Sunday 11 June 2017

COSMO Authentic World Kitchen #Restaurant #Review

COSMO, the high end international restaurant group. If you’re interested in a casual dining experience, with the chance to try authentic cuisines from around the globe, then look no further. Taking inspiration from high end buffets commonly found in 5 star hotels in the Far East, COSMO offer a multitude of delectable cuisines. Dishes are influenced by the culinary capitals of the world, including Italy, Greece, Spain, India, Japan, Asia, Mexico and Britain. COSMO is the perfect destination for diners who struggle to decide on just one type of food, or groups with varying tastes! With their amazing live cooking stations, COSMO provide entertainment as well as incredibly fresh dishes. Their prices are unbeatable, too… lunch starts from just £7.50, and dinner from £13.99, for unlimited amounts of food!

Last weekend myself, my partner and 3 of the children dined at our nearest COSMO buffet restaurants in Coventry Birmingham. We have eaten in many buffet restaurants closer to home but when we got offered to try COSMO we jumped at the chance even if it was a good 40 minutes away.
The good thing about Cosmo is they caterer for all our tastes here at Mums diary as my children all like different foods. Callum is not a curry fan unlike my girls. 
When we arrived at COSMO we walked in the door to a lovely lady standing behind the bar with a welcoming smile which made us feel really welcome, she welcomed use and pointed us in the right direction to where we needed to be the restaurant was up a set of stairs where we go to meet the floor manager who also welcomed us to COSMO also wearing a friendly smile he took us to our table, told us a little bit about how the restaurant worked as this was our first time coming to COSMO.
We ordered drinks and took a look around at all the amazing dishes, there was so much to choose from we really was split for choice.
First we went and made our selves a little starter dish of little things we liked the children even tried a few things they had never tasted before Michaela tried crispy seaweed which she quite enjoyed, we also tried vegetarian sushi which we all took a liking too still not quite sure il ever pick you the courage to try the fish sushi though.
The children loved the freshly cooked pizzas, chips, noodles and the carvery, my partner loved the curries, carvery and lots of the desserts.
We all loved so many of the dishes we got to try some of which were the carvery the meat was so delicious and tender you had a choice of chicken or beef with vegetables with roast potatoes.

There was so many curries, rices, sweet and sour chicken my list could go on and on. 
My favourite was my freshly cooked steak cooked on a live cooking station it was cooked just how i like it i would have loved some peppercorn sauce and fried onions though to go with it but it was still nice with out it.
I also got to try scallops which i have never tried before but always wanted to I'm really glad i had the chance the try them they were quite nice but not something id cook my self.
Once we tried all we wanted from the dinner sections we all went to look at the desserts and oh my there were so many we all had a plate full.
Few of the desserts we tried were chocolate brownies, tiramisu, trifles, tubs of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream which all three children loved. There was a chocolate fountain bowls of sweets and lots of delicious cakes.
We had such a lovely time at COSMO the staff were friendly and we felt really welcome the children were comfortable going off on their own getting their own food which is something we like when going out as family.
The restaurant restaurant was very clean plates where taken straight away after we had finished and not left piling up on the side of our table the food was delicious and cooked fresh we will definitely be dining at COSMO again soon and many times it the future for special occasions like birthday. it really is worth the travel. 

Disclosure: We were invited to COSMO for a complimentary family meal in return for a 100% honest review all opinions are our own.

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  1. This sounds so good! There is one up here in Glasgow but I have never got around to trying it, might need to now! xx


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