Thursday 10 November 2016

Halloween at Warwick castle

On the 22nd October we had a family day out at Warwick castle having not been there before this was a new experience for us. We had been talking bout going a few times but never got round to it, I was extremely excited when the opportunity to review our experience at Warwick castles Halloween spectacular. 

On the day we took a forty minute drive from our home it really wasn't that far at all and very easy to find. On arrival we was greeted by a lovely lady who gave us a map of the castle and where to pick up our tickets.  The staff at Warwick castle were very pleasant and polite to my partner and I and child friendly, there were members on the staff dressed up as characters.
We entered the castle grounds to find the Horrible history maze made up of  tall bushes, at the start there were little leaflets were the children had to collect stamps from around the maze having then found all the stamps they would then need to take it to the shop to collect their prize.

(A pop it badge prize for completing all five stamps in the Horrible History maze)

Once we found our way back out the maze we took a walk towards the castle where we saw a man shooting arrows and talk about the castles history, the children found this very entertaining. 
We then took a tour of the inside of the castle i expected it to be cold and spooky but it wasn't the rooms were warm and nicely decorated there were quite a few artefacts from many years back.


In one room there was Henry the eighth and his wives where a member of staff was talking about the history of Henry the Eighths life and why he had so many wives.

Having taken a tour around the castle we headed back outside where we found some snack bars I thought were rather pricey for their meals having such a large family we would have been better of taking a packed lunch, other than that we had a good time the children enjoyed them selves. 

There was so much going on through out the day from 10am you could spend the whole day there which mad it worth every penny. There was story time in one part of the castle, the dungeons which was a extra cost of £9.00 but we didn't go in the dungeons as it may have been to scary for the little ones. 

Having been our first time at Warwick castle I would say it was a very good experience for myself and the children, I just think the food and drinks could be a little cheaper and if parking is a little on the expensive side at a price on £10 pounds. 
The castle its self was well looked after and he staff were very pleasant so we would give Warwick castle 

Disclosure: We received a family day out at Warwick castle in returned for our honest opinion 

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