Sunday 31 March 2019

#MeatMatters Challenge with Brit Mums

Those who know me well will know the one thing I love most is to cook, I love being in the kitchen making my family a healthy meal making sure they get all the goodness they need to grow strong. 
I'm a busy mum of 5 so quick and easy meals are something I use quite often with 5 hungry mouths to feed the moment we walk in the door after picking up the children from school.
One of the favourite meals in our house we have at least once a week is beef spaghetti Bolognese, I always use British lean beef mince which just 5% fat. 
Beef is one of the meats we eat more than once a week here at mums diary as it gives my family all the vitamins and minerals they need including B vitamins, zinc and potassium which are naturally rich in protein they also help combat fatigues which is some I suffer my self due to low iron.
We was kindly sent £10 Tesco voucher from Brit mums to take part in their #MeatMatters challenge - sponsored by Simply beef and lamb to cook a quick and easy meal in just 30 minutes. There were so many recipes I could have chosen from so I went for the quick and easy Spaghetti Bolognese as its quick and easy to prepare and takes little time to cook and can be healthy if using the right ingredients.

Bolognese sauce  
First I fried off some onion and prepared carrots and garlic in some fry light ( fry light is healthier option than using oil) 
Then added tomato puree, tin tomatoes, Oregano, thyme and black pepper all these are very cheap to buy in any supermarket but I alway have some stored away as I use it daily.
I leave this on a simmer while I brown of the mince beef.

I then brown of the mince beef til its browned off and the juices run clear. 
I find lean mince with 5% fat is much healthier and doesn't need draining as much but you may need to drain any excess juice as I find it can make your sauce quite watery. 
Once cooked then drained I add my mince beef to the sauce and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes stirring often.

While the Bolognese is simmering I cook the spaghetti which also takes around 10 to 12 minutes depending on which spaghetti you buys I have seen some quick cook spaghetti which can take less time.

We also love a side salad and garlic bread or bread roll with our spaghetti Bolognese how do you like yours ? 

We love healthy foods packed with flavour and this defiantly did that, you can find more beef and lamb  signature dishes here for more inspiration here .

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  1. Looks super-tasty and you have made me feel hungry! Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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