Sunday 26 February 2017

Milton Solo Microwave or cold water Travel Steriliser #review

The Milton Solo Travel Steriliser is 2-in-1 microwave or cold water steriliser, ideal for sterilising when travelling or away from home. It cleans and sterilises bottles, teethers, plastic toys, breastfeeding equipment and other small baby equipment from 2 minutes in the microwave and in 15 minutes for cold water. A portable, lightweight, practical way to sterilise - whether at home, a day trip out, overnight stay or away holiday!  Its unique ‘lay flat’ design fits in most microwaves. The patented vent technology means the Solo retains more heat for better sterilisation, automatically releasing excess steam gently and safely.
Over the past week I have been trying out Milton's Solo Travel steriliser 2 in 1 there are two ways you can use it to sterilise any thing from your babies bottles to teething rings and any other small baby items that are suitable for sterilising. I found it to be quick and easy set up and use with a clear instructions provided. 

I also found the Milton solo Travel steriliser to be small and compact so it doesn't take much room in your suitcase when travelling for a long period of time, if your like me and have a big family space is one thing we don't have a lot of when packing for a big family so this was great for us as it takes up little space and we can leave our big bulky steriliser behind and not have to worry bout not being able to clean our little ones bottles while going away.
There are two ways you can use the Milton solo steriliser the first one is the cold water method where you use 1 litre of Milton sterilising fluid or 500 ml or tablet 32's with water leave the bottle to soak or there is the microwave method which i did where you add your babies bottle with 60ml of water to the steriliser screw the lid on, place the steriliser into the microwave for the times provided in the instructions depending on the wattage of your microwave. I found this method to be the quickest as it only needed to be in my microwave for 6 mins where as if i did the cold water method it would take upto 30 mins which i think is better for over night sterilising.
You can only sterilise one bottle at a time so i would recommend washing and sterilising soon after use to make sure your bottles are sterilised on time.

All in all i found the Milton solo Travel steriliser perfect for traveling it certainly made my holiday much easier and less stressful when packing

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