Thursday 22 December 2016

Trend UK Toyd #Review

Trends UK was formed in 2002 by a small number of toy industry professionals who wanted to rescue an old British toy company that had gone into liquidation. Slowly but surely they built the business back up with ranges of science and nature toys and that formed the backbone of the new company.

Since then the team has expanded to 13 and so has the number of brands. Today Trends UK is one of a number of small but vibrant businesses in the UK toy industry, providing local sales and marketing expertise to a number of international companies and bringing exciting and innovative products to the market. In addition we continue to design and develop our own ideas and hope that consumers will share our enthusiasm for science toys and for hi-tech robots, plush, creative play as well.

We was sent a number of Trends UK toys to review and give our honest opinions of what we thought about them.

Firstly we was sent Shopkins cupcake café which is one of children's top craze toys this year and probably on every little girls Christmas list to Santa. My 6 year old Daughter is a huge fan of Shopkins and loved testing this one out with the help of her big sister Michaela. They both sat nicely at the table reading the instructions and put all the pieces together before having some fun and playing with it.

The Cupcake Café is a popular meeting place which comes with 175 pieces, and comes with four cute Shopkin  figures that can be separated and rebuilt. The Cupcake Café has set features real opening door, table for three, and comes with a café street sign and two-tiered gondola.

There's a wide range of Shopkin kinstructions your little one can collect to build the own Shopkins world prices vary.

Peppa's Alphaphonics Campervan

Katelyn is almost 18months and already starting to know her numbers, colours and letters which I think is very clever for her age, having older sibling is a big advantage Katelyn takes on board everything they do.
Katelyn was sent was sent the Peppa pig Alphaphonics campervan to try even though it states 3+ years we didn't let that put us of we thought we would still give it a try even if she isn't old enough.
Peppa Alphaphonics campervan has
  • 8 fun-filled spelling and word games.
  • Chunky campervan design featuring the real voice of Peppa
  • Easy to use slider and light-up keys to select different games.
  • Play 'Find the missing letter', 'Which word starts with the letter…?' and other learning games.
  • Helps children with hand to eye co-ordination and vocabulary skills.
Katelyn loved listening Peppa while coping words she already knew from the while say pig when she recognised Peppa from her favourite television program.

Katelyn loved playing with Peppa's Alphaphonics Campervan its bright cheerful and colourful and robust having been dropped a good few times with Katelyn carrying it around the house. The only down side I would say is the volume doesn't go very load not to sure if it was due to the batteries going I will have to test it with some knew ones. 

Fright Factory Creature Creator

Fright Factory was tested by my eldest daughter Michaela who was overly keen to try this as she's the one who loves to create and make things. The Fright Factory Creature Creator is the ghoulish way to make your own disgusting creatures. Pour the EwwGoo into a mould, place in the chamber, and turn the crank - you'll have your very own 3D creatures in just 3 minutes. Mix the gels together to create, multi-coloured beasties, bats and skeletons. 
Firstly of all Michaela squeezed the EwwGoo in to a stencil of her choice the are three to choose from, she then placed the stencil on the chamber turned on the ultraviolet light and turned the crank which moved the light over the mould drying the EwwGoo within 3 minutes creating a rubbery creature. Michaela thought the fright factory was awesome, being able to dry gooey slimy creature with just a ultra violet light.   

We has so much fun testing Trends UK products we give all three a 10/10 for fun and learning

Disclosure: We was sent toys from Trends UK free to test and give our honest opinion  

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