Wednesday 16 March 2016

Exciting announcement !!

Where excited to announce we have a new addition coming to our family in September, Baby number 5 is due September 10th 2016. please follow my pregnancy journey over the new few months. April 2nd we will be going for a private gender scan and will be announcing the gender of our baby.

Please feel free to guess the gender in the comments below lets see how many of you guess right :)

Look out for my next pregnancy up date

Its a PASS !

I just wanted to share my news with all my followers as I'm feeling very pleased with my self ! Over the past few weeks I have been taking my driving lesson which are going really well even though I was very nerves I have done 4 lessons, I'm enjoying them. Saturday 12th March my partner had booked me in for my theory test I was dreading it, scared I would fail I didn't want the disappointment. Any way I took the test and left the room  my heart beating so fast I felt I was gonna faint but didn't, I got passed my results to find I had PASSED well done me a first time pass who would have thought it.
The pressure has gone I felt so relived the hardest part was over not to just continue with my lesson before I book in for my driving test.

Highlights of our year so far - 2016

The proposal

Our 2015 ended on a happy note we had a wonderful family Christmas, Katelyn having her first Christmas and my partner proposing to me on Christmas day next to the Christmas tree.

Our break away 2016

On the 31st of January we took a family break down to a Blackpool pleasure beach, despite the very cold and windy weather and snow we have a great time. We book a hotel on the sea front which had a lovely view of the sea from our window.
We was unable to go on the beach as the sea was in and current was very strong but I'm sure we will revisit this summer so the children can have a paddle.
A lot of Blackpool was closed as it was out of season but that didn't stop us enjoying ourselves we still managed to go to a few arcades and Madame tussauds which was a very first interesting experience.  

Many more to come through out this year !

How has your 2016 been so far ? Been any where nice ?

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