Thursday 19 November 2015

Sea of Ramion ! #Book #Review

Riding on a crest of a wave !

On the 20th October 2015 we saw the publication of new Ramion book collection  'Seas of Ramion',  a fantasy adventure collection of stories for children and everyone who is young at heart. 
It is written and illisrated by a author called Frank Hinks it is published in hard back and embossed in gold, a book for you to enjoy and treasure.

Inside this book there are three exciting story's to read Firstly there was The Kingdom of the deep a story about a witch called Griselda and her pet skull Boris ,  The second story The Blizzard Wizard which  was about a Blizzard Wizard who with one touch mind, body and spirit would turn to ice. The third story The Body Collector is based on Boris the skull wanting his body back but he cannot remember where he lost it.

My 8 year old daughter Michaela loves reading she is forever taking a book with her where ever we go, she is in to all types of books even the adults books. Michaela was given the opportunity to review a copy of The Seas Of Ramion which she got into straight away and read it within a week of having it, she said she love how it was worded she said it had a lot of intelligible words in it even though it was a childrens book her favorite part was when the mermaid got her tail back she said it was a happy ending which she likes to see at the end of a story. 
Michaela particularly liked the pictures is the book she said they were bright and colorful. There were lots of times i would find Michaela giggling to her self while reading so im guessing there were a lot of funny parts in the story, i may have to attempt reading it myself and find out what im missing.

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