Sunday 20 August 2017

Splashlings Ocean Themed Toys #Review

Here at Mums diary Davina aged 6 soon to be 7 got to try out yet another kids collectable craze the new Splashlings ocean themed toys sets with lots of different mermaids and sea pets and treasure shells to collect.
Davina was sent a 2 piece shell some collectable characters and the coral playground to try, and she couldn't wait to play with them she was so excited to open her collected shell as is these ones there Mermaid and friends are a secret you can't tell whats in them till you have opened them making it a special surprise.

Already a huge success in the USA, Splashlings have just launched in the UK.

Davina loved the coral playground it has a super cool swirly aqua slide for your Mermaid and friends to slide down and land in a shell shape hot tub at the bottom or go for a swim around the coral or maybe got for a swing which over back and fourth when you turned the blue circle on the right.
Each coral set comes with 1 Mermaid and 2 exclusive Splashlings. Splashlings coral Playground is priced at £22.99.

In the bottom right picture is the Treasure Shell you get 2 hidden Splashlings and a collectors sheet plus you can also keep the shell and add that to your play sets and also use it to keep you little Splashlings in so they won't get lost.
Splashlings 2 piece shells are priced at £2.49 which is a great price i think that way Davina can now save up her pocket money and buy her self a new Splashlings each week.

You can find out more about Splashlings on their website Here

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