Thursday 29 January 2015

Melt & Make chocolate London #Review



Artisan British chocolate brand, Choc on Choc (, has launched its Melt & Make collection, helping kids to channel their inner chocolatier and build their very own chocolate creations.
Choc on Choc is an artisan British chocolate brand, which pairs the finest Belgian chocolate with innovative and detailed designs to create beautiful and delicious handmade confectionery.
Each Melt & Make pack includes instructions along with a chef’s hat, specially-designed moulds and the cement mix, which comes in the form of tasty chocolate buttons that are ready to be melted down.

We was kindly offered the opportunity to try one of the yummy Choc on choc products to review.
Both my girls love getting creative it could be food or arts & craft there happy to get stuck in so what better way than to get creative with one of the most delicious things of all yes delicious chocolate.
Choc on choc kits come with everything you need to create your chocolate big ben, house or lollies, we was sent chocolate London to make Big Ben a bus and a taxi.
Firstly they got all the equipment they needed together while I had a quick read of the well instructed instructions on how to get started. 
With a little adult supervision melting the chocolate the girls cracked on with filling the moulds with the melted chocolate and left to set in the fridge over.
The big ben pieces were then stuck together using more delicious melted chocolate.
Here is our Chocolate London Big ben all finished and ready to eat. It really was that simple to make, messy at times but also fun !
My children loved making big ben we give Choc on Choc
Each kit is priced at £12.99 and available at
aged 6+

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