Tuesday 16 August 2011

My Baby Zilli Stage 2 Review

    My Baby Zilli Stage 2 Review
  For www.mummyzwordz.co.uk

I was so happy when I was chosen to review the Baby Zilli stage 2 Organic baby foods. I was sent four pouches. The pouches we were sent to try were Zilli fishy dishy which was salmon, potato and peas. We also had fruit and veg puree with broccoli, carrots, sweet potato and pear who would have thought to put fruit and veg together in the same dish well guess what it worked and my daughter Davina loved it. Zilli foods are nutritious organic baby foods made from a celebrity chef called Aldo Zilli. All fore pouches we tried were stage 2 and state on the front of the pouches suitable from 6months.
I was so happy to have the chance of reviewing Zilli foods as finding it very hard to find a food that my daughter liked as she didn’t like the textures of some foods some were too lumpy, but not Baby Zilli the texture was jus right there was no lumps and lots of flavor.
Baby Zilli contains a wholesome meal made from a mix of food types, perfectly balanced for growing babies. The good thing about Baby Zilli is that it is suitable when you’re traveling or out for the day as it can be popped into you changing bag very easy with out taking up any room. Zilli foods have very easy serving instructions written on the back of the pouch which states ‘I can be served at room temperature or warm so is your out some where and your worried you wont be able to warm you baby’s food there’s no need to worry as they doesn’t need to be warmed up. On the back of each pouch there is a list of ingredients.

Davina loves Zillis foods and we have purchased them ever since, the best thing about these pouches are they taste so much like real food nothing like some of the foods we have tried before the have so much flavor im glad we tried them as now I have a happy healthy little girl who enjoys dinner time. If you have younger babies who are just having first tastes, and won't eat a whole pouch, you can squeeze a small amount into a bowl and then the rest can be popped into the fridge and will keep for up to 48 hours, so there's no waste!
At a price of just 89p per pouch they are fantastic value money. I would recommend Baby Zilli pouches to any mums out there who would like to give there baby’s a healthy natural start to a healthy happy life.
  I leave you with a few picture of Zilli foods.

Stage 2 Fruit and Veg puree

                                             Stage 2 Zilli Fishy Dishy


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