Thursday 31 October 2013

Birds eye #Halloween meal suggestions

Birds Eye has commissioned food artist, Georgina Besterman, to create a selection of frightening food serving suggestions to help mums get their kids to the teatime table.

We was sent a few vouchers to try and recreate some of these spooky but yummy looking Halloween meals our selves, we manage to create three of the dishes the pictures below are our creations do they look good.

We was sent recipes with ingredients and instructions on how to make each dish don't they look great !

There were four dishes but we could only find the ingredients for three of the dishes. Michaela aged 7 made the Witch, Mummy made the Bat and Callum aged 10 made the Ghost. We had so much fun making them especially on a special day like Halloween the kids loved adding a little Spookiness to their meals. They said it made their Halloween fun and I had three happy children who cleared their plates.

Halloween Bat

What you will need:
Birds Eye Chicken Space Shapes
Birds Eye Garden Peas
Birds Eye Field Fresh County Mix
Birds Eye Field Fresh Very Fine Green Beans

How to make your own scary serving suggestion:
Body: place two Birds Eye moon shapes facing each other with a star balanced on top
Face: use one carrot disk out of the country mix and place two peas on it for eyes, a strip fine green bean for his mouth and two shards of cauliflower for his teeth
Wings: Slice a Birds Eye potato waffle diagonally in half, and placed on either side of the carrot face  to look like wings
Legs: sticks of green beans with claws cut from carrot disks

Halloween Ghost

What you will need:
Mashed Potato
Birds Eye Chicken Space Shapes
Birds Eye Garden Peas
Birds Eye Field Fresh Country Mix

How to make your own scary serving suggestion:
Body: flatten mashed potato and spread to as indicated  
Eyes: two Birds Eye peas placed on the mash potato for the eyes
Mouth: place a one carrot disk out of the country mix sliced on the mashed potato for the mouth
Background: use two Birds Eye Chicken Space Shapes for the moon and star and peas dotted between them

Halloween Spider

What you will need:
Birds Eye BBQ Chicken Bites
Birds Eye Garden Peas
Birds Eye Field Fresh Very Fine Green Beans
Birds Eye Field Fresh County Mix
Carrot Sticks
Mashed Potato

How to make your own scary serving suggestion:
Cobweb: spread the mashed potato out thin into a cobweb shape and with a fork and gently scrape in lines to create the cobweb design
Body: place three Birds Eye BBQ chicken bites in a pile
Face: use one Birds Eye BBQ chicken bite with eyes made from peas and teeth form carrot stick shards
Legs: cut carrot sticks into diagonals to make joints
Fly: the body consists of half a Birds Eye BBQ chicken bite with eyes of two peas, wings of carrot slices from country mix and legs of green bean strips
Background: peas dotted around

Halloween Witch

What you will need:
Carrot Sticks
Birds Eye Chicken Dippers
Birds Eye Garden Peas
Birds Eye Fish Fingers
Birds Eye Potato Waffles

How to make your own scary serving suggestion:
Outline: carrot sticks
Eyebrows: carrot sticks
Mouth: a single carrot stick
Eyes and nose: Birds Eye chicken dippers with pupils of peas and carrot
Warty skin: peas
Brim of hat: Birds Eye Fish Fingers cut in half
Pointy hat: cut one Birds Eye potato waffle cut into a diagonal and put back together as a triangle

Friday 25 October 2013

HARIBO's new Trick or Treats #review

No Tricks, Just Treats from HARIBO this Halloween

HARIBO has brewed up something magical for this spooky season; an entire range of themed treats  perfect for every Halloween occasion whether that’s trick or treating, parties or something tasty for you to share with friends. This exciting range now also includes three new delicious items to keep your little beasts at bay. 
Newly crafted from HARIBO is the Trick or Treat Mega Box featuring mini bags of Horror Mix. These Mega Boxes, available from Asda, contain 50 individual mini-bags of Horror Mix - spooky themed gums and jellies that create a delicious bundle of treats for all those wizards and witches that knock at your door. 
The range also includes HARIBO’s Halloween Party Bucket. Available in Tesco, this cauldron of delights contains 40 mini-bags of Halloween themed goodies. Also available in the bucket are a selection of terrifying extras that will get any Halloween party started. These include a suggestion of scary games, petrifying glow-in-the-dark stickers and a medley of bloodcurdling invites. 

