Monday 13 February 2012

Introducing Cosy Tea & Competition

Introducing Cosy Tea - a lovely cup of organic tea

Looking for a lovely organic cuppa with a knit of a twist? Then look no further than Cosy Tea range from coffee shop industry wunderkinder, Beyond the Bean. Each pack displays a hand knitted pattern that has been lovingly crafted to help the range stand out from the usual ‘bland’ boxes that are seen on the shelves. 

The nine Cosy organic teas feature:

  • Cosy Fairtrade Organic Breakfast Tea
  • A blend of Assam & Nilgiri teas from India – a classic tea for all day drinking.
  • Cosy Fairtrade Organic Earl Grey Tea
  • Our Breakfast Tea with natural Bergamot.
  • Cosy Fairtrade Organic Decaf Tea
  • Our Breakfast blend, but without the caffeine
  • Cosy Organic Rooibos Tea with Vanilla
  • 'Redbush' tea from South Africa with a hint of Vanilla – naturally caffeine-free.
  • Cosy Organic Chamomile Infusion
  • Chamomile flowers with a hint of Liquorice for sweetness.
  • Cosy Organic Sencha Green Tea with Lemon
  • The clean taste of Sencha Green Tea with a hint of Lemon.
  • Cosy Organic Chunmee Green Tea with Jasmine
  • Steamed Jasmine flowers with delicate Chunmee Green Tea.
  • Cosy Organic Peppermint Infusion
  • Egyptian Peppermint – crisp, fresh and clean.
  • Cosy Organic Blueberry & Echinacea Infusion
  • Blueberry, Echinacea, Hibiscus & Rosehips – bursting with fruitiness.

All nine teas have been made using organic ingredients which have been certified by the Organic Food Federation ( The three black teas are also Fairtrade, certified by the Fairtrade Foundation ( The entire range has also been approved by the Vegetarian Society ( and for vegan diets by Viva! (

For further information about the Cosy organic tea range please visit Cosy Tea can also be found on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.
  Cosy Tea’s unique packaging has also won gold in the best packaging category, as well as picking up the ‘Chairman’s Award’ at the prestigious ‘Cream’ design awards 2010.  

Ive never really tried flavoured tea before so I'm really glad i was sent the Cosy tea range to try i found it delicous, it was also nice to try something new.
My favourite was the Cosy Organic Sencha Green Tea with Lemon, it was packed with delicous mouth watering flavours and you could tates just a hint of lemon.
The tea bags them self were excellent and it didn't take long to absorb the water filling my cup with a bright lime colour.
I love the the bright coloured packaging it really catches the eye, ive had family come round and they have noticed Cosy tea and have then wanted to have a taste too.

 Competition  Time!
Would you like to win the Cosy Tea Range !

If you would like to be one of 2 lucky winners to have their very own Cosy Tea Range please Enter throught the rafflecopter below :

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  1. I have had earl gray mmmmmmmm nice

  2. Normal Yorkshire tea is my favorite but peppermint tea or fruity teas with vanilla come a close second :)

  3. I need encouragement to try new things I'm afraid - I'm one of those people who sticks with what I know! I love tea - normal everyday/breakfast tea. I have tried Earl Grey before but wasn't so keen. I have also tried green tea and it was ok. I would like to push myself to try some herbal teas though - like a camomile or peppermint tea to help cleanse the system!

  4. Hi i missed of the tweet entry so if you would like an extra enrty you can tweet a the following message too :) x

  5. i've tried green tea and peppermint tea

  6. I like cranberry and raspberry teas :)

  7. I would like to try some herbal teas

  8. In the past I have tried strawberry, peppermint n rose - all very nice but they still needed a little milk in my opinion (but I do love milk LOL) - would love to try this range - flavoured tea is a nice little treat that should be savoured when u actually get that 5 minutes by yourself (I know I know how often does that happen but still ......) xx

    Tracey Anne Berry FB
    Tracey Berry GFC
    @bezzzzza Twitter/Google

  9. I have never tried at of these teas but the Vanilla sounds lush

  10. My favourite tea is Chai tea but I like the sound of the vanilla one :)

  11. I've tried Peppermint tea, which I didn't like. The only other flavoured tea I've tried was a fruity one which was ok but I do prefer a normal everyday cup of tea.

    I've followed the blog via GFC Nicola Reynolds

  12. I've tried the usual peppermint tea which is lovely and refreshing. But I have also tried Chocolate tea which was most odd, I do like a lemon tea though


  13. i love green tea, ginger and lemon and mint teas!

  14. I like lemon and ginger to gee me up in the mornings.

  15. I love Rasberry Leaf Tea x I used to drink it when I was pregnant x

  16. Earl Grey and Mint Tea in the summer are both lovely @kikicomp

  17. I havn't tried any flavored teas only pg tips, this is why i would love to win this fab prize so i can treat my tastebuds to something more delicious :)

  18. I like nettle and peppermint tea - really refreshing!

    Earl grey is my ultimate favourite!

    I have drank a lot of raspberry leaf tea in my time too, 3 childbirths I was desperate to induce lol.

    @emzispeers - following on twitter but wouldnt let me enter it in rafflecopter

  19. I have tried green tea , i would love to try peppermint


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