Monday 9 January 2012

Review:Snapfish online photo printing

I was kindly given the opportunity to review a great site called Snapfish, 
Snapfish are an on line company where you can create your own photo albums, calender's, key rings and much more, you can do this by creating an account and simply uploading your photographs to their site they will then print them and deliver them to you once they have been processed and printed their site is very easy to use with quick and easy steps to help guide you. You can even upload pictures straight from your facebook account how amazing is that.

Snapfish are a great company who have great offers and a wide range of products to choose from
mugs,birthday cards, calender's and a variety of photo books.

I was kindly asked if i would like to do one of their popular products a  photo book and a calender, photo books start from a price of £4.99 to their largest hard back at £39.99.
Snapfish calenders have a variety of different styles so their prices vary. 

I found it fun looking and choosing which theme i liked best and what styles its nice to be able to create your own style photo album rather than going to the shop and just picking one up of the shelf.
Its really easy to create your a photo book, You simply click the upload button and add all the photos that you want to be printed in to your album . You can add as many photos you like
and store them in separate folders.
Once your photos are uploaded you simply click on the product you want Photo book, Calender etc  you then click Go , You can either add all the photos you have selected into the book in one go or you can place them one by one you're self this allows you to choose which order you would like your photos. You can even add writing to your pages this could be names,dates things you might like to remember. You can then choose your design and front cover and choose all the different themes, writing styles,margins,spacing, colour options, place your pictures in different positions and many more settings.
When making your calender you can choose your own themes, styles and size of your calender, you can choose your starting date of any month in the year.Customise your dates add photos to those date for example say your son or daughters birthday is on July 16th you can add a photo to that date.
Once your order is complete you then fill out the order form to purchase your products .You will then receive confirmation of your order and information saying they will be delivered within 3 to 5 working days and posted out to you at home.
I couldn't wait to receive mine to see how they turned out, i was so happy when i finally got to take a look and I'm very happy i got the opportunity to try Snapfish they are a great company and do an amazing job at making your photos look wonderful at just click of a button.

For my Photo book i went for a onyx black 7"x5" everyday photo book with 22 pages black pages  I love it, it looks great I'm really proud of it.The pictures turned out beautiful and glossy. For the calender i chose a forever friends theme, then i chose a keyring as i had a little change left over.
Here are a few photos of my fabulous Snapfish products

I took theses with my phone so they are a little blurry.
I'm definitely using Snapfish again so much easier then using those machines in the photo shop now i can order them in the comfort of my own home.
Snapfish get a whopping 5 out of 5 from me x


  1. I always thought about doing one of these, never got round to it maybe it would make a nice present for fathers day or something this year :)

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