Monday 27 June 2011

Our Fudgy Bear Review

Meet Fudgy a truly lovable bear !

My children were so excited when i told them Fudgy was coming to stay at our house. They wasn't sure who or what Fudgy was so that made it even more exciting i left it as a surprise for when he arrived.
When Fudgy did arrive the children was surprised Fudgy was a bear but not only was he a bear hes a bear who has been on his very own exciting adventures.
We have all fell in love with Fudgy since the moment he arrived he has also been on many more adventures since being with us.
Fudgy has been on a very exciting adventure to nursery with my four year old daughter Michaela who has not let her new best friend leave her side.
Fudgy spent the day with Michaela at her school playing in the sand, riding bikes and painting pictures they had lots of fun.
Fudgy also sat at story time with all the children at Michaela's school while the teacher read Fudgy went to the zoo. 
My son Callum loves to sit with my youngest daughter and Fudgy and read his story's to her with i think is very cute hes such a lovely big brother.

Fudgy is a 32cm bear with the softest cuddly fur to snuggle up to.Fudgy is instantly recognisable given that his name is embroidered onto the pad of his right foot. He also has an adorable golden bow tie with his name also printed on.
Fudgy is a beautiful golden brown bear, has studded black eyes, a big black hand stitched nose and mouth, the softest paw pads and hand stitched claws.
He is also suitable for ages from birth and has passed
He has passed rigorous safety tests and complies with European safety regulations.
Fudgy also came with a lovely
bag and two of his fun adventures they were
 Fudgy goes to the farm, Fudgy goes to the zoo.

(This is the lovely bag that came with Fudgy)

These books books were designed also by Sarah they have lovely bright and colourful pictures which show Fudgy and his wonderful adventures.
My children love reading and looking at the pictures they keep them entertained on a daily basis.
My children and i are looking forward to reading many more of Fudgys adventures.
I think Fudgy is good value for money starting at 18.95 and his book are just 5.99 each, you can also go to there website were they have some fantastic deals.
I would recommend Fudgy for any family he truly is a lovable bear.
Fudgy gets a 10/10 from us.
Why not head to there website and purchase your very own Fudgy at

Friday 17 June 2011

Michaelas teddy bear picnic trip to sutton park

         Our fun day out on a teddy bear picnic !

Today my 4 year old had a trip to a park near where we live, she went with all her friends and teachers from nursery which made it fun. I was also able to go with her to so she was really excited.
We got to nursery in the morning had register and the of we went to get the train the whole nursery was going on this trip so we took up the whole street on our way to train station.

Here's Michaela and her teddy bear Bella on the train traveling to the park to have there picnic. When getting to the park the teachers took the children to feed the duck Michaela found it exciting as this was her first time i think we will go feed the ducks more often.

Here's Michaela feeding the duck it was really windy but also fun, it was nice to see Michaela laughing and giggling when the ducks pecked at each other fighting for her piece of bread she threw down for them.
After feeding the ducks we walked back towards the picnic area where the children then sat down to eat there lunch with the teddies. The children then went to play on the swing ad climbing frame. Michaela's favourite was the swings look at her big smile.

After a very long play we headed back to the train station all the children where very tired but they all had a wonderful day and Michaela cant wait to go again.

Sunday 12 June 2011

Our HiPP Organic Review

                  My daughter Davina's HiPP Review

I was so happy when i was chosen to review the HiPP Organic baby foods as my daughter was currentley having  the cow and gate jars and we wasn't having much luck with that. Davina loves the HiPP Organic HiPP jars from 4+months as she finds them easy to swallow, we had 6 different flavours to try these were:

Vegetables with rice & chicken dinner
Sweet parsnip & potato puree 
Spaghetti bolognese
Apple & cranberry breakfast
Apple & blueberry dessert
Mango & banana melba
Each jar is:
* Gluten free
* No added sugar- fruits contain natural sugar
*No added milk products
*Suitable for vegetarians
*No GM or preservatives
*Contains 1 portion of fruit
HiPP use finest organic ingredients which are picked at the peak of ripeness & individually steam cooked to give your baby delicious baby food bursting with goodness & flavour.

Davina enjoyed all these flavour and i have continued to purchase Hipp baby food because my daughter enjoys there wide variety of flavours.  I was also given a jar of stage 2 baby food which is form 7 months old which was pasta italienne with ham, Davina found this one really tasty and a bit more filling so we could save half of the jar to have for dinner the next day.
                      Heres Davina enjoying her Hipp dinner.

I was also sent four 6+ months wholesome pots which are i found very handy with out and about as the come in pots that are shaped like bowls and they also have lids. The wholesome pots are are prepared with the utmost care and the finest ingredient's also picked at the peak ripeness. They have been gently steam cooked to give delicious flavours that's bursting with goodness. These pots are textured which i found was great as there was no big lumps so Davina found it very easy to swallow but could also got use to chewing.

These pots need require microwaving or hob preparation which i found very quick and easy.
Davina was so happy when her Hipp delivery arrived she couldn't wait to get stuck in.

I would recommend HiPP organic baby foods my daughter has enjoyed them and will continue try all the new flavours to come. Davina has also tryed the new duet baby jars made by HiPP. Why not try them your baby may like them too.

Theres a wide range of HiPP product on the website why not take a look at

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