Wednesday 25 January 2012

Review & Give away Organix Goodies Organic veg and oat bars

Review - We was sent a box of organix oat bars to try 
As parents we all like to give our children a healthy start to life, so Organix have come up with a healthy no junk snack that will keep your little ones happy in between meal times.
The new Organix Goodies organic veg & oat bars are a tasty savoury snack which are made with dried tomatos and carrot juice concentrate with the goodness of whole grain oats, which means no hidden nasties.
These tasty healthy oat bars are a great alternative to crisp, biscuits or sweets ,they are gently baked and packed with goodness.

The packaging is very bright and eye catching so its easily noticed by us mummy's or daddies, making shopping so much easier.
Each box contains 6 bars & are suitable from 12 months 

My daughter Davina 1 years old cant really tell me her thoughts on the bars but a happy child and an empty wrapper shows it all. I feel so much better knowing she is eating something that is good for her and will help to give her a healthy start. We will be stacking our cupboards with healthy Organix goodies snacks from now on, we have tried a few of Organix ranges which Davina also like the Organix goodies crisps are her favourite and are sold at a great price too. 

Giveaway - If you would like to try Organix savouries snacks you can win 1 of 2 boxes from the lovely people at Organix you can enter through the raffle copter below

Sunday 22 January 2012

Dance Party Wii Game Giveaway

I'm holding a give-way for all my lovely followers and new followers, So if you would love the chance to win this fun Dance party game full of exciting pop hits you can enter today its simple.

If you love dance games this is great for you, i also think its a great way to keep fit or keep the kids entertained.

          Simply Enter by using the raffle copter below 

Monday 16 January 2012

Funny how flowers do that ?

I received a lovely email from a guy called Jack asking if i would like to receive some flowers, I have never receive flowers from anyone not even when i was in a relationship. So this made me smile i jumped at the chance and said yes please. 
Two days later i had a lovely bouquet of flowers arrive, i felt so special and it brightened up my day they were so beautiful and smelt gorgeous, a lovely gentleman delivered the flowers he was very kind and polite.

We all buy flowers for special  occasions Valentines, funerals, birthdays and many more but did you know there doesn't always need to be an occasion to buy someone flowers, it would be nice to be able to send someone you love flowers to show them how much you love and care for that special  someone in your life or even just to brighten up your home add a little life and colour to your room. 

I was sent these beautiful flowers as a thank you for promoting such a wonderful campaign at 'Flower Council of  Holland who are based on a website called Funny how flowers do that ?, they are looking and all kinds of reason to give a out beautiful flowers. 

If you would like a chance to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers for you or someone special Why not head over to their website at upload a picture under the days title you are entering and they will choose 10 people  a day to win a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, yes its that simple. 

You too can put a smile on someones face.

Sunday 15 January 2012

How were doing !


My son Callum is 8years old and such a cheerful child he has his up days and his down days since losing his grandad (my dad ) in August 2010 just before his baby sister Davina was born, we never know how our children actually  cope or even understand the meaning of losing some one close to you, some one you spent most your life with. I worry alot about how losing my dad has effected Callum some nights i hear him crying and all i can do is comfort him as i try not to let Callum see me cry too. Callums doing really well at school, he has many friends and is learning to play the guitar he brings it home every Thursday to practise, he is really good and I'm so proud of him. Callum is my only son and we've had a really great bond since he was born, i find every morning i wake up Callum is snoring next to me hes my baby boy and love him so much. Callum loves playing his IPAD hes has from school and his ps3, hes growing so fast i cant keep up. I remember Callum was 2 he loved Thomas the Tank engine now he likes batman spider man. Callums a lovely big brother to both his sister hes always playing with them even girls toys too he he. That's it from me i can go on forever so look out for more posts on Callums Journey through life.


Michaela is now 5 years old, she started her Reception class in September which was a very big step from nursery as she loved her nursery teacher Becky, Michaela has settled in really well  she has lots of friends a few of them went to the same nursery so this helped her settle a little better know a few of he other children's faces. Michaela was really happy when she heard she would be able to see her big brother Callum at her new           school this mad it less scary.
Michaela is a very clever little girl in nursery she was in the gifted and talented group as she was understanding work a year a head of what she is. She learns really quickly and remember a lot of thing, 
Michaela is now learning to read and write her first and now he last name too she loves to count, say all her letter sounds and read.
She is such a happy beautiful little girl and has her daddies blue eyes I'm so proud of her and love her very much.


