Monday 22 April 2019

My Fairy Garden #Review #Gifted

Grow delicious microgreens in your very own Magical Fairy Kitchen Garden !

Heres a little story about fairy Fenn before we tell you what we thought of My Fairy Garden ! 

Fairy Fenn is from marshlands, so she loves looking after plants that grow in damp conditions, such as microgreens.

She will feel completely at home looking after your kitchen garden ! 

 Over the past week Katelyn has been trying out this cute little edible Magical fairy garden set that you can grown from your windowsill. Katelyn just couldn't wait to get started she loves planting all kinds of seeds. Inside the box we found 

  • Windowsill planter 
  • Fairy Figure ( called Fenn)
  • Garden Fence with Gate
  • Fairy House and roof
  • Pea Shoot seeds
Before Katelyn could plant her seeds we had to put Fenn the fairies house together along with the fence, this didn't take long at all we just followed the simple instructions provided. Once the that was done we could fill the planter with compost ready for the pea seeds which we had left in water for 6 hours as requested to do so by the instructions. We have now placed the Fairy Garden in a warm, dark place and watering in daily. We will post a follow up post soon as the pea shoots begin to grow. This really is the exciting part for Katelyn as she finds it fascinating how things grow. 

Katelyn and I have found My Fairy Garden quick and easy to use with very helpful instructions to point us in the right direction as I have to hold my hands up and say I never have planted seeds since my school time which was quite some time ago now. 

TO Be continued !!!

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