Sunday 9 March 2014

hobby craft #review

Here at mums diary we love arts and crafts, we love getting messy so when we were asked by the lovely people at Hobby crafts if we would like to review a few of their crafts sets we just had to say yes.
Hobby crafts founded in 1995,  are the largest arts and crafts retailer in the UK with 78 stores nationwide and more planned for 2014. With over 30,000 products for 250 inspirational activities and hundreds of exciting ideas, you'll discover everything you need to get crafty. Including...
  • Value essentials
  • Art materials
  • Craft kits and components
  • Cookware and baking supplies
  • Paper craft
  • Knit, stitch and haberdashery
  • Ready-to-make jewellery
... And so much more!

Plus, when it comes to organising a party and adding a personal touch your wedding, you'll find all of your favourite brands and everything you need.

Michaela chose Hobby crafts Mystyle Neon bead jewellery kit where you can make your very own cool neon jewellery. You can make a variety of exciting accessories using bright neon polymer clay which is then baked in the oven to set. There are eight fabulous pieces of jewellery  to make they include necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and the clay can be rolled and twisted to create spirals, spots and marble swirls.
Each kit contains:
  • Pack contains: 35gms of Polymer Clay x 6 Colours, 100 Seed beads x 4 Colours, 2m of Plastic Coated Jewellery Wire, 3m of Black Cord, 2m of Stretch Cord, 30 Jump Rings, 4 Parrot Clasps, 8 Leather Ends, 6 Ear Hooks, Plastic Component Box, Instruction Booklet

    This kits its recommend for 8+ so I sat down with my daughter Michaela to give her a helping hand if need as she is only 7 but her age didn't affect her as she still found it really easy and enjoyable to make.
    First of all we read the instructions which where really useful and easy to follow.
    Michaela then decided she would like to make a set of pink swirly earrings, she then started to warm the clay up by massaging it between her fingers as it was a little tough at first baring in mind the instructions do stat that is how it was meant to be.
    Once soft Michaela had to roll 2 balls an push a cocktail stick threw them to make a hole for the jewellery wire. Michaela then had to make two 15cm long snacks and start wrapping each snake round the ball with added the swirly pattern shown in the picture above.
    They were then baked in the oven, once cooled Michaela then added the jewellery wire and ear hooks. Once finished she ended up with a lovely set of earrings she was very pleased with.
    Michaela had so much fun creating her own jewellery and was really pleased with both her finished pieces. Great value for money and did exactly as stated. 
    Priced at £13.00
    Michaela also made a bracelet all by her self a few days later
    Davina aged 3 loves sticking so she chose Hobby crafts Mr maker craft chest which contains loads of fun craft materials. (shown below)
    Davina enjoyed hours of fun making mummy lots of beautiful pictures with eyes, foam hearts, sequins, glitter and much more.

    This Mr Maker set is a great value for its money and Davina has loved every minute of it, she loves carrying it around with her where ever she goes.
    Callum aged 10 chose John adams trash pack science where you can create gross experiments with your favourite Trashies.  You can astound and disgust your friends and family as you perform 10 horrid, yucky activities that really are Gross!
    Trash pack includes sewer sludge powder, spew crystals, fart and gum powder, snail slime, reaction powder and much more.
    Suitable for ages 7+
    Callum looked through the instruction booklet to see which yuky experiment he would like to try first. There are a few experiments we havent tried yet as there are one or two things you need to buy your self like fizzy cola. 
    Callum decided to make a fart goo in a can which was really easy to make an took just over 5mins. Firstly he added fart powder to water an stirred til it became a thick gooey texture, then left it for 5mins until had a rubbery texture he then placed the goo over the hole of the trash can and pushed his finger into the goo which then made the fart noise, this had everyone giggling.
    Callum then made rat sewer sludge which was made using a special liquid and powder which left the powder really hard but once placed in your hand and squeezed turned in to runny like goo it really was weird but all so amazing. Callum loved both these experiments and enjoyed making them, showing his sisters what he had created.

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