Thursday 15 September 2011

Baby& Toddler Range by Tesco Review

                                                                    Tesco Baby Lotion

Tesco baby lotion is a moisturising lotion specially developed by baby care experts to be the best for baby and you! This non greasy, moisturising formula easily absorbed leaving delicate skin feeling soft and smooth. This lotion is suitable for newborns and can also so be used as a cleanser or make up remover for us mums, Its Paediatrician approved and Dermatologically tested Hypoallergenic.

I tested Tesco baby lotion on my daughter Davina 11months who suffers with dry skin, I have tried a number of different moisturisers which I found left Davina's skin  feeling to greasy so I was unable to hold Davina when dressing her. When I tried Tesco baby lotion I found it absorbed into Davina's skin much quicker and left her skin feeling soft and smooth. I would definitely recommend mums to try Tesco baby lotion its a great value for money at a retail price of just 88p.

Tesco BabyBubbles

Tesco cleaning bath bubbles is suitable for newborns, is a soap free no tears formula which helps leave your baby's skin clean and soft. The bottle has easy to follow directions and helpful tips which are great if your a new mum.
I used Tesco Bath Bubbles on Davina who has suffered with Eczema since she was 3 months old  so I've  had to bath her in special creams provided by the doctor which have worked really well.
I decided to try Tesco Bath bubbles which has a lovely fragrance and soap free, It has been excellent for Davina's skin not only has it left Davinas skin feeling soft and smelling fresh it has not affected or irrated her Eczema.I am so glad I took the opportunity to try Tesco baby cleansing bath bubbles as I have now found a product that allows my daughter to have fun at bath times playing with all the bubbles and also feeling soft and smelling fresh. 

                                                                              Tesco Toddler wipes

Tesco Toddler toilet wipes have been specially designed for young children as there first toilet tissue, They come in a pack of 60 lightly   apple fragrance wipes and have been specially developed with mild cleansers to help keep your toddler clean and fresh. These wipes are specially formulated for young children aged from 2years+.
Tesco toddler toilet wipes come in an easy to open packet for your toddlers it has a colourful picture designed to catch your children eye. There are easy to follow instructions on the back of the pack on how to use these wipes.
My children love using there new toilet wipes they said they like the smell of the apple fragrance.
These wipes also fit in your handbag if your going out or travelling we all know how daunting it can be for your children to use a public toilet and there's no toilet tissue in there.These wipes are retailed at a price of just 72p there a great value for your money.

Tesco Toddler Sticky Fingers Messy   
              Faces  Clean up Wipes 
Tesco Toddler clean up wipes have been specially developed using a formulation which is suitable for removing food from your toddlers hands and face during weaning, at meal times when they try to feed them selves, also at messy play times.
They come in a convenient portable pack, with a closable lid, they are also ideal for use when you are out. These wipes have been developed using gentle cleansers and moisturisers, they are Alcohol and Paraben free.
They have been Dermatologically approved and hypoallergenic. Tesco toddler wipes are suitable for babies & children aged from 6months+. Tesco fruity fragrance wipes are suitable for children with sensitive skin.
I have found Tesco toddler wipes really useful for my three children especially my 11 month old who is currently in the weaning stage and likes to feed her self, they remove food really quickly which is great as some children don't like to have there faces wiped clean
Tesco toddler wipes are retailed at the price of just 98p.

All Products are avaliable at Tesco stores or Online at 

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