Tuesday 31 May 2011

Soda Stream Machine Review

Your home soda factory

I was sent this lovely bright limited edition soda machine by the lovely company SodaStream. I was so excited when they replied to my comment i had posted on there wall. When they replied say they would love me to review one for them i was a happy and excited i couldn't wait to get started. To be honest i never knew  could make your very own fizzy soda at home and i must say home made is much more delicious and refreshing.
When my soda machine was delivered it was such a surprise as i wasn't told which model i would be receiving so it was exciting. I received this lovely bright lime green and white JET Limited Edition model and i absolutely love it very pleased with it. This machine retails at around £59.99 on there website http://www.sodastream.co.uk/.
I was sent :
* Lime green Soda Machine
*A gas cylinder
*A reusable carbonated drinks bottle

The drink machine i received was very easy to set up and the user manual was very handy. Before using the machine i had to follow a few simple steps to set it up.
1st  step was to remove drink bottle by unscrewing it very easy.
2nd step Remove back cover this is so you can insert the gas cylinder into the drinks maker this allows you to add the fizz to your drink.
3rd step Replace back cover and fill drinks bottle to the fill line stated on the bottle allow to chill.
4th step Screw bottle into drinks maker as shown and press the carbonating button in short presses 3 buzzes will produce a standard fizz addiontal press will make a stronger fizz.
5th tilt bottle and unscrew , you then add the carbonating flavour of your choice to do this you must tilt the fizzy water and add the flavour slowly otherwise it may fizz up every where he he.
So as you can see its very simple and easy just a few simple steps and you have your very own delicious fizzy drink.
I was also sent two yummy flavours to try Tonic and sparkling lime which myself and my children have found very delicious and refreshing. There are also a wide variety of flavours to choose from you can purchase these online or at your local Asda they cost around £3.00 each per bottle. Our sodastream has saved us so much money we no longer have to buy bottles or cans of pop weekly, we can now make our own in just a few seconds. There are also many more different models of soda machine and there prices vary depending on type of machine you purchase these can be found on there website at http://www.sodastream.co.uk/ why not take a look.
We love our new soda machine and cant wait to purchase many more of there variety flavours, i also have my 8year old son birthday party coming up so our drink machine will become very handy with all them thirsty children he he.
Here it is a few photos of my SodaSteam Review :

(This is when i took the back cover of to insert the gas cylinder)

                (The fizzy water after adding the gas)
                                       (Our delicious sparkling lime )
 (wouldn't you like to enjoy very own fizzy drink made by your self and share with your family and friends)

You too could enjoy a lifetime of refreshment with your very own SodaStream home drinks maker
*Ready in seconds, no clean-up
*Endless variety of flavours-regular, diet,cocktail mixers
*Great value- save money everyday
*No lugging or storing of soft drinks from the supermarket
*No empty bottles and cans to recycle or throw away

SodaStream is an environmentally aware company that ccontributes positively to our planet.

I was not payed to do this review an i have stated my honest opinion

Monday 30 May 2011

Sunday 15 May 2011

Silent Sunday !

          Davina's Silent Sunday shes such a good little girl !

Friday 13 May 2011

I have another giveaway its a 200g box of Cadburys Milk Tray


Mmmmmm These chocolates are very yummy !

How would one of you like to win these delicious chocolates i know i would. Well I'm giving this box away to one of my lucky followers, so if you would like to be in with a will need to chance off winning them you complete the following steps below good luck everyone !

First step you will need to follow my blog and leave a comment below saying you have done so.

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Thank you and good luck

The giveaway ends on Sunday 22nd May at 9pm
Only open to the UK as i will be paying the postage
Winner will be picked at random
Thank you and good luck.

Giveaway now Closed !
Winner chosen by random.org is @bevleek
Well done Hun.
Thank you everyone who entered sorry if you didn't win t
there will be more giveaways soon x


Awwww how gorgous are these !

Today my 4 year old daughter Michaela was really excited to go to nursery this morning, as the Nursery had been given some eggs to hatch in an incubator by a local farm.
The Nursery are doing school project on some chicks what a wonderful treat for the children.
When Michaela finished nursery a couple of the eggs where starting to crack so we new it wouldn't be long before we could see the pretty yellow chicks.
We arrived at Nursery the next morning to find several of the chicks were here they hatched over night.
We could only see them through the class room window at first but then one of the teachers ran to the door to tell us another chick was hatching and the children could go and watch it was amazing, all there faces lite up what a wonderful experience it was.
Look at these little cutes!

Awww i really want one they are so cute and fluffy !

Yummy Nakd Bars Review

My Nakd Bars Review !

