Saturday 25 March 2017

Warmies Mini Range 2017 from Intelex Group

This year’s Spring Fair was another resounding success for Intelex Group who launched their exciting new 2017 ranges of heatable soft toys and home therapy products under the revamped Warmies® brand. As the creators of the world’s first fully microwavable soft toys and global market leaders in the industry for more than 20 years, the company has never ceased to impress its customers by constantly releasing new and innovative products.
The 2017 range features adorable new additions to the Warmies® Plush Regular Range including a cute boxer, adorable cats, an enchanting blue dragon, two lovable huskies, a baby penguin, a fearless tiger and more. All products are fully heatable in the microwave and feature the gentle and soothing fragrance of French Lavender, making them excellent bedtime companions and playtime pals for children and adults alike. RRP is £14.95. 
Retailing at £7.95, brand new Warmies® Mini’s range was inspired by the increasing popularity of smaller, cute soft toys and offers an excellent opportunity for retailers to take advantage of this trend. Trade customers will be able to choose from 4 themed counter units (Christmas, Fantasy, Farm and Pets), each unit featuring 4 delightful product lines in an attractive display, perfect for placing near tills and counters to encourage impulse purchases.
Due to the popularity of the original Long Hot Water Bottles launched in 2016, Intelex Group is expanding this collection in 2017 by adding 6 new designs available in lovely shades of blue, purple and red with a choice of striped and tartan patterns. The new Long Hot Water Bottles make perfect gifts during the cold season, being a great way to keep warm and snuggle up with on frosty evenings and each long hot water bottle will retail for £19.95.

Warmies mini range won't be available til July so we reviewed one of Intelex's Group Warmies Cozy Plush Puppies instead which Katelyn became attached to straight away, her first reaction was wow and Katelyn gave her new puppy a big hug.
 Warmies Plush Puppy from the Intelex Group’s Warmies range is fully heatable and after only 90 seconds in the microwave, releases a soothing scent of lavender which helped Katelyn drift of peacefully to sleep that night Warmies are the perfect little bed warming companion for both younger and older children.I must admit I am not a huge fan of the traditional hot water bottles as I find the can be to hot and worry encase they leak where as Warmies I find are a fun and safe alternative and don't get hot so your little one can snuggle up to it during the night and still cuddle them in the morning once it has gone cold then it feels like an ordinary teddy. When we first got out new Warmies puppy we just had to test him out so we popped him in the microwave for the 90 seconds stated, and ding we got him out for the first time you mirowave your Warmie he may feel a little damp but thats ok he will stop after the first use its perfectly normal for this to happen and doesn't stop you from wanting to give him a cuddle.
I was a little worried my microwave was going to smell like lavender as you could smell it before and after you microwave your Warmie, but no it was fine my microwave was scent free. 
Katelyn is now a huge fan of Warmies and my daughter Davina has now asked for one so I shall be ordering her one too for Christmas to keep her warm through the cold winter nights.

Warmies cozy plush puppy is the perfect cosy little bed-time companion and a cute and cuddly play today by day! , With his fluffy ears and luxuriously soft fur, Puppy will make a wonderful little friend for any child (and adults too!)
It’s hard to find a puppy that is not adorable, and Warmies Plush Puppy is no different. Our Warmies® products are perfect for bed-time bliss or soothing comfort for aching muscles all helped with the relaxing scent of lavender. Intelex Group’s Warmies® have been warming the nation since 1995, and this Plush range of lovable animals has sold over 11 million products worldwide since their launch in 2005.
 Warmies are suitable for children of all ages and easy to clean by simply wiping the surface with a damp sponge. 

You can find your perfect Warmie Below:

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