Thursday 21 February 2013

Drumondpark Pig goes pop Review & #Competition

Pig goes pop by Drumond Park

Bursting with hilarity, stuffed with incredible excitement, this little piggy has gone to market and is truly flying! at just an rrp of £19.99, aged at 4+ - Pig goes pop is a brilliant family-fun game that will be adored by boys and girls, as well as Mums, Dad, Grans… in fact absolutely anyone. It’s incredibly easy to play (2 to 6 players), is a ton of superb fun… and a great opportunity for children and adults to play together.

Beautifully simple in concept, this addictive game is certainly NOT a swine to grasp. All you have to do is feed the Pig his burgers and pump up his swelling tummy WITHOUT bursting his coat open!
On the roll of the colourful dice, each player feeds this friendly hog a purple, red, yellow or green hamburger, pushing his cheery head down the number of times shown on the burger.
Remember, this Pig is a greedy fella and although he can fit more than quite a few mouthfuls into his ever-bulging tummy, it won’t be long (although no-one knows how long) before his coat can no longer take the strain… and to everyone’s amazement and rapturous squealing delight, this little Pig goes POP!

 If the Pig goes Pop on your turn, you’re out – till the next round. If not, you’re still in the game. Just keep on going until he bursts at the seams.
Everything packs up nicely in side the pig making him easy transportable for when your on the go, why not place him in your backpack and take him along to a party,or round to a friends house, it’s a fantastic game to get out and have fun with before tea. And Pig goes Pop makes for a lasting ‘forever favourite’ present… that will keep them all happy and busy for hours and hours!
We was sent a Pig goes pop game to review from Drumond park, and we have had so much fun playing with it over the half term, all three of my children have found it every easy to play even my 2 year old Davina although we did have to help her out a little bit when reading the numbers on the burgers  and counting how many times to press the pigs head, which is understandable as the game does state it is for ages 4 to 6 years.
Pig goes pop is a fun and exciting game that has your little ones squealing and bursting out with so much laughter when piggy finally goes POP !

Pig goes pop is aimed at ages 4+ and you can have up to 2 to 6 players. Its retailed at £19.99
Drumond Park’s Adult, Family and Children’s board and action games and magic sets, are widely available from many department and national grocery stores,
most major toy shop chains and independents, plus the
leading catalogue and online traders

Currently the UK’s third most popular children’s game (source NPD all-year figures, 2011)
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