I was kindly offered to try these yummy Nakd bars which was new for me as i have never tryed them before.  I was sent three different flavours from the nudie collection they were ginger bread, cocoa delight and berry delight all three were delicious.
My two children wanted to try them too so we decided we would cut them in to pieces.

The first bar we tryed was the Berry delight which was made with 49% raw dates 31% raw cashews 17% raw raisins and 3% raw raspberries with a hint of natural berry flavour we enjoyed this one very much.
Our second bar was Cocoa delight this bar was made with 48% raw date 29% raw cashews 17% raw raisins and 6% cocoa with a hint of natural chocolate flavour this bar was my favourite i could have ate more.
The third bar we tasted was the Ginger bread bar which was made with 48% raw dates 32%raw almonds 18% raw pecans and Ginger, cloves & cinnamon this bar was my sons favourite.
All these bars are gluten, wheat and dairy free and are 1 of you 5 a day.
Each bar is cold compressed never baked.
They are also sugar and syrup free.

Saturday 7 May 2011

My Daughter Michaelas bulid and play review from Meccano

      Meccano Triceratops Review

My daughter was kindly sent a build & play triceratops dinosaur from Meccano to review, Michaela was very excited and wanted to get stuck in right away. First of all i would like to tell you a bit about the toy it has 40+ pieces which are very easy to assemble. All the new Build and Go range are made from a new flexible plastic with click in parts. Each set comes with a plastic screw drive which is very safe for the little ones as this set is for ages 5-8 years old.  The set we had you could not only build one model but 2 there are also 2 bonus models on the box that can be built. 
Michaela wanted to build the Triceratops which she found very easy as the instructions was really easy to follow. As you can see in the picture below she concentrated very hard to assemble the pieces together.

Michaela took half and hour putting her dinosaur together using her hand eye co-ordination skills. Build and play toy are fun and enjoyable my daughter has loved every minute building and playing with hers.Michaela was very proud of her self after building it all by her self. Definitely 5 stars from me and my children.

   You can purchase your very own build and play toy they have a wide range to choose for every age group prices vary visit there website at http://www.meccanouk.co.uk/ .

You can also Follow them on Twitter or Facebook

My son Callums Meccano review

           Build you're very own racing car !

My eight year old son Callum was sent this Turbo racing car to build and play. Callum was so excited when he saw what had been delivered he couldn't wait too get started. This is an excellent toy for a boy Callums racing car looked so cool when it was finally built.

This set had 90+ pieces but some of the pieces were very tiny so we had to be careful not to drop any so we emptied all the pieces into the carry case which was very handy.The box also states this product is for ages 7 -14 years old. We had a look at the instructions to see you can make to different racing car designs so i let callum choose which one he would like to make.  We found the instructions very easy to to follow they also stated which piece you needed in stages.
Callum enjoyed making his racing car he couldn't wait to show everyone, I did help him when he found something a little difficult which was not very often.
This took Callum an hour to make as you can see Callum did not mind he enjoyed every minute, he has also asked if he can have another one for his birthday so i can tel he loved it.
I will definitely buy more of theses toys in the future and recommend them to my friends and family.
These building games are a lot of fun and a good way to builds your children's hand eye co-ordination.
Meccano has 5 stars from me and my son .

Here is a picture of Callum racing car finished !

You can find more of Maccanos wonderful products on there website at http://www.meccanouk.co.uk/
You can also Follow them on Facebook or Twitter

Sunday 1 May 2011

Our Swing Ball Review

Its Sports Time with a game of swing ball !

Today my two children Callum and Michaela enjoyed playing with our new outdoor swing ball they had so much fun. First of all we had to assemble the set together which was quick and easy it took about 5minutes.You can have hours of fun with this fantastic Swing ball set. Included in the box was a set of instructions which was so easy to read my eight year old could understand them too.
Included in the contents was:
2x Rackets
1x Pole with a metal spiral and spring clip
2x Extension poles
1x Ground spike with a cap for safety
1x Tennis ball with an attached string for tying to the clip
For ages 5+

The instructions explained in steps numbered 1 to 7 they also show detailed pictures of the pieces which are required for each step. Swing Ball is suitable for all the family to play and is a great way of developing hand to eye co-ordination.
My children love there wing Ball Sand had hours of fun playing, the Swing Ball is a family fun game which can be played by 1 or 2 players which is good as you may not always have someone to play with .
My eldest said "Mom this is great i would love to play this everyday". My five year old daughter would love to have an indoor one not possible I'm afraid. Callum and Michaela found the Swing Ball very easy to use i would recommend it to any family.

You can purchase your very own swing ball set at http://www.argos.co.uk/

Prices start from £16.99

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