Monday 3 June 2013

SKYCIG electronic cigarette #Review

Give the Gift of Life this Father’s Day
If your father or grandfather smokes, and you desperately want them give up, why not give them gift of life this father’s day with the SKYCIG Freedom Pack!

A SKCYIG e-cigarette will allow them to enjoy the physical act of smoking, without the obvious health implications associated with smoking traditional tobacco – they contain just a small dose of nicotine, which is delivered in the form of water vapour, yet they do not contain the 4,000 harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes, making it an indispensable tool in the pathway to quitting! They are also the most realistic smoking experience available and are designed to be enjoyed virtually anywhere they see a ‘no smoking’ sign.

With a selection of seven unique and great tasting flavours– Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, Cinnamon, Crown Tobacco – and available in three varying strengths – Bold, Regular and Light – SKYCIG will guarantee satisfaction, without compromising on taste or their enjoyment of the dreaded habit.

What’s more,  SKYCIG e-cigarettes costs up to 75 per cent less than traditional cigarettes, leaving them with more money to enjoy the finer things in life!

I don't smoke myself and my father passed away a few years ago and was never a smoker him self so when I was asked if I would like to try one of the Skycigs electronic cigarettes i decided i would find away to help my mom who has tried to quit smoking for many years now. Having tried to quit or at least cut down how much she smokes a week my mum has tried the gum and few other electronic cigarettes but they just wasn't enough to help with her crave for nicotine .

As soon as the Skycig  freedom starter kit arrived i took it straight down to my mum for testing which she has now been doing for a few weeks now.

When opening the box we found a:

A Rechargeable Case containing 2 batteries on the right and 5 empty slots for cartridges 5 on the left.
2 Cigarette Batteries (1 is a spare)
5 Cartridges in assorted flavours (equivalent to more than 7 packs of traditional cigarettes)
A USB battery charger with a Mains Adaptor.
There was also an instruction manual which was very easy to read and well organized  allowing even a  first-time electronic cigarette smokers to assemble their vapour sticks with ease.

So what did my mum have to say ?

 I was really impressed with the presentation and quality of the kit, first impression was very good!!
I just love the fact it has a magnetic flap box which looks like a cig packet)  it has a soft feel to it but is mad from a plastic so it can not be squashed like a normal cigarette packet, it allows you to carry one full electronic cigarette, and four refills which is very handy for when your out and about.

The E Cig was easy to assemble and the
 actual charging process works different to other e-cigs I have tried. With the Sky Cig you charge the actual cigarette case which then in turn charges your e-cig battery. This is a definite plus point for me as you can give your battery a charge whilst your out and about without the need to plug it into a main power source.

I think Skycig  is excellent quality and value for its money I just can not fault it at all its the best I have tried so far and saves me a lot more money than when I was buying cigarettes.
  I just wish that I had tried this sooner! What I like best about it, is that it actually feels like you are smoking without putting all of the other chemical nasties into your body.  It looks like a cigarette and you “smoke it” like a cigarette but the “smoke” that it produces is actually harmless vapour, so that means that I can smoke in the house with out the harm of passive smoking around my children also in public places.
I also love the fact there are a variety of different flavour to choose from my favourite was the Classic tobacco and the Menthol but do like the odd flavour ones now and again but can become sickly if smoked to often.
I give Sky e-cig a whopping 5/5 as I am very pleased with it and so glad I had the opportunity to try its perfect for any smoker trying to quit.
I have a few picture below for you to take a look at:


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