Wednesday 5 July 2017

3D puzzles from Ravensburger

Ravensburger are lovely company who sell these gorgeous Unicorn 3D puzzles for girls aged 9+, my 10 year old daughter Michaela got the chance to try our two of Ravensburger's 3D puzzles which Michaela was over the moon about as she is a huge Unicorn fan right now.
 Michaela tried out Ravensburger's 216-piece Unicorn Vanity Box, which Michaela loves as it holds all her girly bits and pieces like perfume, hairbrushes and nail varnishes.
There were quite a lot of pieces so firstly we sorted out the first 50 pieces which are numbered on the back making it easier for you so you know where to begin otherwise it would have been quite difficult to start or finish.  Each puzzle piece also had arrows on them pointing  up, down and across so it wasn't to complicated for Michaela to do and she finishes it quite quickly. After she had put all the pieces together I helped attach the frame as Michaela was worried she may break it and she had worked so hard on it so i gave a little helping hand but I found it was quite sturdy so i wasn't to worried. There were also some pretty pink cards with unicorns on to place inside the Vanity box, which helped cover up the Puzzle pieces making your Vanity box look just as pretty on the inside as it does on the out side.
Michaela also got to try out Ravensburger 72-piece Unicorn 3D vase puzzle which was similar to the Vanity box but a little trickier as the puzzle pieces were a little round rather than flat which Michaela found a little confusing to start off with but with a little help from me she got there in the end and created her self this stunning Unicorn Vase which she absolutely loves and can't wait to get her very own bunch of flowers to place in the cup provided. 

Unicorn 3D Vanity Box 

Unicorn Vase 

I personally think both adults and children would love Ravensburger's 3D puzzles as there are many different varieties to choose from and I loved helping Michaela with hers, they would make the perfect Birthday or Christmas gift for both girls and boys not only do they benefit from the enjoyment of creating there puzzle but they also get to keep what they have created on show for all to see and I know Michaela is very proud of the time and effort she put into making her and loves showing her friends when they come around.

You can check out Ravensburger website here they not only do 3D puzzles they also do games too so why not take a look. 

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