Sunday 15 January 2012

How were doing !


My son Callum is 8years old and such a cheerful child he has his up days and his down days since losing his grandad (my dad ) in August 2010 just before his baby sister Davina was born, we never know how our children actually  cope or even understand the meaning of losing some one close to you, some one you spent most your life with. I worry alot about how losing my dad has effected Callum some nights i hear him crying and all i can do is comfort him as i try not to let Callum see me cry too. Callums doing really well at school, he has many friends and is learning to play the guitar he brings it home every Thursday to practise, he is really good and I'm so proud of him. Callum is my only son and we've had a really great bond since he was born, i find every morning i wake up Callum is snoring next to me hes my baby boy and love him so much. Callum loves playing his IPAD hes has from school and his ps3, hes growing so fast i cant keep up. I remember Callum was 2 he loved Thomas the Tank engine now he likes batman spider man. Callums a lovely big brother to both his sister hes always playing with them even girls toys too he he. That's it from me i can go on forever so look out for more posts on Callums Journey through life.


Michaela is now 5 years old, she started her Reception class in September which was a very big step from nursery as she loved her nursery teacher Becky, Michaela has settled in really well  she has lots of friends a few of them went to the same nursery so this helped her settle a little better know a few of he other children's faces. Michaela was really happy when she heard she would be able to see her big brother Callum at her new           school this mad it less scary.
Michaela is a very clever little girl in nursery she was in the gifted and talented group as she was understanding work a year a head of what she is. She learns really quickly and remember a lot of thing, 
Michaela is now learning to read and write her first and now he last name too she loves to count, say all her letter sounds and read.
She is such a happy beautiful little girl and has her daddies blue eyes I'm so proud of her and love her very much.


Davina is the youngest in our house , the little bundle of joy she never with out a smile on her face, since the day she began to walk she into absolutely everything.
She  is now 1 years old and  has 6 teeth  that she has found the liking to bit any thing she can even people  (tut tut). Davina enjoys dancing to music she hears weather its a musical toy or television advert, she even shouts at the TV this makes me giggle.  Davina is such a happy little girl and mommy's loves her lots.

So there so go my little bundle of joys are doing well and were enjoying 2012 so 
Hows your year going so far and thing nice happening in your life ?

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