If that wasn’t enough, HARIBO have also created something completely new for you and your friends to sink your teeth into - Fangtastics. Available in 200g sharing bags from Tesco, Fangtastics have that same great ‘tang’ flavour found in Tangfastics, but this time with a bit more bite! Also great for parties, this themed pack is perfect to tip into bowls for sharing.

We love HARIBO's here at mums diary so when we was asked if we would like to review the HARIBO Trick or Treat box and Party Bucket we just had to say yes, HARIBO'S new Fangtastics sharing bag are mummies favourite, mummy doesn't like sour sweets but the Fangtastic have just a little tanginess to them with just enough sweetness for my taste buds. Callum, Michaela, and Davina  love all the little Halloween theme Mini packs there's just enough sweets in each pack to satisfy each child. We have also saved lots of the sweets for when the Trick or Treaters come Knocking.

Barbie and her sister in a pony tale DVD #Review

SADDLE UP this October WITH Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale

Join Barbie™ and her sisters on the equestrian adventure of a lifetime, in the latest Barbie™ DVD and Blu-ray out on 28th October 2013

Set in the enchanting surroundings of a riding academy in the Swiss Alps, Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale, tells the delightful story of friendship between the sisters and their new pony pals, and is available on DVD and Blu-ray from 28th October 2013.
Full of horses and ponies galore, the sisters embark upon a holiday of a lifetime where Barbie™ discovers a mysterious wild horse deep in the woods.  Suddenly their visit becomes truly magical as they meet a wonderful new friend and enjoy a holiday full of fun!

Watch as Barbie™ searches for the horse of her dreams to bring back to show all of her friends in Malibu.  Meanwhile sisters Stacie™ and Chelsea™ enjoy showing off their amazing equestrian skills, whilst Skipper records all of their adventures in her journal!
If you’re a Barbie fan looking for fun and adventure, you will be sure to find it with Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony TaleThe DVD and Blu-ray is available to pre-order now and contains special features and bonus material.
Michaela aged 6 is a huge fan of Barbie and has really enjoyed watching Barbie's new DVD which is due to be released very soon. Michaela's favourite parts were where Chelsea got her nibbled by a pony who liked marshmallows, Chelsea used marshmallow shampoo in her hair which the pony thought was Marshmallow.
 Michaela also loved the part where Barbie found a very beautiful pink and white pony called Majestic, Michaela thought Majestic was an special pony because she could jump very high. There are some funny parts in the story that will have the adults laughing too I know I had a little giggle. If you’re a Barbie fan looking for fun and adventure, you will be sure to find it with Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale. 
Both my girls aged 6 and 3 have enjoyed watching all of Barbie's dvds so far they watch them together in bed on their portable DVD players before going to sleep at night. Barbie caters for all ages young and old, I have also enjoyed watching it having been a Barbie fan since I was a young girl.
We give Barbie & her Sisters in a pony tale 5/5

Monday 21 October 2013

Halloween with Wilko


Pleasing demanding ‘trick or treaters’ and hungry party guests can be quite a scary experience, so why not make it fun with these spine tinglingly great Halloween baking accessories from Wilko? 
The value home and garden retailer has a fang-tastic range of products starting from as little as £1.  From bat shaped cookie cutters, to ghostly baking moulds and spider shaped cake holders, visitors are guaranteed to be well and truly ‘spookified’!

Also at Wilko there are a wide range of party treats, decorations, adults and childrens fancy dress costumes. Why not visit your nearest store or look online at : 

Thursday 17 October 2013

New ! Birds Eye BBQ Chicken Bites #party #review

Out of this world Tea Time !

Fed up with feeding the kids the same meals at teatime ? Need some quick and fun inspiration ? Birds Eye is on hand with their New 100% chicken BBQ bites, these tender breaded chicken pieces have a  mild and sweet BBQ flavour.
Each pack contains 16 pieces , 335g at just £2.69
Here at mums diary we was kindly asked if we would like to host a little 'Cow boy theme' party to introduce the delicious Birds Eye BBQ bites and give our honest opinion on what we thought of them:
We was sent a party pack which included:
·         Invites
·         Menus
·         Cowboy themed party tablecloth
·         Cowboy themed napkins
·         Cowboy themed plates
·         Clarence the Birds Eye polar bear key rings
·         Birds Eye vouchers to buy the Chicken Space Shapes and accompanying food i.e. peas etc.
Once the party pack arrived I wrote and sent out the invites to the my children's friends who they thought might like to come and try the new BBQ bites with us. I was sent vouchers to go and collect the BBQ bites including accompanying food. With the vouchers I managed to get 2 packs of BBQ bites, 2 packs of Birds eyes new Space shapes, 1 pack of Birds eye hash brown waffles, Birds eye potato waffles, Birds eye petit poi's, Birds eye Crispy chicken dippers. After spending the morning cooking the party food was already to go the children couldn't wait to get tucked in.

