taxi with all my shopping bags. I think the Yezz is a great pushchair but for mums who love to shop its not very ideal unless you have someone to carry your shopping.

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