Friday 24 February 2012

Dont Kids grow up so quickly !!

My Baby Girls Growing Fast !!

Davina is now 17months and growing so much its only seems like yesterday i was holding her in my arms. We never really notice how quickly time fliesd every special moments passes first tooth, first steps those are the special moment use parent treasure forever.
Before we know it our children are of to nursery enjoying their learning and a whole new experience of life in the outside world.
Davina makes me smile in everything she even if she does drive me mad when she decides to pull every single Dvd of the shelf or when i leave the room she runs past me with my mobile giggling because she knows mommy does not let her play with her phone.
Davina's favourite children's programme is Waybuloo she loves dancing to the music, she also loves Dancing with her older sister Michaela to nursery rhyme's the listen to in there bedroom.

Don't you just love it when your children do the most silliest things, I was out shopping with Davina and she fell asleep drinking her milk shake, I just couldn't resist and took a quick photo for our album.

Whats you special moment ?

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