Above is a picture of our Birds eye BBQ chicken bites 'Cowboy themed' party one thing missing from the picture was the Birds eye potato waffles which were still cooking in the oven. Each child got a plate, napkin, a Birds eye polar bear key ring which the was able to take home.
Birds eyes new BBQ bite were a real hit at our party the plates were empty within minutes. Everyone of the children at the party had a taste of the BBQ chicken bites first of all so I could get their opinions they all said they were delicious and very yummy and the would definitely like them again for their dinner.
A lot of chicken products I have cooked before have ended up dry on the inside including the outside, but not the BBQ bites they were really tender and moist on the inside and the outside making them more enjoyable to eat.
Below is a picture of the Birds eye BBQ bites don't they look Yummy !

Also Available from Birds Eyes are the New Chicken Space Shapes !

New Chicken Space shapes- the perfect solution for hungry little astronauts.
The tasty chicken space shapes, in the shape of a star, moon and rockets will make teatime a blast for kids !
And Mums can be reassured they will be serving good quality food as they are made with tender 100% chicken breast and are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Birds eye Chicken space shapes come in packs of 14, 350g for just £2.69

I can honesty say at first I thought the prices were a little high for the amount of pieces you get in each bag but the quality and tenderness of the chicken is worth every penny, I will definitely be buy these in our weekly shop as they have had a huge thumbs up from my children and they really would like them for tea again.

Happy child equals a happy mum !

We give Birds eyes BBQ bites a big 5/5 for great quality

Monday 7 October 2013

Hallmark Bigsby Story Time Buddies #review


BIGSBY Story time buddy


We was sent Bigsby one of Hallmarks cute and cuddly story time buddies to review, my girls have had so much fun reading, playing and cuddling with Bigsby they have welcomed him with opening arms.
When reading the book you will notice a few sentences that are highlighted in red this is where Bigsby will interact in the story he will say a few words once he you have ended the sentence out loud. 
When reading with Bigsby you do need to sit in a quite room with no back ground noise to enable Bigsby to follow along with his part
.Davina aged 2 has fell in love with Bigsby she even carries around the house where ever she goes hold im by the hand.

Both my girls love playing with Bigsby and they give him a huge 5/5 for being super cuddly.

Below are a few pictures of Bigsby and the girls enjoying their story time:

Make Story Time All The More Magical With New Toy Technology
The Adorable, Affordable Gift That Brings Stories To Life
Hallmark, the UK’s leading greeting card company, is promising to make story times all the more magical with its range of new and exclusive interactive Story Buddies.
Perfect for bonding with loves-ones, each soft and cuddly Story Buddy comes with its own story book and uses an innovative playback technology that prompts the toy to speak and join in once the trigger passages are read aloud.
With each new page a new response is revealed, bringing both the character and its stories to life. It’s an experience that any tiny tearaway will treasure time after time and promises to make reading together a far more engaging and entertaining educational pastime.
What’s more, as the Story Buddy costs just £19.99, it’s not just an adorable gift but an affordable one too; providing magical moments the whole family will enjoy.
Hallmark has also developed a free downloadable app suitable for use on iPhones and iPads, to accompany the Story Buddy range.  The app includes a short animated story about each character, as well as puzzles and games to enjoy. Each story can be played aloud through the app’s internal narrator or recorded by a loved one to add a personal touch to the tale.
Tamsyn Johnston-Hughes, PR and CSR Manager at Hallmark Cards, said: “The Story Buddy range is a fantastic addition to our collection and, at under £20 per character, it is sure to be a big hit with this year’s Christmas wish lists.
“With over 100 years’ experience in helping people connect with each other, we’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to bring friends and family together and our new Story Buddy toys are perfect for just that. By combining such a traditional and important pastime with the latest in interactive technology, we can give our customers a completely new story time experience that we hope the whole family will enjoy.”
Priced at £19.99 Story Buddies are available in Hallmark stores and on 

Franglais Kitchens SKI Dessert Style Yogurt Lemon Cheescake Cake Bites, with Lemon Basil Syrup and Berries #recipe