Davina is the youngest in our house , the little bundle of joy she never with out a smile on her face, since the day she began to walk she into absolutely everything.
She  is now 1 years old and  has 6 teeth  that she has found the liking to bit any thing she can even people  (tut tut). Davina enjoys dancing to music she hears weather its a musical toy or television advert, she even shouts at the TV this makes me giggle.  Davina is such a happy little girl and mommy's loves her lots.

So there so go my little bundle of joys are doing well and were enjoying 2012 so 
Hows your year going so far and thing nice happening in your life ?

The Gorgeous Pink Hybrid Quinny Yezz !

Our gorgeous Pink Hybrid Quinny Yezz arrived a  few days before Christmas and i must say it was the best present I've had in years, I was so excited when i received an email from Quinny letting me know it would arrive any day now, i was like a big kids jumping around screaming and i was so happy i felt the need to cry.
I thought to my self me a Quinny caster, to me it was unbelievable until the day it finally arrived , i have never owned a Quinny pushchair before its just amazing, i just could never  afford one I was really jealous to see people in the streets with theirs one day dreaming i would own my very own never seemed real.

Every morning i woke up i kept walking back and forth to the window looking for a delivery van to drive down my road, When he did arrive my heart was beating like crazy, i was bursting with excitement. I signed for it said a quick thank you to the delivery man closed the door and ran to the living room like a child at Christmas he he its a real good job no one could see me i would have felt embarrassed.
I was expecting some big box to arrive but it wasn't it was really small, i opened the box to find a small black frame and a very  bright pink seat, i absolutely love the colours really stylish but also girly too.
I took all the part out of the box and took a quick look at the instructions i always like to make sure i now I'm doing it right. Putting the Yezz together was pretty easy took less than 5mins really, I must state before attaching the seat to the frame you must leave the frame partially unfolded to enable you to reach the clips that attach to the frame. Once all clips have been attached you can then unfold your buggy completely by holding the handle bars and using your foot you push down the lock this will lock the frame  in to place and your ready to go.

We have taken our Yezz on shopping trips, bus journeys and in a taxi. I must say its made my life so much easier being a single mum of three can be hard work. I found bus journey's so much easier, where we live west Midlands travel have now changed their rules, they only allow two unfolded pushchairs on board the bus if another pushchair wants the travel they will need to carry their child and fold their pushchair down. Now being a single or any mum travelling alone this can be a daunting job especially if you in a hurry to fold your pushchair down and all you can hear is people huffing and moaning for the bus to get moving again. Now this is where the Quinny Yezz comes in you can have your child out of the pushchair in your arm and fold your pushchair down within minutes,This is because its so easy to fold and light weight to carry you can just throw it over your shoulder using the carry strap that is attached to the back of the frame.

I found the Yezz lovely to push is felt smooth and just glided making the pushchair feeling light even with Davina aged one sitting in it, I found it didn't hurt my arms or back unlike most of the pushchairs i have tried which is great. I don't put bags on it as i have been advised not to so if i go shopping i get it delivered making life so much easier and less bags to carry.

The Yezz frame uses IXEF, a high performance glass fibre compound, making the frame ultra-light and extremely strong.

The seat of the Quinny has excellent adventure surviving qualities, sturdy polyester which is rip- and abrasion-proof, colourfast and water and stain resistant.

Few pictures below

(Easy carry over shoulder strap )

(Foot rest )

Davina sitting comfy

(Storage pocket at the back of the seat)

(Hidden button to fold pushchair down)

(Pushchair folded down)

(Rear view )

(Very manourvrable unique skate wheels )

We love our Quinny Yezz look out for many more reviews to come soon please leave a comment if their is any thing you would like to know or you can take a look at Quinnys facebook pages for more updates from 

All Quinny Pushchair accessories are sold separately 

Monday 9 January 2012

Review:Snapfish online photo printing

I was kindly given the opportunity to review a great site called Snapfish, 
Snapfish are an on line company where you can create your own photo albums, calender's, key rings and much more, you can do this by creating an account and simply uploading your photographs to their site they will then print them and deliver them to you once they have been processed and printed their site is very easy to use with quick and easy steps to help guide you. You can even upload pictures straight from your facebook account how amazing is that.

