Sunday 2 March 2014

Celebrate your shrove Tuesday with Wilkos #Review



This shrove Tuesday we will be trying out some of Wilko's great pancake day products. 
We was sent:
A Wilko black whisk- £2.00
Wilko black turner- £2.00
Wilko Citrus Squeezer- £1.00
Wilko Red aluminium fry pan-Non sticky for easy release- £8.00
Today has been a busy day so for tea we decided to try out our new Wilko products and have some pancakes, I know its a day before but I wanted to let all my readers know how great Wilkos products were. The last few pancake days have been dreadful I've never managed to make one decent pancake which hasn't stuck to my frying pan, which isn't great when you have three children who look forward to pancakes just as much as id. I was going to go for the easy option and buy some ready made but where's the fun in that. Having looked at Wilkos frying pan they sent me I could tell this year my pancakes were going to be perfect and they were Wilkos non stick frying pan did exactly what it was supposed to, our pancakes didn't stick once and tasted so yummy.
I can honestly say I really did enjoy making pancakes today thanks to my new Wilko frying pan it really has saved my day and is worth every penny the quality is a great value for money and does exactly what its supposed to, I cant wait to make more pancakes tomorrow.
I also used Wilkos citrus squeezer which the children were amazed by as they have never used one before and loved the taste of fresh lemon juice on the pancakes with sugar.
All of Wilkos products were very handy and I cant say I have used any better than them and will continue to enjoy my cooking more with them.

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