Here is a yummy recipe which uses a new Ski yogurt instead of butter to make some deliciously light cake bites. It has been created by the food blogger behind Franglais Kitchen who won a competition run by Ski to create a recipe using their products

SKI Dessert Style Yogurt Lemon Cheescake Cake Bites, with Lemon Basil Syrup and Berries
Makes 24 Cake Bites
3 medium eggs
225g Caster Sugar
100g Ground Almonds
100g Self Raising Flour
225g Ski Dessert Style Yogurt in Lemon Cheesecake flavour
Grated zest of 2 lemons

Juice of 2 lemons
60g caster sugar
1 basil leaf

Preheat the oven to 170C.
Grease 2 mini muffin tins. (There is no butter in this cake so be sure to grease the baking tin well so it releases easily. You could also use cupcake cases to make life easy).
Place the eggs and caster sugar in a large bowl and beat with an electric whisk till the mixture is pale and thickened (makes trails with a spoon). This takes about 5 minutes.
In a separate bowl mix the flour and almonds together.
Gently fold the Ski Dessert Style Yogurt in Lemon Cheesecake and lemon zest into the eggs using a spatula.
Then stir in the flour/almond mixture. Try to keep as much air in the mixture as you can so avoid over stirring.
Use a tablespoon and teaspoon to dispense the batter into 2 mini muffin tins (these need to be well greased).
Bake for around 20 minutes or until lightly browned and a skewer inserted into the cake bites comes out just about dry.
Whilst they are baking, heat the lemon juice, a torn basil leaf and the sugar in a small pan over low to medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Remove the basil.
Once the cakes are ready, carefully remove them from the tin onto a cooling rack.
Prick the cakes with a fork and then use a teaspoon to drizzle them with the lemon basil syrup.
Top each with berries and dust with icing sugar.

50 years of Dairy expertise lead to 2 brand new SKI Taste Experiences launching in September
New Ski Dessert Style Yogurt: Tangy Lemon Cheesecake with biscuit crunch // New Limited Edition Ski Fruits of the Forest Mousse
The experts at Ski know a thing or two about fruit yogurt – after all they were the first to serve yogurt with real fruit pieces back in 1963.  Now they’re changing the rules of yogurt, once again, by combining the fruity attributes of creamy tasting, low fat yogurt with some of the nation’s favourite desserts: a limited edition series of Ski Dessert Style Yogurts, kicks off with new Lemon Cheesecake flavour.
The tangy, refreshing citrus flavours of real lemon in Ski Dessert Style Yogurt are infused with crunchy biscuit pieces, evoking the taste sensations of decadent lemon  cheesecake. Each low fat serving (1g fat in 120g pot) contains 92 calories.
Ski Dessert Style Yogurt  Lemon Cheesecake flavour is fantastically satisfying on its own, poured over fresh fruits or as a delicious addition to more elaborate desserts that will wow family and friends.
Ski Dessert Style Yogurt  Lemon Cheesecake flavour will be available in Asda and selected Tesco stores from September.  It is presented in 4 x 120g packs with a recommended retail price of £1.59.
Mouth Watering Fruits of the Forest in One Taste and Texture Sensation

In response to our insatiable love affair with luscious, fruit desserts, the fruit mad experts at Ski unveil a Limited Edition series of Ski Mousses, kicking off with new Limited Edition Ski Raspberry Mousse with Blackberry Sauce.
There’s not much Ski doesn’t know about fruit dairy treats – after all, it’s celebrating 50 years of innovation in 2013.  New Limited Edition Ski Raspberry Mousse with Blackberry Sauce involves a unique swirling technology it has invented to create a seamless infusion of Blackberry sauce with a fluffy and creamy tasting raspberry mousse.  The result: a gorgeously light yet indulgent, sorbet-style taste sensation with 77 calories per serving.
The new Ski Limited Edition series has been launched following the success of tropical and decadent Ski Coconut Mousse with Chocolate Sauce and the popularity of duo Ski Mousse Lemon with Meringue Style Sauce and Strawberry Mousse with Strawberry Sauce - both of which hit the British, everyday dessert scene last year.
Limited Edition Ski Raspberry Mousse with Blackberry Sauce will be available from September in Tesco and Sainsbury’s outlets nationwide.  It is presented in 4 x 59g packs with a recommended retail price of £1.39.

Christmas Hamper Competition

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