Sunday 18 March 2012

Quinny Yezz Mission 3

Mommy & Davina Traveling with the Quinny Yezz !

For the past week I've been really busy creating my Quinny Mission 3. Our mission was to use the Quinny Yezz to travel on public transport, So we had to catch either a bus or train then show our viewers how easy it would be to fold and unfold the Yezz whilst holding our child and bag at the same time, well the Yezz was made for these kind of situation's. Here's how we got on.

We took a lovely stroll to the train station.

I love how the Yezz is so light to push compared to any other buggies I've had no more bad back or sore arms, the Yezz just glides along.



I found it really hard to get pictures in town as its always so busy and people constantly got in my photo and video shots so i couldn't post them I'm afraid as i don't want to get in trouble.

I think theres no need to take your children out of the pushchair unless necessary.
Most times theres plenty of room to wheel your pushchairs on.

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