Snapfish are a great company who have great offers and a wide range of products to choose from
mugs,birthday cards, calender's and a variety of photo books.

I was kindly asked if i would like to do one of their popular products a  photo book and a calender, photo books start from a price of £4.99 to their largest hard back at £39.99.
Snapfish calenders have a variety of different styles so their prices vary. 

I found it fun looking and choosing which theme i liked best and what styles its nice to be able to create your own style photo album rather than going to the shop and just picking one up of the shelf.
Its really easy to create your a photo book, You simply click the upload button and add all the photos that you want to be printed in to your album . You can add as many photos you like
and store them in separate folders.
Once your photos are uploaded you simply click on the product you want Photo book, Calender etc  you then click Go , You can either add all the photos you have selected into the book in one go or you can place them one by one you're self this allows you to choose which order you would like your photos. You can even add writing to your pages this could be names,dates things you might like to remember. You can then choose your design and front cover and choose all the different themes, writing styles,margins,spacing, colour options, place your pictures in different positions and many more settings.
When making your calender you can choose your own themes, styles and size of your calender, you can choose your starting date of any month in the year.Customise your dates add photos to those date for example say your son or daughters birthday is on July 16th you can add a photo to that date.
Once your order is complete you then fill out the order form to purchase your products .You will then receive confirmation of your order and information saying they will be delivered within 3 to 5 working days and posted out to you at home.
I couldn't wait to receive mine to see how they turned out, i was so happy when i finally got to take a look and I'm very happy i got the opportunity to try Snapfish they are a great company and do an amazing job at making your photos look wonderful at just click of a button.

For my Photo book i went for a onyx black 7"x5" everyday photo book with 22 pages black pages  I love it, it looks great I'm really proud of it.The pictures turned out beautiful and glossy. For the calender i chose a forever friends theme, then i chose a keyring as i had a little change left over.
Here are a few photos of my fabulous Snapfish products

I took theses with my phone so they are a little blurry.
I'm definitely using Snapfish again so much easier then using those machines in the photo shop now i can order them in the comfort of my own home.
Snapfish get a whopping 5 out of 5 from me x

Friday 6 January 2012

My Video that i was chosen to be Quinny,s 20th Caster

On the 3rd of December i was chosen to be Quinny's lucky 20th Caster, Quinny asked everyone to send in a video of your favourite Quinny Pushchair. I thought to my self how do i make a video of a Quinny i don't have, so i decided to use stand still pictures and created my own video from scratch. I was so shocked to receive and email saying i had been chosen to be Quinny's 20th Caster, i never thought i would be chosen. My video took nearly a hole day to put together, multi tasking with three children too.

 Here's my Quinny video.

Thank you so much Quinny !!!

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Review: Pink Chillies

A few weeks ago I was asked to review some fab products from the loveLy people at Pink Chillies, for those of you who has not heard about Pink Chillies they are a company who produce amazing products for charities and when a product is sold 10% of the money goes to the charities. Pink Chillies have now launched a fabulous new brand offering children, teenagers and adults the opportunity to own and collect a variety of their amazing products these include stationary, bags and badges featuring their lovable elephant character whilst supporting elephant based charities.

 I was sent a lovely long handled pink canvas  tote bag featuring 'Aditi' in all her glory, I must say when it I arrived I fell in love with it straight away the cute elephant design is just adorable. The bag its self is well made and the design is perfect worth every penny this gorgeous bag is priced at just £8.99 plus 10% of it goes to charities.

I was also sent a 'Aditi' Pocket mirror this gorgeous mirror is very handy and is a perfect size to fit in my hand bag it is designed with a picture of a cheeky 'Aditi' and comes in a black organza bag which I thought was lovely and ideal if you was to send it as a gift to someone special. I would have liked it to have a lid that flips over so you could close it to keep the mirror protected,  I worry I will crack it. But I think for a price of £4.99 it's a bargain especially when 10% goes to a good cause.

 My mum is a big fan of elephants she loves them that much she's collected loads of different products. I will definitely be purchasing some of Pink chillies fabulous products so she can add them to her collection.
We are all big animal lovers here at Mums diary of three wonderful children and we love our new collection of  Pink Chillies products and we cant wait to collect more and add to our collection.

Why not take a look at their website where you can find many more of Pink Chillies wonderful products and help a good cause today.

Pink Chillies truly supply the perfect gifts for all those kind and loving animal lovers.

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