Saturday 17 January 2015

New year new start 2015

Here's to new beginnings!

I would just like to say a big Hello to all my lovely followers and apologies for lake of post over the last few months as the end of 2014 was a very busy time for me and my three children.
First off Callum started secondary school which was a very big change for him there was no more going to school with mum and to start being more independent, this was also a very worrying time for me for 11 years id had my baby boy by my side where I could keep my eye on him keep him safe now his all grown up and leaving the house all alone and out into the big wide world but it had to be done we cant wrap them up in cotton wool forever can we.
Despite all my worry Callum proved to me he could be mature and that I didn't need to worry as much as I did, he really has done me proud he gets up and goes his never late and achieved all his goals at school and is truly turning into a clever boy I really am a proud mum.
Secondly Davina started nursery which she loves so much and Michaela moved up to year 3, both are also doing so well, I really do have three wonderful children who I love so dearly.

Now for the big one not long before Christmas 2014 I found out we were expecting another little addition to our family due on the 28th of june which is another reason why ive had a lack of posts the constant morning sickness took a toll on me but has finally subsided.
Today we took the girls for a early gender scan at peekababy which was an amazing experience for them.
We found our our little bundle of joy is a little girl !!

We are over the moon !

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