Saturday 12 March 2011

Hi i've decided to make a Diary of me and my 3 children x

Well where shall I start this is my first blog and it’s looking rather blank as you can see im just getting started so hopefully there will be more interesting posts to come and some lovely pictures of my three wonderful children. My eldest is Callum aged 7 he’s such a loving and caring little boy but also a little monster, Callum loves being a big brother but he to wasn’t  happy when he was told he would have to share his room though, Callum likes football, wrestling, and playing on his PlayStation.
My eldest daughter Michaela is 4 she’s a little angel but can also be a little madam when she doesn’t get her own way. She started nursery September she really like her teachers her best friend. She also loves being a big sister always like to help. Last of all my 3rd is my beautiful Davina we chose this name as my dad passed away just before she was born he’s name was David so Davina was a female version of David and I don't know anyone with that name unless you watch big brother :). Davina is now 5 month old now. Well there’s my first post don't worry there’s more to come

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