Sunday 15 January 2012

The Gorgeous Pink Hybrid Quinny Yezz !

Our gorgeous Pink Hybrid Quinny Yezz arrived a  few days before Christmas and i must say it was the best present I've had in years, I was so excited when i received an email from Quinny letting me know it would arrive any day now, i was like a big kids jumping around screaming and i was so happy i felt the need to cry.
I thought to my self me a Quinny caster, to me it was unbelievable until the day it finally arrived , i have never owned a Quinny pushchair before its just amazing, i just could never  afford one I was really jealous to see people in the streets with theirs one day dreaming i would own my very own never seemed real.

Every morning i woke up i kept walking back and forth to the window looking for a delivery van to drive down my road, When he did arrive my heart was beating like crazy, i was bursting with excitement. I signed for it said a quick thank you to the delivery man closed the door and ran to the living room like a child at Christmas he he its a real good job no one could see me i would have felt embarrassed.
I was expecting some big box to arrive but it wasn't it was really small, i opened the box to find a small black frame and a very  bright pink seat, i absolutely love the colours really stylish but also girly too.
I took all the part out of the box and took a quick look at the instructions i always like to make sure i now I'm doing it right. Putting the Yezz together was pretty easy took less than 5mins really, I must state before attaching the seat to the frame you must leave the frame partially unfolded to enable you to reach the clips that attach to the frame. Once all clips have been attached you can then unfold your buggy completely by holding the handle bars and using your foot you push down the lock this will lock the frame  in to place and your ready to go.

We have taken our Yezz on shopping trips, bus journeys and in a taxi. I must say its made my life so much easier being a single mum of three can be hard work. I found bus journey's so much easier, where we live west Midlands travel have now changed their rules, they only allow two unfolded pushchairs on board the bus if another pushchair wants the travel they will need to carry their child and fold their pushchair down. Now being a single or any mum travelling alone this can be a daunting job especially if you in a hurry to fold your pushchair down and all you can hear is people huffing and moaning for the bus to get moving again. Now this is where the Quinny Yezz comes in you can have your child out of the pushchair in your arm and fold your pushchair down within minutes,This is because its so easy to fold and light weight to carry you can just throw it over your shoulder using the carry strap that is attached to the back of the frame.

I found the Yezz lovely to push is felt smooth and just glided making the pushchair feeling light even with Davina aged one sitting in it, I found it didn't hurt my arms or back unlike most of the pushchairs i have tried which is great. I don't put bags on it as i have been advised not to so if i go shopping i get it delivered making life so much easier and less bags to carry.

The Yezz frame uses IXEF, a high performance glass fibre compound, making the frame ultra-light and extremely strong.

The seat of the Quinny has excellent adventure surviving qualities, sturdy polyester which is rip- and abrasion-proof, colourfast and water and stain resistant.

Few pictures below

(Easy carry over shoulder strap )

(Foot rest )

Davina sitting comfy

(Storage pocket at the back of the seat)

(Hidden button to fold pushchair down)

(Pushchair folded down)

(Rear view )

(Very manourvrable unique skate wheels )

We love our Quinny Yezz look out for many more reviews to come soon please leave a comment if their is any thing you would like to know or you can take a look at Quinnys facebook pages for more updates from 

All Quinny Pushchair accessories are sold separately 

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