Saturday 26 March 2011

Best of friends since babys xx

In this post is my daughter left and her best friend lily they have been friends since Michaela was 13months and lily 8months Wow what a long time, They started attending a playgroup which too place at a Church for the salvation army, They got to play with lots of other children and toys. They had drinks and snacks there while all us mummy's got to sit drink tea and coffee and chatter away. We then found a new local playgroup which took place at a Church over the road from my flat which was useful for me and Michaela as we live in a flat so Michaela would be stuck indoors alot. At this new playgroup the girls were abit older and continue to love each other like sisters  there like to peas in a pod, they love each other but also have there moments of madness of i want what shes got. When michaela turned 2 1/2 years she had to leave playgroup to go to preschool, lily too they have spent there life togeather how could they leave each other side they attendeing preschool til they started nursery at 3 years old. Guess what they go to the same nursery how exciteing the girls are so happy in there new school and hopfully be at the same reception class too. The girls have had so much fun with each other through the years of there life shareing caring moaning crying loving they have the best friendship ever and it would be nice to see it continue through there lives. What amazing friends they are its so adoreble to see them holding hands to walk sometimes there faces light up when they see each other every morning.
Bless them there first day at nursery how cute x

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