Friday 9 February 2018

Classic Figure 8 Train Set-BRIO #Review

This classic figure 8 wooden train set from BRIO is perfect for young children even us adults too can join in the fun with our children. Each piece has been well designed and defiantly been built to last in the hand of children, my son Rhys can be very heavy handed and has a habit of throwing everything insight as he doesn't quite know how to play with toys just yet only being 1 and a half. Katelyn on the other hand is nearly three and she's taken a real liking to our new Brio train set and sits up the table playing it pushing the train along the train shouting Choo Choo very loudly. Katelyn started off with the train track as a circle shape till she got use to pushing the train along the track with out derailing it but she soon got use to it letting her adventures begin passing trees and crossing the bridge to collect more passengers waiting at the Brio station. Each Classic figure 8 starter set has 22 pieces including 14 track sections, a crossing bridge and a wooden Brio station and three trees. The best part about this set is there are no batteries required meaning no more tears once the batteries have run out and having to run to the shop to replace them, who needs sounds when its more fun to shout Coho all by your self.  

Each Classic figure 8 starter set is priced at  £37.99 and suitable for children aged from 24+months but we think it is worth every penny as its strong and built to last and can be passed from the older children to the younger children as the grow up. 

We give our Brio Classic figure 8 set 5 out 5 for quality and endless fun.

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