Sunday 19 February 2012


Get Shrove Tuesday off to a cracking start with Aldi’s great range of Pancake Day goodies. Create a classic pancake with everybody’s favourite squeezy lemon or tasty pouring syrup, or add a delicious twist with vanilla flavoured sugar – perfect for those with an extra-sweet tooth.
Aldi is taking the pain out of pancake making with ready-made pancake mix and easy to use Pancake Makers. And for a real cheat’s treat, why not try their ready-made ambient pancakes; just warm in the microwave and add a topping – no one will ever know.
We was sent some yummy pancake products to try from the lovely people at Aldi
Here's a list of the products you too can enjoy this pancake day:

Classic Pancakes – 99p, 480g (pack of 8)
This product is a Special Buy on sale from 16th February for as long as stocks last.

Classic Pancake Mix – 69p, 232g (10 servings)
This product is a Special Buy on sale from 16th February for as long as stocks last.

Golden Syrup – £1.19, 680g
This product is a Special Buy on sale from 16th February for as long as stocks last.

Grandessa Pure Canadian Maple Syrup – £2.99, 250ml

Grandessa Hazelnut Chocolate Spread – 99p, 350g
This is a core product, available in stores nationwide

Fiddes Payne Vanilla Sugar - £1.09
This product is a Special Buy, on sale from 16th February for as long as stocks last.

Lemon Juice – 29p, 200ml
This product is a Special Buy on sale from 16Th February for as long as stocks last.

First we tried the ready made pancake mix which makes 10 pancakes which was just enough for us The pancake mix was really easy to use, all you had to do was add an egg and some water and mix until smooth  then you ready to go how simples that.
I began heating a little oil in a frying pan,  adding a little pancake mix to the  pan left it for about a minute then flipped it  over with a spatula i was to scared to flip them in the air as the kids were watching and my kitchen isn't very big it probably would have landed on their head.  The pancakes turned out really well and very tasty to, If i had to be honest they were the best pancakes Ive made so far and look forward to making more now, the kids took their pancakes and added their fillings themselves which they really enjoyed doing they said it was fun.
 I'm not very good at making pancakes they either burn or get stuck to the pan, but not this time they were delicious.
This was the first time we had pancakes using different filling, normally we would have just sugar and lemon which now seems really boring to me. The fillings we tired today were exciting and tasty making our pancakes really yummy.
Here's a few pictures of our pancakes.

Callum enjoyed making his pancake his favourite filling was Golden syrup, Vanilla sugar and chocolate buttons.

 Michaela's favourite filling was Hazelnut chocolate spread, Vanilla sugar and chocolate buttons.

Mommy's favourite filling was Canadian Maple Syrup i just couldn't get enough, i actually enjoyed making pancakes this year and cant wait til Tuesday to enjoy many more, I couldn't believe Callum and Michaela ate three pancakes each i was really surprised they normally only eat one each. I think these fun and exciting pancake fillings made our pancakes spacial each filling to suit every ones taste.

Here's a picture of Mommy's pancake

What filling do you like on your Pancake ?



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