Tuesday 8 December 2015

Super Stocking Fillers for everyone #Secret #Santa

Struggling for secret Santa ideas this year? Stocking filler is here to help!  stocking filler have a huge selection of fun Secret Santa gifts that are guaranteed to raise a smile, whether you’re giving something that’s practical and a little bit silly or downright absurd! Secret Santa gifts are meant to be fun, so we’ve made sure our range is packed with laugh out loud silliness

Stocking filler's have put together the quirkiest set of secret Santa gift ideas that all fall within the strict budgets usually imposed on such things. So make things easy and fun at the same time by getting your secret Santa gifts from us!

Bring the cinema sensation of popcorn to your home

 Bring the cinema sensation of popcorn to your home without the eye watering price tag that usually comes with each bag of the crunchy delight. Simply pour popcorn kernels into the classically designed machine and turn it on. Wait for the hot air to magically convert the kernels into tasty puffs of corn and then take them out - simple as that! We love popcorn with movies, especially when it's this cheap to produce.
  • Make cheap popcorn at home
  • Popcorn machine with classic popcorn vendor design
  • Mains powered
  • Machine 39cm tall

 Inside the ingenious box are plant seeds, a compost pellet and a terracotta pot - everything required to get growing.
  • Pot, 5cm
  • Plant seeds
  • Compost pellet

 The chores never end in the expansive Crawley family home of Downton Abbey, something you'll soon find out in the official Downton Abbey board game! Taking on the role of a maid or footman, players pick up cards that call them to perform chores in specific rooms. Roll the dice, move your token towards the room, and collect your points when you get there. But things are never that simple! Along the way you may pick up urgent letters that call you away from the abbey, or Carson might have something to say that either helps or hinders you along the way. This is a brilliant themed adaptation of the game Destination and is perfect for both Downton Abbey and board game fans alike.
  • Official Downton Abbey board game
  • Adaptation of classic game Destination
  • Based on award winning British TV series
  • Large game board depicting Downton Abbey
  • Play as a maid or footman
  • Complete jobs to get points
  • Carson cards and letters help or hinder play
  • For two to six players
  • Game board 69.5cm wide

These gummy sweets are cooler than Olaf's carrot nose because their design is inspired by the hit Disney film Frozen. Open the box and you'll find a treasure trove of strawberry and blue raspberry gummies, each one shaped like a snowflake or crown. This treasure trove of tasty treats is fit for any snow queen or princess (and even features Elsa and Anna on the box!)
  • Gummy sweets inspired by Disney's Frozen
  • Box features Elsa and Anna on front
  • Strawberry and blue raspberry flavour
  • Sweets shaped like snowflakes and crowns
  • 70g
  • Box 15cm wide

  A wide variety of Stocking fillers and gift ideas to suit every one here

Monday 7 December 2015

Hawkin's Bazaar Pocket money stocking fillers

Ever remember as a child not having much money but wanting to join in with the Christmas spirit by buying presents for friends and family and not being able to afford expensive gifts (I know i do). 
Hawkin's Bazaar have a website where you can buy stocking fillers as little as £2 and under perfect for those who have a piggy bank full of pocket money. 

With over 270 pocket-money toys in there range  there's some thing for everyone . Hawkin's  toys start from as little as 10p and remain affordable even up to the top of our range, so we know you’ll have a budget to suit.

For those Frozen fans out there 
Gummy sweets inspired by Disney's FrozenBox features Elsa and Anna on front
Strawberry and blue raspberry flavour Sweets 
shaped like snowflakes and crowns
for as little as £3.00

If your children are like mine and love balloons here Eight party balloons 

Digiowl with Trunk- Lacey 

  • DigiOwl and tree trunk playset
  • Comes with Lacey the DigiOwl
  • Whistle and owl sings, blow and it hoots
  • Opens mouth, swivels head and flaps wings
  • Light-up LED eyes
  • Distinctive pattern on belly
  • Tree trunk set includes flower and leaf
  • Sings in unison with other DigiOwls, DigiBirds, DigiChicks and DigiPenguins
  • Over 55 songs and tweets
  • Several to collect
  • Batteries included
  • Owl 7.5cm tall
  • £11.99 was £15.00

Why not take a look at their stocking fillers on their website >>  here
or visit their store if you have one near you. 

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