Wednesday 6 November 2013

Christmas with the Early Learning Centre #Review

ELC is one of the UK’s biggest toy shops, stocking some of the biggest toy brands around. Such brands include Fisher Price, LeapFrog, Lego, Disney Princess, Playmobil and more. 
With such a range to choose from, ELC is your go-to store this Christmas for all your toy-related needs!
Make your little ones Christmas one to remember this year with gifts from the Early Learning Centre. With a wide range of varied products to choose from, ELC has something suitable for all children, so you can keep your little smiling on Christmas day. 
ELC also has a great selection of outdoor toys, action figures and playsets including Ben 10, Fireman Sam, HappyLand and Disney Cars 2; so whatever your plans are for the festive period, we have something to keep your little ones happy and occupied.
The Early Learning Centre has so many wonderful toys that help our little ones learn while they play, they aim  to help children with things like first words, hand and eye co-ordination and fine and gross motor skills and many more.
My girls were sent a Magic Milly Duplex Doll house to review from the lovely people at The Early learning Centre. My girls were so excited when it arrived they haven't had a huge doll house before so they were rather excited about playing with it.
When I opened the box there we lots of pieces and lots of screws I couldn't help but dread the thought of putting it together as I am no good at any kind of DIY or any thing to do with screws, so I had a good read of the instructions and placed all the pieces out on the floor. After a good hour or so I had finally put it all together I must admit it was hard but I got there in the end and felt a little proud of my self. The thought it was a little dolls house so they let out a big wow once they saw how big it actually was.
Magic Milly dolls house is suitable for ages 3+  which is just the right age for both my girls, the only down side is you don't get and dolls with the house but it does state on the box dolls are not included. Michaela and Davina have had so much fun playing with it there's so much room inside leaving plenty of arm space.
Its made of wood and is excellent quality and a great value for money. 

The Magic part of the house is the pull slide located at the back of the house which allows your children to change the scene from day to night
 Magic Milly Duplex Dolls house is price at £100 and is worth every penny I would definitely recommend it to any little girl who loves doll house and enjoys lots of imaginative play.
The Magic Dolly Duplex doll's house has been finished with a cool modern design, with a balcony for your little one's dolls to relax on and a stylish set of stairs that lead to the top floor.
We give Magic Molly Duplex Dolls House
would be great if there was one doll included
Product information

Quick Facts:
Includes table and chairs, toilet, bath, bed, comfy chair, balcony and stylish staircase
Moving wall can be changed from day to night
Open plan design
Comes complete with furniture
Can be used with Rosie's World dolls (sold separately) and other dolls up to approximately 12 inches
Encourages imaginative and social skills.

Great for your child's development:

Great for developing strong imaginative and social skills, this Magic Dolly Duplex comes with an open plan design which is great for play dates with friends. It also has big windows which ensure that your little one's hands are able to reach into the different rooms. The moving wall on the top floor can be switched from a day scene to a night scene, allowing your little one to understand the world around them and provides more hours of fun.

ELC star quality:

We love the Magic Dolly Duplex house because not only does it come with fun accessories, but you can also change the scene from day to night too! The sliding wall in the bedroom is great for getting a sense of the time of day, and acting out the things you'd do during the different times of the day at home.
What you need to know:

-Includes a bed, comfortable armchair, toilet, bath, table and two chairs
-Moving day to night wall upstairs
-Doll not included
-Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts

Playing tips:

Beautiful home
Cook in the kitchen, then sit down to enjoy a meal. Read a book or relax in front of the TV. Pretend play expands your child's imagination and helps them understand the REAL WORLD.

Day to night
Head upstairs and make it night time! Enjoy a bath get squeaky clean before going to bed. Look at the stars, spot the owl and settle down to sleep. In the morning, it's time to wake up! The sky's blue and it looks like a beautiful day outside. Acting out a day helps your child start to discover time.

Great for:

-Playing house: day and night!
-Playing alone or with friends
-Copying Mum and Dad
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